Spiritual Laws - the basis of life on earth

By understanding spiritual laws of God's creation here on earth within the area of karma and separation, you will know how problems have developed and how to prevent problems by abiding to essential spiritual laws. The goal of this text is to help you understand the essence of spiritual laws that have as a sole purpose to guide you back to a divine and loving nature - to being an divine being made to the image of God.


Spiritual laws - Excerpts from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with in-depth comments

Contents: YAMA

NON-Violence -- Ahimsa

Truthfulness -- Satya

Honesty -- Asteya

Withdrawal from sensual desires and sexuality -- Brahmacarya

Greed -- Aparigraha


Purity -- Saucat

Satisfaction -- Samtosad

Self-discipline -- Tapah

Study of Holy scriptures -- Svadhyaya

Devotion to God -- Isvara-pranidhanat

Why do we need spiritual laws ?

Mankind has parted from the Divine a long time ago and far away. Having lost the natural capability of knowing by intuition. Knowing by intuition without use of the intellect is a natural capability of our soul. The soul simply knows the difference between love and hate, between selfless and selfish. The soul knows how true Divine Love feels like, because it is the natural capability of any soul to express Divine Love, thus any soul having dissolved the Ego in the fire of Divine Love will automatically be a perfect manifestation of the Divine.

The only true and important spiritual goal of any soul is to love anyone and everyone and realize God-Union. Spiritual laws are but a help for the very beginning toward this goal. They help you to find the beginning of your spiritual path toward your Divine home in God. Once you have found the beginning of your road of Love to God, you fully concentrate on Divine Love toward all creation surrounding you. Divine Love.

Mankind has completely lost orientation within God's creation. therefore many thousand years ago, holy scripture like the Bhagavad Gita or Patanjali's Yoga Sutras have been written by wise saints of ancient time.

The standard ancient scripture for the spiritual laws of followers of any spiritual tradition is certainly Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Particularly the sutras II/29 through II/45 in which YAMA and NIYAMA are explained. These sutras have been known and applied be mankind for many thousand years before they have been written by Patanjali. YAMA AND NIYAMA are a pre-definition of Divine Love, necessary for mankind to understand and learn to practice Divine Love.

YAMA and NIYAMA are the very basic rules for any spiritual person on his way to God, independent of the spiritual tradition he is following.

If you got completely lost on your way, you may need some guidelines to get closer to God, to purify your consciousness until your intuition is awakening. That is the purpose of these spiritual laws. They give you the guideline on your way out of spiritual darkness to help God enlighten your consciousness again by his Divine Bliss and Divine consciousness.

You are a Divine Child of God - made to his image. Deep inside your self dwells pure Divine light and consciousness. There is no need to learn to be a saint, you already know it inside your soul. All you may need to learn is, to remove all the behavior and wrong knowledge that buried your Divine soul during the journey of your soul through God's creation. Learn it by intellectually relearn the Divine behavior, that was once a long time ago the natural behavior of your soul.

Let's have an in-depth look at this 10 points of YAMA and NIYAMA

Please make sure that you fully understand all this points and also fully integrate all these points in your life, realize all these spiritual laws in every days situation.

Re-read them again and again. Also read all the previous and following chapters of the text "on your wings of Love - on your way to God". These rules are the basement of any spiritual life in any spiritual tradition. If you violate any of these rules, your basement may become shaky and your spiritual progress very fragile or absent. Lack of success on your spiritual path may often be associated with the missing compliance to these rules. Focus for the first several years on Yama and Niyama, the reward will be worthwhile.

First let's make a few things clear from the very beginning. Any attempt to work-around to avoid , change, modify or adapt any of these rules for whatever reason in any situation may hamper the success of your spiritual efforts. Anything affecting your spiritual progress also may or will one day affect your physical health. Your physical health is a complete reflection of your inner harmony, of the harmony of your soul with God and with your personality. The rules may certainly be considered God's Divine rules of life. These rules apply for any situation in your life, including of course recreation, sports, family, business, official, government, etc. They apply for all your




Toward anything and any being, human, animal, and other !!

The spiritual laws:


NON-violence -- Ahimsa

The Sanskrit word "ahimsa" means total lack of any kind of violence. Total peace inside you toward any being in any situation. Complete and positive NON-VIOLENCE, completely free of what your surrounding is or does or what may be threatening you.


Your soul wants to return to God. God is love. God is truth. God is peace .... Before you can return to your Divine home and become one with the Divine, you should become equal to God even in every aspect of your present personality within your physical body. That means you again should become a being of Divine light and Divine love. Love in any situation and toward all creation of God. We are here on earth because one day we decided to be different from God, to experience his creation. One day some of us started to fight instead of love, to kill instead of love, and so on. Now it is time to return to our natural divinity an be what God made - Divine beings of light made to his image.

When we are talking about going home to God, I mean back to the Divine. This is completely different from just "losing your physical body through a regular death" and going to the astral worlds. Our Divine home is in spheres far away from physical density, yet it is right next to you. It is far away by the means of how much effort and changes you may first have to make. At the same time right next to you, because everything around you is made by God and hence is made out of his Holy Spirit. The Divine vibration, in some spiritual traditions called the vibration of "OM", dwells inside every soul. The core of every soul, of every person is Divine. Divinity is the absolute truth of you.

To better understand this, just imagine a radio transceiver. The vibration coming from an FM radio-station enters the antenna and flows through various different electronic circuits. The frequency is converted from the original frequency of approximately 90 MHz through different circuits - like transformers, but nowadays with more sophisticated components - through different levels of intermediate frequencies, the last one being normally around 455 kHz and then to the Audio frequency level. The very high input frequency at the antenna is converted to an audible sound. The Chakras function in a similar way. Like a series of resonant serial circuits converting spiritual energy of vibration coming from God to the level needed by a particular soul and all its manifestations.

The Sahasrara Chakra is the antenna for the entrance of the Divine light inside your physical body. This Divine energy flowing from God to you is then being converted by a very complex Chakra-system down to the level of your present physical body. If all parts of your Body including your physical, Prana, astral, mental, causal and atmic body are in harmony with each other, then a high degree of the energy entering from God can reach your physical body thus resulting in a high degree of manifestation of the pure Divine nature of your soul in your present personality within your physical body. Your behavior is becoming the behavior of a truly God-realized Saint. Else the more spiritual blockages you have in your behavior, the less energy flows through the entire human energy-system. Hence the need for purification of all your different levels of your spiritual and physical body including all of your mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, speech, writing, deeds, actions and reactions. You need to bring Divinity into ALL aspects of your personality. Let your Divine soul and God descend into your personality and dissolve and replace all of your disturbing ego. Make the Divinity of your God-made soul to the absolute truth of your personality.

This purification is first of all achieved by stopping any gross vibration inside your mind, emotions and your physical body. NON-VIOLENCE is an important part part on your way to realize your Divine love again.

A perfect realization of ahimsa leads to the benefit, that you will always and for eternity be in absolute safety, whatever is happening around you, whatever others may be doing or saying to you. As long as you can feel emotional pain inside yourself, you may still have the capability of causing emotional pain to others. Later on we learn about the physiology of thoughts and imagination. Right now just remember the rules that you can only attract whatever you radiate from inside your aura. All your Karma is stored in your causal body and is continuously radiating to attract equal or similar radiation from your surroundings. That means you attract what you are. You attract your mirror-personalities. With a few exceptions of course.

The vibration of love is a much higher vibration (frequency) and much more powerful than the gross vibration of a selfish or hateful ego. So if you radiate a certain amount of energy as love, this love has the Divine power to protect you from any possible violence. Remember the saying "you earn what you seed". Isn't that marvelous. All you receive is within your own control - within your very own responsibility. You only are responsible of your very own Karma. Whatever physical, mental or emotional illness you may suffer now, is the result or return of your very own seed in previous times - previous seconds, minutes, days, years, decades, incarnations.... You may have violated some of the very basic rules of life in regard to your behavior toward your very own personality or in regard to others, human, animal or other parts of the Divine creation.

