YES to love or NO to love = YES to God or NO to God

YES to your partner or NO to your partner, YES to your marriage or NO to your marriage. Yes opens for direct communication - NO is the end of a dialog and the beginning of war or begin of divorce from loved one.

Yes is magic and opens hearts - no blocks heart.
Yes improves love life - no destroys love.
Yes opens for direct communication - no ends communication
Yes opens for direct love and creates flow of love through both - recipient and source of love
Yes thus creates happiness ! - no separates lovers.
Yes establishes a link of love - no cuts that link
Yes creates the flow of love needed for healing of body, heart and soul - no stops healing
Yes creates oneness - no separates
Yes creates holiness - no creates ego
Yes creates divinity - no creates destruction and disaster
Yes creates peace - no creates tension
Yes is the beginning of happy marriage - no is the end of marriage

Say YES to Learn selflessness and how to get your Divine Love flowing

YES is the key to the heart
YES opens the flow of love between lovers
YES opens YOUR heart
YES to love - means YES to God

YES is the key to the heart - YES opens the flow of love between lovers - YES opens YOUR heart
YES or NO is the question - then answer is: YES is the key to love - YES is the key to your heart and the heart of all others




Your present ego is separating you from God - your present ego is the only barrier between you and God. Hence learning to dissolve your ego by all means, the most efficient way and with the utmost Love possible should become the goal of any God seeker.

yes opens the heart - yes opens the flow of love

YES opens the heart - yes opens the flow of love

One very efficient method to support the achievement of this Divine goal is to learn to say YES in all situations on your path of Love. If Love and God is your goal in life, if you really want to progress on the path of Divine Love to God - then there may never be any reason to say NO to anyone in any situation.

no closes the heart - no stops the flow of love

NO closes the heart - no stops the flow of love

NO is a negation of another persons request. God ALWAYS says YES to ALL your requests and prayers - IF - you have sent them in a prayer filled with LOVE to God. ANYTHING you ever ask in Love and with Love will be given to you - ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

Learning to say YES is a very powerful and efficient method to instantly reduce your ego and get or keep energy flowing again. In a highly advanced stage of your spiritual path you may easily say YES to absolutely everything you ever may be asked of. It depends on your details of your affirmation and how exactly you are proceeding. With a few years of initial practice while progressing on your path of Love to God you will get the right feeling and Divine guidance to know and become fully aware of to YES in all and any situation.

This chapter never can be an all conclusive explanation of how to say YES to all in any and all situation, but it will give you a good and efficient starting background to work with for the next few months and years. During your repeated practice of saying YES in more and more different situations, you will develop the wise skill to do it correctly and always in full harmony with the first and great commandment of Love.

Let's first point out one extremely important point:

Freedom is a very Divine and very basic principle in God's creation. As part of your Divine freedom you and anyone else ALWAYS have the right to say NO and anyone - YOU as well as ALL others - have to learn to accept a NO coming from any party. No one has a Divine right to force anyone to behave in a particular way. This last statement is valid for ALL authorities, governments, military, police, religious, parental, or what so ever !!!

ALL mankind MUST learn to accept a NO for any reason from any individual anytime and in any situation !!!

Here on earth and in similar situations there are but a very few situations where a NO may be spiritually beneficial for all parties involved. Any situation that may require you to act against the first and great commandment of Love is such a situation that justifies a NO from your part. Before you truly know what Divine Love is - you may use YAMA and NIYAMA as a measuring help to judge with your common sense whether a YES or NO is required. Any situation that would force you to violate any of the parts of YAMA and NIYAMA does justify or even require a NO. Anything in harmony with YAMA and NIYAMA however does justify and could require a YES.

Now let's start to understand the importance of learning to say YES in all and any situation:

Any NO for any reason blocks the flow of communication and energy between the parties involved. If you truly want to spiritually progress, then you truly need to learn to say YES to initiate a Divine communication and keep energy flowing within yourself and between you and all others involved as well as between you and God.

YES is one of the most powerful affirmation on earth. YES starts to create a positive attitude. YES may instantly kick off your sleeping Kundalini Shakti and get it flowing again freely. You just need to truly understand the important of YES in daily life and the metaphysical aspect of YES or NO.

God always says YES - but you may need to pay the bill for what you are asking !!

The most efficient way to help you to understand the physiology of YES or NO is through a few examples in daily life.

Feeling good is important. Finding yourself pretty is a prerequisite to find yourself worthy to be loved by anyone. Compliments from others may be important but even more important is that each and every person can find himself being worthy to be loved by others. To achieve such a condition you absolutely need to feel comfortable within yourself including within all your clothes you wear.

There is absolutely NO spiritual reason why any person MUST dress in a particular way - hence any person can and should be allowed to dress the way HE / SHE wants, likes, loves and feels most comfortable ! Such situations are encountered by almost all parents around the world. Saying YES to your children creates a basis for the flow of Love between all persons present and involved and can be the beginning of a few happy hours. Saying NO however can completely stop the flow of Love between you and your children even for hours as you have allowed your ego to grow even further. This growing of your ego however is a huge and growing block for the free flow of Love and Kundalini Shakti within yourself. This NO is the beginning of your death as it is your EGO that is going to kill you for sure one day. Your death by the end of the present incarnation is the most certain event you ever may expect. It is a guaranteed event to happen to all mankind. Death in a physical body - with the exception of Maha Samadhi - is always the result of your EGO. Your ego is the most efficient and most cruel killer. Look at all the many people losing their body due to cancer, accidents and other cruel and painful diseases and cruelties. All this is the sole result of Ego.

