Why war?
What is the reason for war and root cause of war?

To understand all cruelty happening these years
you have to study the global or national history,
the past years, decades or centuries
of people, communities, nations or continents.

Realize that no one ever can escape his karma
no matter how long back its origins
only love can end the cycle of karma.

Hence instead of interfering by means of brute force
appeal for peace
appeal for mutual forgiveness and pardon
"inject" love into the troubles zone
and let the trouble makers find their own way to peace.

War never can be treated with means of weapons or another war.
Cruelties never can end by killing all.

Strictly avoid financing any weapons, war or armed forces
Strictly avoid supplying any logistics, weapons or ammunition
The less financial aid or logistical aid warriors receive,
the sooner they run out of resources and have to negotiate peace
as an alternate solution to their armed conflict.

If you limit rebuilding of a destroyed war country
then you force those warriors to work hard,
may be many years, decades or even one full lifetime.
Just to rebuild and finance what war may have destroyed in in hours, weeks or months.

If all war reconstruction has to be done by the warriors alone,
including all financing,
then next time before going to war against each other,
warriors may remember the decades of abstention from fun and hardship in life
their previous solution of war has created.

The cheapest solutions and most powerful solutions always are solutions of love!

The only reason why superpowers are supporting one or both or all sides of a war
or armed conflict is the financial profit resulting from war industry
and later reconstruction of a destroyed country
and the dependency from financing/rebuilding partner countries such war and post war eras bring to the countries at war.

War is a Trillion dollar business and ruthless politicians, industries and finance worlds make profits from any possibility offered, even profits by killing or destroying an entire culture or nation!

All war on earth ultimately always is a battle between a very few individual persons, politicians, kings, emperors or generals. The population as such is but the mass of women and men to produce soldiers.

God is Love

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