You love and you are being loved. You fight and you are being fought, you cheat and you are being cheated. This is also called the law of Karma. There is an absolute justice and you have complete control of what you do, think, feel and hence of what you receive.

Ahimsa in its perfect manifestation leads to a loving attitude and handling of all situation within yourself and toward all your surrounding. Please understand that any violation of this even against your very own physical body or against your very own personality leads to Karma. Love your neighbors as you love your self and love your self as you love your neighbors. Make all mankind, all parts of the Divine creation to your family, because we are ONE family before God. "Foreigners" may exist in the mind of an ego, in the mind of a loving and Divine soul there are only family members of our infinite Divine creation of God.

To make sure you truly understand the full extent of ahimsa, you will find some typical and common examples of violations of this Divine rules of Divine life.

Many sentences that include "if .... , then... " often contain a high degree of psychic violence toward others, psychic violence is as much painful as physical violence is. Toward employees, children, soldiers, citizens, sentences like the following constitute a clear and absolute violence of ahimsa.

Mothers / fathers / teachers to children:

If you are not finished by ... , then you are not allowed to ....

if you don't ...., then you will get beaten / you won't be allowed to watch TV / I don't love you anymore or .... any other kind of punishment

if you do ..... - and here comes any Accomplishment, action or behavior - then I'll love you / then you are a brave child / .... this implies your Love being dependent of any particular behavior of the other person. This is a very gross psychic terror toward other persons if they need to behave the way your ego likes it, before you can love them. True Divine Love however is free of any condition or behavior of anyone !!!

Any kind of physical punishment for any reason always is a violence of ahimsa

No cause of any kind can ever justify a punishment

Cause, action or "crime" of any kind can never justify an action of war, a sentence of imprisonment, death sentence, fine, confiscation of property or any similar reaction by whomever. Anything happening on earth and elsewhere happens according to the absolute Law of Karma. Such judgments are as wrong or painful as the action leading to such re-action. Any judgment or punishment - including any such re-action for "legal" reasons - are leading to the same or similar Karma as the Action leading to such re-action. Every soul is earning what the soul has been seeding before - as a private, official, government, business or other person. The Law of Karma is always valid and active.

Divine Love, Grace and Mercy is the only Divine re-action possible for any spiritual person in any situation. Any and every problem may be dissolved in Divine Love.

Police, authorities, governments, military to other nations, people, citizens:

If you brake "our law" - i.e. our ego-made, home-made rules - then you will get .... punishment or ...

you pay the price / taxes or you get ... punishment or ... we confiscate your property, ...

if you govern your country a different way that WE like it, we may conduct a war against your people, ... make an air strike against you, stop commerce with you, stop supplying you with humanitarian aid, money, supply, food, close our border with you, send all citizens of your country living in OUR country out of OUR country, declare ... person "persona non-grata" - a procedure practiced among "diplomats".

.....The situations and opportunities where people use peer pressure, psychic terror, mental, verbal or physical terror and violence to make others behave in a certain way is nearly endless. Watch your very own behavior with this in mind and use loving self control to replace such behavior within yourself by pure Divine Love. Accept, protect and establish or re-establish freedom and liberty for all by using the power of Divine Love.

Make your heart and soul becoming the only weapons in life you ever use. Make Divine Love the only "ammunition" you ever "shoot" at others, in any and all circumstances. Hate, envy, jealousy, any desire for revenge or punishment, will instantly disappear if you fully keep your concentration and awareness focused on Divine Love. Sometimes it may only take as little as a few seconds or minutes to accomplish this. Do it and you will experience a successful feeling of peace of mind within.

Truthfulness -- Satya

God is Love and God is truth. This is an absolute truth of God, your soul and anything else Divine in God's creation.

If we look at this as an equation:

God = Love

God = Truth

Then we can also imply:

Truth = Love

Hence there is never any reason to be afraid of speaking the truth. Learn to behave in a manner that allows you to always speak the truth to anybody in any situation. Any loving person will always understand what you said and why you did what you did or said. Any person having difficulties in understanding or accepting the truth will receive an opportunity to spiritually grow and learn to truly love you the way God made you, even if different from the expectations of your surroundings. The more you practice truthfulness, the more often you may experience how powerful the truth is and how easy it was to speak truth. Even further - you may suddenly realize that any fear of speaking the truth was obsolete, that by speaking from the depth of you soul truth, more and more people will fully understand the truth and love you for speaking the truth more than they ever may have been able to love you if you would have lied at them. The truth is in harmony with your soul, your soul is in harmony with God and with the soul of your "opponent", thus whenever you are truthful you are in harmony with God and your surrounding persons.

Pray to God and ask him to help you to

always speak, write and think truthful to all persons in any situation, including all children, government officials, "enemies" and of course and any other person or being.

Learn to be yourself, to be the way you feel YOU want to be. This is part of being true to yourself. Denial of personal or spiritual needs within may be a sort of violence against your self as well as lack of truthfulness against your self, your soul. Accept the needs of your soul as being justified and necessary to spiritually awaken, grow and to become an adult Child of God - made to the image of God. Learn to be truthful in your feelings, never say to a partner "I love you" if you feel anything else but true love for him, or if you just expect a favor from him, by saying so. Learn to truly love your family and your partner the way they are. If however for any reason you fail to do so, then be truthful and part in peace and friendship. Every soul has a natural need and Divine right to receive, send and experience true Divine Love among all of your surrounding persons.

Practice truthfulness to all children as well, in any age and any situation. Whenever a child is old enough to ask a particular question, the child also is mature enough to hear and understand the true and full answer from you. Give and explain the answer in clear and precise words the child can understand, you may want to give the answer in 2 or more different ways including some examples to make sure the child has fully understood your answer. Reassure that the answer has been fully understood and is fully satisfactory for the questioning child. Give an answer to the full extent of the original question asked. Nothing may be more painful for a beloved child than the feeling of having received a lye or a partial answer from beloved parents, friends or other persons and that the main point has been withheld.

The relationship between mankind may at certain times appear very fragile. Full trust and faith in God as well as in all the persons you live with and encounter during the course of your many incarnations and the present life is one of the many Key-basements of human relationships to build a true and powerful loving friendship on.

Truthfulness includes that all of your words your ever say, think or write are true or will come true.

Here some examples where this rule of truthfulness is often violated:

Exaggerating in your words when talking about sizes, numbers, your deeds, your accomplishments.

Promising something to someone - for example your children - just to keep them happy and quiet for the moment.

Make appointments for an exact time and then be late.

Promise only to anyone if you can truly fulfill all your promises and if you sincerely want to do so.

If you are unsure about something stop talking to others about. Clarify it first. Find out the absolute truth before you spread it among others.

Stop saying "I don't know" - just because you are afraid of speaking the truth or the truth may appear inappropriate to you.

The truth is always right in any situation, stick to it or remain quiet.

Always speak the truth, even if it may appear to cost your "life" - remember:

what may be more painful, to die for a second and join God in peace and Love or to lie for a second and be afraid of being caught for lying for the remainder of the present incarnation or even cause another incarnation just to learn to become truthful ??

God is Love - God is truth. So whenever you are truthful you are in harmony with God, open for all of his Bliss and Love waiting for you.

God will always love you, even when you lie, but you yourself may close yourself for the Divine Bliss from God by lying, because lying causes disharmony within yourself, reducing the flow of Divine energy within.

Truth create peace and harmony within - a lye causes emotional turmoil and disturbances within. To succeed on your spiritual path you need peace to realize your Divine potential of Love.