The Ego tends to say NO the soul would prefer to say YES. YES has the potential power to re-establishes harmony within you. NO creates blocks and illnesses within you. No creates stagnation of spiritual progress and flow of energy - YES creates continuous process of experiences and spiritual learning / growth.

For any NO in any particular situation you may expect a NO from anyone else in any situation. May be the single most important situation for yourself to expect a YES may be turned into a NO by any previous NO from you. Repeated NOs will kill any relationship or communication. With any NO you say or MEAN, you create a potential NO from your surroundings.

YES to your partner causes balance between your inside and your outside
YES causes health and harmony

YES to your partner causes balance between your inside and your outside - YES causes health and harmony

Any YES means to you and all others - life is continuing, experiences are continuing, learning is continuing, energy is flowing or starts flowing - hence - spiritual progress goes on.

Remember that you have a Divine right to say NO - because NO is part of your God given Divine freedom. NO is part of your free choice. BUT saying NO means:

Let's look at another few short examples in daily life:

  1. Someone asks you "may I hug you ?" of course YES - what spiritual reason could you ever have to deny Love to anyone ? Hugging is but an direct expression of showing and accepting Love.
  2. Your child asks "may I sleep in your bed tonight, this week, this months ?" Of course YES, how could you ever deny or reject Love for and from your any child of any age !!!
  3. Your boyfriend / girlfriend tells you "I would like to go on a vacation or retreat for a few weeks or months - just myself or with ANYONE else. Of course YES - it is part of his/her freedom to experience whatever is needed to spiritually grow.
  4. An employee tells you "i would like to go on a 3 month vacation as soon as possible using all my paid leave and take some unpaid leave for the remainder or time". Of course YES ! He is a free child of God and may need an experience outside his present restricted world of life. Anyone is free to do whatever he wants to do. If the employee is spiritually strong he may instantly quit if you deny his request.
  5. A family member tells you "i would like to eat something different than you do today". Of course YES ! Proper decision of what to eat and when to eat is vital to keeping your entire energy system in balance. Forcing all family to always eat the same may cause an imbalance in their energy system and contribute to illness. Each person has a different need of energy depending on their individual day of activities. The healthy instinctive desire for a particular food - sweet, salty, hot, mild, sour, fresh, cooked, fruits, vegetables, .... - is re-establishing the natural balance of energy within that person if allowed to do so. If a person is craving for a one sided particular type of food, that person may be exposed to a particular one sided emotional or mental stress. Rather that forcing that person to adapt a more various and "healthier" diet - you should support that person to establish a change in mental and emotional exposure to naturally change the demand of body and energy system to compensate for the stressful mental and emotional exposure of that person.
  6. Your partner tells you to leave the family as soon as possible. Of course YES !!! How could you ever force others to accept your company if their Love for you has vanished ? No matter what his/her reason, you should say YES and ask God to take care of the family. Only those who truly love and welcome you can be your true family members. God will take loving care of all others who hate, betray or chase you. Your eternal and infinite home is and always was in God - in God you ALWAYS will be welcome. ANYONE and absolutely EVERYONE always is welcome in God !!
  7. Your partner tells you that he/she wants to leave you - for NO or ANY reason what so ever. Of course YES. Anyone always has the freedom and right to continue their path of life in any way they want and love to do - ANYTIME !! How could you ever be happy by forcing someone to stay with you if he/she misses the happiness he/she is looking for. Remember: Here on earth we are but short time visitors to learn to love - all your family members and friends are but temporary guests on this planet and our final and eternal home always will be in God. That means in God we may be again an eternal loving family one day - provided we all are allowed to freely learn and experience what we need to in order to find our way back to God.

These are but a few samples.

The more you progress on your spiritual path by accepting more and more requests from others with a loving YES from your side the more you will feel its powerful and positive effect on your communication with all your surrounding. You will feel and experience how energy, how communication is starting to flow, how life is starting to be smoother than ever before. You will experience that the more often you say YES to requests from others - your own request to others are answered with a loving YES as well, making thus your own life more Love flooded, more blissful and more happy !!!

With a few years of practicing YES along with your spiritual practice in general, you will find truly spiritual ways to say YES in absolutely all situations.

In the above examples you have learned when a NO may be required to follow Divine spiritual laws and enhance the first and great commandment of Love and when a NO is purely selfish causing the flow of Love to stop. Now it is your term to start applying the learned topic. Learn to say YES with Love. Whenever you say NO in the future - take your time to think about your true and deepest reason to say NO. Was it truly to keep Divine Love flowing that you absolutely NEEDED to say NO or was it just a very personal NO for a very selfish reason ?

YES creates happiness and a smile in others ..
learn to say YES ..
learn to create a smile .. learn to make happy !

YES is the key to the heart of all others as well - YES creates happiness and a smile in others - learn to say YES  - learn to say YES - learn to make happy

Absolutely ALL becomes possible

through the power of Divine Love

YES keeps Divine Love flowing - NO may stop it

God is Love

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