God's creation in heaven is a world of love

Loving heart
Love pure like God's love = angel-human love!

God is Love - means there never is and never was any punishment of any kind at all. Ever! God however also has a duty to protect against damage. Hence the creation of multidimensional worlds - this world on earth, different lower spirit worlds for non-loving dead ones and finally God's heaven. God's world of love is our all true home - is a world of many bonus features.

Since there is no punishment, there is need to learn to love, because there is no option in heaven to cause pain or suffering of any kind to any other creature. Those who want to cause pain drop into world of that kind to be among similar ones. The only commandment God ever gave to all is to love all. To love all means to create joy for all. To love all also means to accept gifts of love from all.

To learn to love is an eternal life long procedure. We all can improve love even in Billions of years from now on. Mistakes happen when people are careless or over active or too separated from God or when people exceed their limits.

Mistakes are human - people on earth say. Mistakes only happen if you act. If you sleep all life long, you have no opportunity to make mistakes, but you also have no opportunity to make happy. Without action you also fail to learn to improve your love and to return home into God's heaven of love. To make happy, to love others, you need action of love. Action of love may lead to "mistakes" in loving. All such mistakes always and instantly can be dissolved either by:

Mistakes always need to be corrected as soon as becoming aware of any mistake. Mistakes always need to be corrected by the one - and only by the one - who committed that mistake. All mistake correction needs to be his / her alone effort. All mistake correction needs to be paid in full by the one causing mistake or pain or suffering to others. That is a simple law that provides feedback to all who act. That also assures that all learn to stay well within their own potential and limits to repair, to finance, to solve or heal in divine love whatever goes wrong.

God is Love
God gave you the power of God's love to make happy and to give love.
God gave you the potential to love all and return home to God's world of love.

God is Love

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God is Love

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