People will start to love you for speaking the truth at all times, even if at some time truth may appear to be painful for their ego. Truth is a healing and Divine vibration however for all souls.

Honesty -- Asteya

Honesty and truthfulness are closely related to each other. If you may encounter some present difficulties with one of them, you probably may also find some disharmony with the other one.

Lack of truthfulness and lack of honesty is widespread all over this planet in all levels of society, from children to governments and even lawyers or judges. What is the cause for this disharmony ?? Most often, the cause is fear. Fear of losing the friendship and / or love from the other person or fear of punishment.

Past experiences of having been rejected, having lost a friend or partner or having been painfully punished, makes people sometimes to become more and more dishonest and lying. Learn to accept all others the way they are and allow all of them to learn, give them a chance to revise their behavior day after day without any pressure from any outside person or institution. Allow them to revise all of their behavioral patterns within themselves and between God and themselves. One who may have rejected you for speaking the truth or being honest, may have learned from his lesson and now is ready to accept straight forward honesty in all situations. Just be a loving, honest and truthful living lesson for others, but always remember to do whatever you do with Divine Love, and leave all the rest.

The reason of anything you do shall be Divine Love - nothing but Love - in all and any situations of life.

Here you will receive a few examples of honesty in various situations of daily life and you will surely understand honesty and start to apply and practicing it in all YOUR situations of life.

A honest businessmen will always give all full and true details about the true nature of his products, material and services to his customers. If he knows the products or services is a "special deal" because it may have some minor hidden defects or it may be outdated, he will of course tell this to his customers without being asked for. A customer always has the right to assume the highest possible quality of any products or services he is purchasing in any deal.

A customer has a true right to expect top quality even if the price is low.

If for any reason you have some low quality material, services or some defects that you know of, then you clearly point this out to your customer. Make sure he exactly knows what effect this defects in workmanship or material may have on his planned use of this product or service. Leave the decision up to the customer, whether he may accept this product or whether he may prefer a different one even from a different business. A honest businessman may even ask his customer for a honest offer for this product instead of fixing the price himself.

If you miscount a product in your favor and realize it later on, you will of course correct this as soon as possible. You may even contact your customer to inform him. He trusts your honesty and may never count or measure the quantity he ever receives from you.

If you are a customer and got more products than you paid for by your or the businessmen' s mistake, the same applies to you as customer. Point the difference out to your dealer supplying you. Pay the difference at the earliest opportunity possible. Remember that some of the missing material may have to be paid by employees. A customer has the Divine right to trust his suppliers and all businessmen have an equal Divine right to trust their customers.

Honesty also means that as an employee you use your employers resources only as far as he personally pointed it out to you. Some employees are getting used to make telephone calls from their business places because it may be cheaper or more convenient. Ask your employer about his policy in this regard. Never assume his agreement just because it is common standard among employees. The same may apply for many other products or services from your employer, like stamps, photocopies, fax, e-mail, Internet surfing, .... always remember that any company going broke may go broke due to the sum of numerous small amounts missing that finally may sum up to thousands or millions after many years. This difference may often be the only cause for a company going broke, resulting in dozens, hundred or more family losing their daily source of income.

Government officials at any level shall become aware who's money they are spending. How did you get this money. Has this money ever been given to you, the governments or did you just tell people to give a certain amount to you, else .... make sure you are fully conscious of the personal source of all the money you are spending. Spend this money in a spiritual way - one day someone else may spend YOUR money the same way you do spend the money now. Any honest government employee is SERVING his people. Whenever he spends official tax money, he may first think of all the labor working hard for this money before the government confiscates this taxes. Taxpayers seldom have any chance to decide on the amount they are paying. The money is simply taken from them.

Government officials and employees shall never earn more money than the poorest among their tax payers. They shall select this government job because of their Love for their people, because they want to SERVE their people. Act day after day in every situation with responsibility and the awareness of whom you are serving. Any person in any situation is always fully responsible for any action and any Karma caused.

Be prepared to take full personal responsibility for any thought, emotion, word and ACTION you have ever had, be it on behalf of an employer, government, Organization, family or anyone else. Never forward the responsibility of your action, words, thoughts or emotions to anyone else but yourself. The single only other authority you may clear any responsibility for anything past, present or future is God. You and only you are fully responsible for anything you ever do or have done or will do. Even a policemen or soldier killing in the name of "law" is finally causing personal Karma, as much of course as the persons behind are causing by creating such laws to allow killing or any other form of violence.

The same of course may apply for all employees and officials of any international or national Organization. Accept such a job with the only desire to serve an part of God's creation. Devote this work you do entirely to God. He may reward you in heaven, once you have accomplished your task on earth. Beware of the truth that any money of any organization originally comes from working labor, from citizens of many countries around the World, including some very poor nations.

Any employee shall become aware of the fact, that the future of thousands of families may depend on his honesty and behavior. The welfare of suppliers, employees and customers may be affected by honesty or dishonesty of a single person. Remember that all you are ever causing to others may one day return to yourself. In this or in any future incarnation. It may come back when you least expect it, when you are already down because of all the Karma that has reached you again from past times. This sometimes happens to wake you up and make you aware of your behavior, to give you a chance to change and re-orient yourself toward a spiritual behavior for the benefit of all and the entire creation - far beyond the physical creation that you may realize around you here on earth and when looking at a clear sky in night time.

Honesty toward your self includes that you only accept jobs that you can fully agree from within the deepest of your heart and soul. It also includes that you can accept and realize the true nature of your soul as being a creation of God. The truth of your being is Divine Love and light. You are a Divine Child of God made to his image. Honesty toward your self is a very important aspect too often forgotten in many situations of life. Too many persons nowadays "sell their soul and body" just for the simple cause of money. They do anything they are asked to do, just to increase their profits or to make any money at all.

A honest person always can look deep into any other persons eyes, and look at himself in a mirror as well for many minutes and longer .... continuously radiating a feeling of Love nothing but Divine Love.

When did you look into any other "strangers" eyes with a smile in your face and nothing but Love in your heart.

A honest person always can accept any other person reading his mind and his emotions, reading all of his "most secret" Records of life and business, because a honest person may never have anything to hide.

A honest person - even if yet imperfect for any reason - always asks God to assist him in improving to become even more truthful, more honest in any daily situation, whether it be in business, official, government, sports, recreation, family, or any other situation ...

A honest person of any situation or position always can easily accept the full and true publication of all his Records, thoughts and emotions in any newspaper, radio, TV, WWW or by any other means.

If there is anything you ever want or wanted to hide from any other person, clear it with God. God is the only "authority" the source of Divine Love, grace and mercy who always can dissolve anything you have done with the power of his Love for you and all his children. Change your behavior until their is nothing left that you ever want to hide anymore.

Live all your feelings and thoughts in your daily life and create a full harmony between all your inside and your outside. However if you get the idea or feeling that you may never live in your daily action according to your thoughts and emotions, then you may reconsider all of your thoughts and emotions, change and purify them until all of them are a manifestation of Divine Love, until you can live them publicly !!!

Your mind's thoughts and your emotions are public, because anyone seeing or feeling an Aura can be aware of all of your thoughts and emotions, in fact most or almost all people surrounding you are affected in their behavior by your thoughts and emotions. Their actions often are a re-action to your thoughts and emotions.

An equation about honesty may read as follows. Strive to understand it and realize it in all your being.

Honesty = all your thoughts = all your emotions = all of your physical actions and words = true nature of God = Love

From this equation you may imply:

Honesty = Love

all your thoughts = Love

all your emotions = Love

all of your physical actions and words = Love

all of your physical actions and words = the true nature of God

A honest person lives his mind and minds his life

A honest person always has God in his mind

- whatever he does, feels or thinks

With-drawl from sensual desires and sexuality -- Brahmacarya

This chapter will elaborate about our many addictions we suffer from on earth. Learn to understand the true nature of addiction and free yourself to go ahead on your spiritual path and finally reach your Divine Home in God.

Lets first start with the single most important clarification that mankind may need:

We all are Divine Children made to the image of God. Women are made by God and men are made by God. God made the principle of female and male. God made the principle of sexuality. God is Love, nothing but Divine Love. So whatever he did he made of Love out of his Divine and loving Holy Spirit and everything he made, makes a very deep and loving sense in his entire creation. Everything God has ever created or will ever create was, is and will be for the purpose to have us learn to love in harmony with our God-created Divinity and thus grow up as his Divine Children to become true adult images of God.

Sexuality is God-made and it is the "playground" for males and females to learn the very basic steps of loving each other in more and more spiritual way. A soul is neither male nor female in the sexual sense. But any soul has "male" and "female" aspects in its vibration. Most souls incarnating on earth do so with male and female bodies. therefore it is important to learn the lesson that is pertaining to the gender of your present physical body. For a male to be "housekeeper at home playing mother" or a female becoming mechanic or carpenter makes little sense, as the person and the soul may be missing the spiritual lesson of the present incarnation and giving eventually reason for another incarnation before freeing the soul and returning to God. It may be very helpful to truly understand the lessons we may learn from having a harmonious sexual life while remaining free of any sexual addiction and remaining free to continue from physical love to metaphysical love. The misunderstanding of sexuality being a "sin" or being "dirty" has caused hundreds of millions of people - particularly in the Christian culture - to feel "dirty" or as "sinners".

However there is no and never was any such thing like "sin". Everything in God's creation serves the purpose of experiencing a large spectrum of his Divine creation before growing up and being Saints.

God made the Chakras of females and males turning each one in the opposite direction from the partner's one. This causes a harmony whenever we are facing each other, harmony can cause an attraction toward becoming one with each other. If both partners agree, one of them may develop a sexual feeling causing his Chakra to increase its vibration - thus "turning faster" and this creates what is known as being "turned on". Because this increase in vibration reflects on the partner and causes him to be "turned on", i.e. react accordingly to his partners sexual desires. This God-prepared harmony may also cause partner to read the other partners mind and be aware of all his emotions. Knowing what he / she wants or feels without talking is the result of this harmony in many relationships.

Mankind without a physical body truly becomes one with each other when having sex in astral or higher spheres. Becoming one with God is but another highly evolved manifestation of pure and Divine Love. When having physical sex with a loving partner, it may create a high potential of love and joy. When doing the same in your astral body, there is even more love and joy that is created and exchanged between the two loving light-bodies. The higher the sphere where bodies are becoming one - the more love and joy may be experienced.

The utmost experience is God-union. There is so much Divine Joy, Divine Love and Divine Bliss flowing through you, that you will instantly be healed of any illness and all Karma you ever may have had.

So why shall we withdraw from any kind of sensual enjoyment and desires, from any addiction ?? The reason is partially explained above. First of all, many of the repeated pleasures we experience are but a substitute for the real pleasure our soul knows of. Our soul knows and remembers the experience of God-union. Divine Love above and beyond any imaginable limits. Because mankind on earth has lost its orientation toward the Divine, mankind strives to repeat the pleasures they can NOW create and repeat as often as desired. However by doing so, they create a form of attachment. Attachment to their physical body and hence their physical senses.

The reason why - without any given reasonable explanation - many spiritual tradition simply recommend to stop any sexual activity, is because of the present power that the ego had and still has on this planet, there is a tendency to abuse the power of sexuality for the purpose of conducting a personal war against the other gender or against the partner. Like turning someone on and then let him/her wait for any period of time while using his opening to get personal favors done, wishes fulfilled or just enjoy the feeling of the own power one may have over others. This of course is an abuse of power and eventually may come back as Karma to the originating soul in this or any later incarnation. Such situations are encountered daily by the million on this planet - causing lots of emotional, mental or physical turmoil. And for this very reason it was considered more wise or at least for the time being easier, to just recommend full abstinence from any sexual life. However you may look from different points of view at it. Preventing a lesson NOW by escaping all and any situation that may contain such lessons, does also prevent you from learning the lesson, and thus may withhold it for any later situation, any time in this or any future incarnation or metaphysical situations in higher astral or causal spheres, where you may need to spend some time to learn this very lesson that you could have learned whiled practicing physical sexuality with the spiritual points of view in mind - learning to love others - while at the same time protecting any time their individual integrity and Divine Freedom of choice. So you may decide to learn this lesson now or later. It needs to be learned, with or without physical body, with or without physical sexuality. Physical sexuality is just one God-made "playground" to learn this very lesson. There are others waiting for those who "escaped" this lesson in a physical body on this planet. God is Love - be happy and enjoy being a Divine Child of God, made to his image - a Divine being of Love and Light.

The goal of your soul is continuous spiritual growth toward God-union until you reach this state of spiritual maturity. Any attachment or repeated activity that awakens your physical senses may prevent or at least slow down your progress toward this spiritual goal. As long as you concentrate on a physical pleasure, you normally are blocked for the experience of the metaphysical experience of the same energies. Anything physical however always has its metaphysical counterpart.

However the physical senses are made by God to awaken our consciousness of the manifold beauty of his creation and awaken our natural curiosity to experience something even more beautiful behind or above the physical plane of existence. All experiences on earth are made to learn loving and becoming an adult Child of God made to his Divine image. Sexuality for example, may help to open ourselves for the partner, realize his desires of being loved and learn to love him as much as learn to being loved by him by allowing him to touch and physically love you. Learning to become physically "one" with your partner and to allow your partner to physically become "one" with you is just a preparatory step of becoming one with God in your soul.

The first and basic steps of love is learning to fully open yourself for all your partners needs and desires, and learn to please your partner with your Divine Love flowing from your soul through your physical body into your partners body and soul. Once you have learned to live and realize this love, you may feel that there must be more than physical love. A deeper experience of love rather than a more often repeated experience of sex is now asked for by your soul. Now it is time to gently withdraw from physical love by improving your metaphysical sensitivity and starting to actually feel with your metaphysical sensual "organs" the love flowing from you to your partner and from your partner to you. This however can only be achieved after both partners have experienced the beginning of metaphysical love to be actually felt by them.

Such an evolution may take a few years but it can be accomplished by any person who wants so. Opening for or getting sensitive for metaphysical energy is usually a question of a few days or a few weeks if someone helps you. It may take up to a few months or a little longer if you are practicing on your own. Remember: Anytime you can ask God to help you on your spiritual path.

If you withdraw from any sexual activity within a relationship, or if you practice sex while feeling "guilty" because you may mistakenly imaging to brake a spiritual rule that is often been set up without proper explanation in many spiritual traditions, you may worsen your spiritual situation by creating a blockage, a feeling of doing something prohibited. You may lose the capability to fully open and enjoy what you are doing, thus you may prevent yourself from starting to experience the beginning of metaphysical love to be felt.

Suppression of sexual energy may result in problems like

among women:

menstruation problems for females, like pain, irregular menstruation

tumors or even cancer of sexual organs

among men:

Prostate problems

sciatica nerve problems

Men and women may encounter:

Hip problems

Problems of the lower third of your spine - lower back

During the course of your spiritual evolution, you may learn to transfer your sexual energy into a higher vibration of spiritual energy. The energy from Svadhisthana Chakra may be transformed into energy for Anahata Chakra or even further up. The energy from your physical body may be transformed into energy for your astral body, the energy from your astral body turned into energy for your causal body, and finally into energy for your soul - also called Atman. Whenever you concentrate on God, any energy, energy of any desire or addiction may even instantly be transformed into spiritual energy, if you ask God to do so.

Allow yourself to be what God made of you. Either a man or a women, and be it with all your heart, soul your body and all your emotions, including all experiences that include being male or female. Study your action, reaction, your emotional and mental behavior and continuously learn from all your self-observations. Study the reactions and actions, the expressions of love and emotions from your partner and strive to behave in a more and more spiritually loving way time after time.

Learn to practice whatever you do fully consciously - mentally and emotionally present. Live and observe HERE and NOW what you experience HERE and NOW !! if you do whatever you do consciously aware and fully concentrated on the present action, you may learn much more intensely and much faster, than when you do things mentally or emotionally absent. Until you may realize it's time to go ahead, to apply all your experiences in the next higher, more subtle and more spiritual form of existence.

Do whatever you want to do, but do it with love and improve your love steadily.

All this applies of course for all other sensual experiences and pleasures we often strive to repeat again and again. Many people are addicted to several sensual pleasures because they are closed or blocked for any metaphysical experience. Mankind has lost for hundreds or even thousands of years their capability to see, feel and be fully conscious and aware of any metaphysical reality.

Think of the true nature of your various desires. You may have wanted for years a particular toy, a particular vacation, or anything else. How often did you think of the object of your desires before you finally got it ?? how often did you have "day-dreams" and being mentally or emotionally absent while with your beloved ones because you were thinking of the objects of your desires.

When finally your desires became fulfilled, how long did your true happiness joy deriving from the fulfillment of your wish last. May be you have dreamed of a very particular and new car. When you got it, you may have been proud of it, showing it to many or all your friends. But how long did this joy last. May be a few weeks or months, if at all. Then the new car became a car. Just another car like millions on earth. Just an example ... but replace this car by any other object you may have wished for many months or years.

When you fulfilled your wishes, how many hours did you have to work to afford the object of your wishes, and how many hours do or did you have to work every month just to keep the object of your desires alive and running. May be you got even into debts with your bank or with friends, you may have lost your financial freedom just to make your wishes come true.

Then once you have the object of your wishes, how anxious have you been or still are of losing it, getting it stolen, broken, damaged, .... how many hours did you lose your peace of mind and often peace of family as well, just for the sake of having now this wish fulfilled.

Any wish you have, may one day come true. But the true nature of such wishes may be so powerful to create the need for another incarnation, even several incarnations if needed, just to have all of your wishes come true. God fulfills all the wishes of his children - physical ones as much as spiritual ones. Any happiness and joy coming from any physical wish will surely vanish one day. Just remember you are but a guest on this planet and anyone living here will surely die one day - sooner or later - so all your objects you have collected to fulfill all your desires and wishes may be lost through your sudden death. Learn to make free and wise use of all objects you truly need, but never allow objects to make use of yourself. Be free.

Never expect all your wishes and problems to automatically dissolve and vanish as your physical body dissolves. All your wishes, thoughts, emotions as well as the capability to act, think or feel in a certain way, may survive your physical death, because they are part of your spiritual being, of your causal body. It is something that you need to work on consciously, to dissolve it by the power of wisdom and Divine Love that you may develop during your spiritual progress. The more you progress on your spiritual path, the more you may become able to benefit and accept the grace and mercy from God who is always watching you and waiting for any spiritual desires you may have. God can and will dissolve anything you may ask him by the power of his infinite Divine Love for you.

God may help you to come free of any addiction, whether it be smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex or anything else mankind could ever suffer from. God is our beloved creator, hence we are his beloved children - keep this in mind on your way to God. All he keeps in mind is Love and how to make his beloved children happy, if we allow him to do so.

When you read a newspaper or book - read it consciously ! stop listening to music or eating while reading or you may never know how the music is or how the food tastes or what the story is and may want or need to repeat it again and again to finally know it.

When you are on vacation in a foreign country enjoy it - this very country you are incarnated in or visiting NOW Stop starting your plans for next years vacation, or remembering how your last one was

When you drink coffee - drink coffee and beware of what you drink and how it tastes .....

When you hear music - do it with all of your heart and soul

When you are having sex with a person while listening to music or smoking a cigarette, having a drink or thinking of any other person, ... you may never really be open to realize any feelings, Love and or even the words your partner may be whispering. You can make sex a thousand times and never have loved a single second while having sex.

Do whatever you do with Love

and ...

do it consciously

do it fully concentrated

be fully aware of what you are doing

be fully aware of how you are doing it

how does it feel in the depth of your mind, emotions, heart and soul

When you plan it

when you do it

after you did it

then take your time to learn from this experience

do I want to repeat it, if yes ..

do I want to change it, if yes

how can I change it, to put more Love into this experience

if NO, ..

learn from it and return the situation you learned from to God,

ask God to dissolve everything in Love and help you to truly learn from it

You may verify whether you are an addict or whether you are free

by dropping any of your regular behaviors for any time.

If you are still peaceful and even minded even after days or weeks of abstinence,

then you are free


you may still be an addict

so make yourself free by realizing the truth and ask for Divine assistance from God.

Become free in your physical body, your emotions and in your mind, as well as free of any Karma.

Be a free child of God.

Greed, freedom of attachments, detachment -- Aparigraha

Attachment to a variety of objects leads to slavery of your soul. Possible attachments are manifold and the following list may give you an insight of what it means - though you may then better understand of what freedom of any attachments, or detachment may mean.

A soul may be bound by attachments to

To understand the importance of freedom of any attachment, including attachments to any person or material belonging and / or objects, there may be several facts and absolute truth to consider and apply in your life.

Mankind is here on this planet as a guest - a guest for a very limited time. Even if one may decide to continue for several incarnations on this very planet, compared to the life-expectation of you as a soul, a being of light made by God to his image - even some several thousand years, that many of us have spent on this planet is little compared to eternity. You are a Divine Soul and are living for eternity - but your true home is in God. Your stay on this planet is but of temporary nature. Just long enough to learn all the spiritual lessons you need to remain eternally in and near God or wherever you want to stay for the remainder of eternity. Once you have learned all the spiritual lessons, you shall be free for the rest of eternity. Free of any Karma - physical or metaphysical.

The reason for being here on earth in a physical body may vary from person to person, from soul to soul. Some reasons may be their continuous fighting with others, other reasons may be their wishes and desires to be fulfilled and come true, but many persons / souls reincarnate because of their attachments to some objects of any kind on earth or in the physical world or due to some activities that only can be done physically, like physical sex and many other activities. People can be attached to some sports like football, soccer. Cricket and others as well causing them to return for a while. Some of you may now state "myself I have no attachment that could ever pull me back on earth again right now" or something similar. Well let's see in a few minutes.

Just think at some of the following proposals and find out yourself, how attached or how detached - how free - you really are at this moment.

If you can honestly say YES from the depth of your heart and soul to all and any of above question, then you are truly free.

you may realize now how creative mankind can get to find excuses ;-))

But if you said to one or more of above questions NO or at least if you could find any excuse for refraining from a clear YES, then you certainly have one or more attachments that might prevent you from going home at the end of this incarnation. Make sure you work on that NOW because any day could be your last day in your physical body. Any day could be your farewell day for the rest of eternity, a farewell without any comeback. Other Divine Children of God are waiting on you beyond the physical plane. They too have a right to enjoy your presence and your Love.

Attachment to anything - physical, emotional, mental, personal, material, financial or what so ever could lead to fear of losing it. Fear of having to leave it one day. This is caused by lack of knowledge about God, lack of faith and trust in God, caused by a lack of development of your spiritual awareness and spiritual consciousness. Strive for the absolute truth behind everything. Learn to understand the reason and cause of your very existence and incarnation HERE and NOW. Find out WHY you are here NOW. Learn to solve and dissolve any remaining attachments in the fire of wisdom, absolute knowledge about God and it's creation and true life beyond physical existence.

Truth makes free. The more you can dissolve the cloud of illusion within yourself - by attaining true knowledge about your spiritual being and the Divine creation - the easier it will become for you to get instantly free of any attachment. To really and absolutely become FREE instantly, in your mind, your emotions and your soul, of course you may also get instantly free of any Karma and or "duty" that you may ever consider might be yours. The Divine Love and Bliss of God can uplift you into your Divine Home any time if YOU are free do to so - if you WANT to be free to do so.

But in the meantime to reach this point - may be in a few months, years or decades - what to do with all the present attachments you may have found by answering honestly from the depth of your heart and soul to above questions ?? You may consider following solutions or find any other solution you may find acceptable for yourself. If you said truthfully YES to any above, then realize it every once in a while just to make sure you still can do it.

Dispose of any memories and souvenirs in form of letters, pictures, souvenirs ... from previous years given to you by any person. Make a fire - except for all the chemicals and synthetic material souvenirs that may cause pollution when burnt - and offer all these memories and souvenirs to God. Ask God to take care of all those memories.

Give to others, preferably "foreigners" - persons you never have seen or at least you never knew personally - anything that you have ceased using during the past 2 or 3 years. Giving it to friends could still feed your attachment, because the object would still be somehow near you. Remember, since you haven't been using the object for an extended period and you didn't have to sell it for money before, you shouldn't really sell it or trade it in. Just give it away for free. You may have the choice of either receiving money or joy and Love whenever you give anything away. The question is MONEY or LOVE - one of the two only. The joy and happiness you may create by doing someone a favor or helping, may return if you give it from the depth of your heart and if you can give anything without even expecting "thank you" from the receiver. One day you needed or at least wanted the object and hopefully enjoyed it for a while. So now someone else could still enjoy the same object again for another while before giving it away himself. One particular object - a book for example - could serve many different persons within its own life cycle. Rather than getting older and older until your children may have to dispose of it after you died.

Share with others who are poor or in need what you may have in abundance. There is abundance of everything on earth. Abundance of food, land, property of any kind, forest, construction land, clothing, rooms, apartments, medical help, medicines, music and much more. Another basic lesson on earth is to learn to possess only as much as you personally and really need NOW. Because with your excess that you may stock NOW for anytime later, you may be able to NOW and immediately stop any suffering of various kind and causes among ALL the poor and needy of this entire planet. Some may think of the years to come, may be the years after retirement - but who ever told you that you may reach such an age and if yes, will you be healthy enough to enjoy all your savings of any kind ?? May be tomorrow is your last day on earth for a while - you have the choice of sharing and giving it away while you can consciously learn from this process - or losing control of ALL your property through your sudden death some day. The latter option may certainly be more painful than the first one.

Greed, attachment to belongings beyond any true and realistic personal need, may cause some severe Karma, and it usually may cause lots of fears as long as you possess your belongings. Just imagine all the billions of $ that are spent worldwide for theft insurance, insurance against any kind of loss by fire, war, accident, ... just because of the fear of loss all these people have. All this fear of loss is but a proof of extreme attachment to the objects insured. No insurance can ever protect you from the Karma your soul has ever caused in this or any previous incarnation. Any fear is obsolete. Just learn to realize true Divine Love in all your daily activities. Including infinite Divine grace and mercy toward all and any persons in any situations you may ever encounter - and you shall always remain free of any Karma. Divine Love is the solution to all and any situations.

Consider the following possibility when sharing your surplus or your abundance you may have. Some or many of those suffering NOW in any of the foreign and very poor countries, are people who may never have shared themselves in previous incarnations. Causing them to experience the other side of life directly and very personally by incarnating in a poor country or a country with the two extremes of poverty and richness being side by side. Some of the poorest ones may have been your beloved ones, your children, fathers, mothers, friends, spouse, or ... in any or several of your previous incarnations. There is little if any difference between NOW and THEN. They still are children of God as much as you are. They still are the same souls as they have been when you loved them. When they are living in poverty, they may be even closer to finding their way home to God, than many of those living in abundance or excess now. Before you find and actually go home to God you definitely will lose all your property in one way or another. Either by distributing it on your own free will and decision or by losing it through the power of death, which may include a painful loss of everything you still may be attached to. Even the sole idea of death getting closer in old age persons may cause in many of them pain many years before they actually die.

Did you ever think about whether YOU possess your property


your PROPERTY possess you ??

The most valuable you ever may attain,

is true and eternal freedom in God.

There may be a shorter or longer way to go for some,

but you never find out how short or long your way may be,

unless you actually go and reach the goal


Purity of body, mind and emotions -- Saucat, Sattvasuddhi

Our physical body is a Divine temple of God. Therefore we certainly need to clean our Divine temple to accommodate pure Divinity within ourselves and become true children of God, made to his image. God may become our guest, within our physical body as well as within our soul or astral and causal body. To be a Divine host for God is a wonderful job, but God may prefer to enter a cleaned and purified temple. So we have a look at what causes our sacred temple to become dirty and how to purify it.

let's first have a short look what may cause intoxication of our physical, mental and emotional body. and provide you with some precise help to clean your body, mind and emotion by proper methods.

  1. Through food and drinks. Lack of purity of our food we eat due to artificial fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals used to preserve food, artificial vitamins and minerals added to food

    Non-vegetarian food of any kind.

    Canned food, deep frozen food, food cooked - heated - several times or cooked to long.

    Food and drinks containing large amounts of chemicals, like many cakes, Cookies, sweets, soft drinks.

    Get used to eat more and more clean, natural, fresh vegetarian food.

    Select fruits, vegetables and salads that have been grown in a natural environment and ripened in open air and natural sunlight. Change your eating and drinking habits gently but surely. You will realize natural vegetarian food to taste much better than any other modified food.

    If cooking vegetables, prefer the Chinese method of quick frying or boiling for a very few minutes only to preserve as much of the natural Prana and vitamins in your food. Eat fresh fruits and salads every day at least once or twice.

    Limit coffee and black (Ceylon) tea to the minimum possible. Drink a cup or two of different herbal tea every day and preferable drink pure water to meet the need for liquid for your body. Natural clean tap water is still the very best for your health. Protect the water in nature to allow future generations a healthy life.

    Learn again to grow as much of the vegetables, fruits and salads as possible in your own garden. it's fun and very easy. God let's the plants and trees grow and ripen for you and there is little if any work involved in biological farming compared to cattle farming. Biological vegetarian farming requires very little investment compared to large scale non biological farming and cattle farms. In a natural and healthy mixed culture of biologically grown plants and trees there is no need for fertilizer - use mulching instead - and no need for herbicides or pesticides. It's just a question of learning how to get a naturally balanced soil and naturally balanced mixture of plants and trees on your ground.

    Learn again to feel the energies, to know the needs of nature and to talk to nature and nature will tell you all about how you can protect and support nature and how nature as part of God's creation may help and heal your body, mind and emotions.

  2. Through our thoughts and speech

    Violent or aggressive thoughts about our environment, neighbors, family-members, "enemies", animals, nature, ourselves (!!) or anything else. Any kind of mental violence or thoughts of anger, greed, and so on may cause severe intoxication of our physical body as well. Repeated thoughts over an extended period of time may cause the entire physical body to crash, like in diseases of Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, ...

    Learn to keep your thoughts calm whenever there is nothing constructive to do for them. To achieve peace of mind you need to get in peace with yourself and all others, the entire creation first. Learn to love everybody and pray for assistance from God to achieve this goal successfully.

    Whenever you realize that you are developing anything else but loving thoughts within your mind. Direct your attention to God and Love. You may use the word "Love" or the sentence "God is Love" like a Mantram to fill your mind with Love and attain peace of mind within seconds or minutes. The more often you do it, the more successful you are. After several months or a few years you may easily have attained to master our mind.

    When ever you are typing a letter using a computer, be aware that any letter of aggression, offense, accusation, defense has a violent potential. Any discussion is a mental war !! On a computer hard disc the energy of a saved letter still is active and may fill again and again your Aura. Keep your Records and your memory space on your computer clean. Have only Records with loving energy on your computer. Occupy your mind only with loving objects, with peaceful letters. Deleting a file on the most common computer systems never deletes the actual information, but only changes a single letter from the file name, to make the file name disappear in the directory of your computer. Everything is energy - even files and games on your computer that you never use but that just happen to be there or be used by someone else using the same equipment.

    Remember: Never fight any thought - replace the thought by directing your attention toward something Divine and positive. Remain with all your concentration on this Divine object of concentration and your mind will get filled with the energy of the object of concentration - thus your mind will get purified.

  3. Through our emotions

    Just remember your very own fantasies in past years or decades, your fantasies after watching TV for example. Many persons are having aggressive and destructive fantasies, killing or raping others and much more. Similar to the thoughts, these energies are a heavy burden for your Karma and your Aura. How many people are wishing others to hell, or similar wishes. Just in their mind and fantasy. But the emotions involved are destructive for your spiritual development and progress as well as for your physical health. Such thoughts and fantasies also are destructive to any relationship and family life or social life within a community. The stories you read, the movies you watch, ... may turn on your fantasies and occupy your emotional body with destructive energies such as the scenery from the story you were watching or reading.

    The stories you read, the movies you watch, ... may turn on your fantasies and occupy your emotional body with destructive energies. When reading beware of the effect the topic of your paper may have on your emotions, when watching a movie be careful and select your movies with the possible side-effects in mind.

    Reading a book or watching a movie is similar to eating. It is an intake of energy that needs to be digested mentally and emotionally, then you may learn something out of it and dispose of all the remaining waste-energy. Do what ever you do consciously. Become fully aware of what you are reading and watching and handle it with care.

    Ask God to assist you in learning from everything you do. Ask God to purify you from every experience you made as soon as you have learned from it. Keep what you have learned, but purge all the rest, give all the memories of the actual situation needed to learn to God and ask him to remove such memories, to dissolve them in the fire of Divine Love. Learn to take full responsibility for all of your life, your past, your present and your future, including all possible Karma resulting from all mental and emotional activities toward your environment. Keep your emotions filled with pure Divine Love. Love is the most powerful healing energy in existence in the entire Divine creation.

    Select your environment carefully. You are free. Make wise use of this Divine freedom and change your job, your home, your entire life if necessary. Select and prefer an environment that supports your spiritual efforts, that support your efforts of getting along peacefully in all and any situation of life with all mankind and nature. Keep your Aura clean by selecting a job, a work that handles clean natural energies only. As you collect any energy you are working with or nearby in your Aura. Non-smokers in a smoking area may suffer as much as a smoker.

    Keep the air in your working place and your living area clean. Spend every day at least an hour or two in nature to allow nature to purify your Aura and your physical body. Take a shower at least once a day, if working physically or sweating, repeat it after working. Taking a bath or shower cleans your physical body as well as your metaphysical body.

    If needed participate in spiritual fasting to speed up the process of cleaning your body, mind and emotions. Do it carefully and under the direct supervision of a knowledgeable person whenever possible. Many very old spiritual traditions know the practice of a 40 day fasten or 6 weeks fasten during the course of spiritual development of disciples. There certainly is a good reason for that.

Satisfaction, mental evenness, peace of mind - Samtosad

Take full responsibility for your past, present and future, because all of it is the sole result of your very own decisions, or absence of decisions. If you really want to change and improve your life, it is detrimental to fully accept responsibility for yourself.

Of course some parts of your life may have been screwed up. Learn from it. Think about it - why did things go "wrong", what did you do to achieve the results you get ?

Pray to God to become aware of changes needed in your very own attitude, in your behavior and your life in general. Make sure you follow exactly all the spiritual laws as described in Yama and Niyama. If you ever dreamed of a workaround on these points - forget it !! Follow all the rules and accept any pain if you miss the rules.

Be happy with all your present situations, if they appear to be hard on you. Thank God he gave you a possibility to learn and improve. Without intense learning and practicing toward becoming an adult Child of God - there may be no or very little success. Remember, the harder your past or present life may appear to you, the more you can learn from it and the more you may change immediately to improve your future situation.

All of your present or past surroundings are exactly what your soul needs to grow and find its way back home to God. Accept the challenge and become a winner on the way home. It is fun to spiritually learn and grow more day after day.

If there is anything you presently dislike - change it - NOW !! Make use of your Divine freedom in life, take a decision and realize that decision until your situation has changed to your full satisfaction. Remember any time that all you do here and ever have done was your free choice and still is. One day YOU decided to part from God, to be different, to quit loving. Any decision you make, may affect your life for years, decades or millenaries, for many incarnations sometimes. Be careful how and what you decide, what decision you omit.

Many persons, maybe millions or more, used to say "I must ..... " go working, go to the office, go home, pay tax, go to the military, ... and so on. This way of thinking is simply wrong. One day, some time ago you made a decision to do what you still do and may be feel you "must do". Change your attitude, drop the situation you have created, dissolve any Karma related to that situation and strive for a new and pleasant situation in your life. Some of you may think "but this is the only place I can find a job or I can find an apartment" wrong !! What about the billions of people living in other countries, doing different jobs. If billions of people get a different job than your present one, if billions of people make their living in a different country from yours, then YOU as well can change anything you really need to change to be happy and find satisfaction in your life.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that it never was God's intention to create heaven on earth. Your Divine home is in God, far away from the physical plane of this planet. Still close enough so every soul on earth could find its way home any time, if really ALL efforts are invested toward reaching this Divine goal. If you invest as much time in spiritual progress and development as you do in your career, business, pleasure, spare time, watching TV, supporting your bank, working for Industries whose only thing in mind may be making money, making profits on behave of others, then you certainly succeed on your way to God.

Mental restlessness never leads to peace of mind of enlightenment. When your mind is restless, watch your ideas. What is the content of your mind. Where do your ideas travel. Is there anything in life you missed to dissolve in love. Are there any fears to be dissolved. Studying spiritual literature, spiritual laws and keeping more and more of your concentration and awareness directed toward spiritual goal, toward God, will certainly calm down any restlessness mind. As Divinity fills your mind - peace of mind and evenness will be within your mind.

As soon as you start to strictly follow spiritual goals, learn and practice what you have learned, then your life is filled with Divine Love and Bliss from God. Serving God by helping helping his lost or needy children will give you more satisfaction than anything else ever could do on earth or elsewhere.

For many cultures on this planet and beyond, making money, industrial development and increasing wealth and physical power over others may be the only and primary goal of life. However one day all of these people will lose all their wealth, their power, their influence over others. They may then for a while become some of the very poorest people in the entire creation, because they have missed for years, decades, incarnations, even for many thousand or more years to collect any spiritual wealth.

Mental evenness and satisfaction in life is gained by supplying others with true satisfaction. Learn a job that really meets a natural demand of people. Satisfy true needs of others and their true satisfaction they receive from your services or products may return to you to make you happy. Stop creating a product or service that you like, then create an artificial need to sell your products or ideas. Ask people how you can serve them, ask others how or what you can do to make them happy. Their happiness may return onto you to make you happy as well.

Whatever you do to others is returning to you. Never cause any debts or loss of freedom but create, support, protect or reestablish freedom, peace, love and health in all others and that is exactly what shall return onto you today, tomorrow, in the far future and for eternity.

Self-discipline - Tapah

Self-discipline require you to make use of your willpower and to continuously watch your mind, emotions and actions of any kind.

First you need to be very honest about yourself. Be willing to question all your past actions of any kind - mental, emotional or physical - from this or any previous incarnation. Compare the results of this internal investigation with the spiritual laws and the "Divine rules of life on the way to God". Find out where you may need to change your behavior in order to comply with all the rules, in order to be in harmony with God. The final state you want to achieve, is to truly realize and live the first and great commandment of Love, the only commandment that ever came from God.

Then compare your general living habits, eating, drinking, health-care, etc. with all the known and correct rules for a healthy lifestyle on your spiritual path. You may find additional information in the chapter about fasting. For a successful and efficient progress on your way to God, a healthy physical body is extremely beneficial. Have a look at your eating and drinking habits and figure out where they differ from the ideal behavior.

When you recognize the points to improve or needed changes in your life or in your being, then make a list of it. Write it down on a peace of paper for your Records and frequent verification and make sure it is safe, because you may need this paper for years. Best is, you get a small college block for all your spiritual Records and notes.

Before you can follow any set of rules in your spiritual life, you certainly may have to fully agree on these rules. Any internal opposition against these rules may hamper your spiritual progress. If at any time, particularly during the first years of your spiritual progress, you may find difficulties in agreeing with some of the rules, then first skip theses rules and focus on the realization of those rules from within Yama and Niyama that you can fully agree on. The more you progress on your spiritual path, the more wisdom you may gain and one day you find out yourself the some or all of the skipped rules are correct. As soon as you can agree on these previously skipped rules, realize them in your life as well.

Whenever you feel any opposition to certain rules, think about these rules in a neutral state of mind. Pray to God to show you the truth. Ask for truth again and again during all your existence.

Affirm to yourself:

I am free, I can do whatever I want, even if it hurts me. I take full responsibility for all I ever have done and will do. I can live however I like and want. There is no one forcing me to follow any set of rules.


I want to become truly free and join my eternal family in God. I want to learn to live, think and feel like a Divine Child of God - made to his image. I want to learn to recognize and realize all the true and absolute laws and rules for a truly spiritual life on earth and anywhere. I want to learn to live in a way to be a source of Divine Love and Bliss for myself and all others in the entire creation. I open my mind, my consciousness and awareness for the absolute truth coming directly from God. God is truth and God is Love - hence anything coming from God and leading to God is a healing medicine for my personality, my physical body, my spiritual body and my soul - finally leading to God-Union and eternal freedom.

With this affirmations in mind pray again and again for Divine assistance until you have dissolved any resistance against any set of rules to be followed on your way to God. Rules are to be followed as long as you are separated from God in your consciousness. Once you have reached God-Union, your wisdom and capability to love has developed to a state beyond the description of any rules or laws. But until then, there is a definite need to obey these spiritual rules and and spiritual laws for your very personal benefit and for speeding up your spiritual progress and making your very own life, as well as the life of others having to live with you on the same planet, more comfortable and enjoyable.

Start to keep these rules in mind while watching yourself what you actually do - day after day - whenever you catch yourself violating the rules, correct your behavior, your thoughts or your emotions, again and again.

Direct continuously all your efforts, your energy, your mind and attention toward becoming a true Saint, a Divine Child of God made to his image. Do this day after day, for the rest of your existence - even beyond your physical existence on this planet. Life goes on, even beyond this present incarnation. Clean your Divine Temple to welcome God within your soul and your body. What you spiritually learn now, is your true spiritual treasure lasting for eternity. Change your material treasures and belongings into spiritual treasure and spiritual wealth.

Study of Holy scriptures -- Svadhyaya

Reading books never leads to becoming a Saint !! To truly become an image of God you must realize what you read and learn from books. Read some of the Holy scriptures of this World and fully realize what you have read and learned from the books. It makes little if any sense to first read five or ten books without applying what you have read. Read one book at a time thoroughly and then apply in your daily life what you have learned. If then you need additional help or help for important parts of your life is missing so far, then look for another book containing wise help for your life.

Some of the books available are highly inspiring, others contain valuable solutions for different problems in life or spiritual rules and laws to facilitate and speed up your spiritual progress on your way to God. Collecting the information in your brain blocks you from receiving Divine inspiration coming from God. The information must become a realized part of your being, of your life.

Attempting to read any Holy scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible or Yoga Sutras from Patanjali merely with your intellect may cause a disaster. You need to learn to read any book with your intuition. Learn to perceive the truth beyond the printed letters in books. What message did the author want to send you. What is written "between lines" of a book, what did the author think, feel and intend when writing the book. All Holy scriptures are written in a way to protect all important information contained from being abused by non-spiritual readers. Learn to develop a sense of awareness to perceive true information from information that has been modified for whatever reason or from information that simply is wrong.

Question all information that you read and ask God to show you the absolute truth in all you read and dissolve everything else. May the truth in the book you read survive and help you on your way to God.

When reading a spiritual book, limit the amount to a chapter per day, then meditate about it to perceive all the truthful information contained. Make sure you understand that every book is energy, energy entering your consciousness, to dissolve blockages in your mind or behavior. This energy is capable of healing and freeing you if correct and true. Let this Divine energy pass beyond your intellect to do its intended spiritual task. The results of what you were reading is your true spiritual treasure. Resulting freedom and a growing relationship with God will enable you one day to read directly from God's Divine consciousness, to talk with God, ask him any important questions for your spiritual progress and become fully aware of his Divine answers.

And finally ALWAYS remember that ALL you need for our path of divine love to God is in THIS holy text from the Cyberspace Ashram - as THIS text is given to you by God and includes ABSOLUTELY ALL you ever need. Read, STUDY until you TRULY understand and then PRACTICE ALL - and will succeed on your path of divine love to GOD the very fastest, most direct AND most loving way possible.

Kriya Yoga is the most scientific, most powerful and most direct method for your return to your eternal and divine home of love in God

Devotion to God -- Isvara-pranidhanat

Put all your life, all your being, your soul, your physical body in God's hand. Have complete faith in his Divine Love and let God take care of your earthly belongings. Start to take care of his lost children on earth and God will take care of all your needs. Just open for all the Divine Bliss and Love coming from God - directly from God to you, or indirectly from God through his other Divine children on earth.

God is Love - this is the most important truth. Learn to devote all your daily actions - business and private - to God. Learn to make God-Union by the end of the present incarnation your only goal in life. Work toward reaching this goal and open yourself for all the Divine help God is sending you to really reach this goal. God want certainly all his children to be happy and be with him for eternity. To finally stay in or near God is the only place in the entire universe were you may find everlasting Bliss and Love in excess for eternity. Be aware that the end of this present incarnation may be in a few seconds.

The physical presence on earth is an accident - the result of your previous decisions finally leading away from God more and more. Here on earth and on similar planets or spheres most people are completely lost. The majority of our population has lost the orientation, has lost direct knowledge about God, about their true and eternal origin and about their true and eternal destination. Where are you from and who are you. Ask this question and open for the answer coming from God once you have achieved God-Union.

The only safe and loving way out here is with the assistance of God. Assistance from God is received any time if you learn to fully devote all of your energy to this Divine goal. Learn to bow your ego in front of other children of God, bow yourself when praying to God and forget all titles you ever have achieved. We all are equal children of God, made to his Divine image. God is living inside every being on earth and beyond, learn to devote your love to God by loving all his creation as well and God above all.

This is one of the single most important chapter for the beginning years of your spiritual progress. Make sure you have a hard copy of it for your reference. You may need it for many years, before advancing to fulfill the "Divine rules of life on your way to God" and live the first and great commandment of Love in all and any situations of life, now and forever.

One day however you may realize, the only truly important rule

is the first and great commandment of Love.

These rules however may be very helpful

and necessary to realize the great commandment of Love

in your life and existence.

The first and great commandment of Love

is the only commandment ever coming from God.

God is Love

God is Love

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