Why pray to God only
Why accept God in your life as your Guru ?

To accept God in your life is like to accept air in your lungs !

Without God - No life. Without air - No life !

On the application for the Kriya Yoga update there have been persons naming OTHER than God as their first Guru. such applications will remain open ! for example one has given MY name as the first Guru - another one my Gurudeva Lahiri Mahasaya, another person asked if I pray to Jesus when praying to God, other names also have been mentioned. I clearly have written in some chapters that God is the source of all sources, the creator of all creators, the final source of all love. There is only ONE God - my father ! Only those who truly can devote all their efforts in reaching God-union by becoming ONE with my father will truly be sure to achieve the very fastest

I explain you exactly WHY such practice can be VERY dangerous and detrimental to your spiritual progress !

specially in previous centuries and millennium there have been many Gurus reincarnating again and again. most of them never have reached God realization, but only very high spiritual progress and enlightenment. many of them have spent their time in between incarnations in higher causal spheres, other have reached nirbikalpa samadhi - hence self realization. however self realization and God realization are two totally different levels of spiritual achievements. self realization is achieved when a person has dissolved ALL physical, astral and causal karma and never NEEDS to reincarnate in a physical body again. he then is ONE in his soul and on the level of all atman - souls. the soul however is fat from the innermost divine core of any human being. however there is almost NO knowledge about anything above atman on this planet. only an avatar - a human being coming directly from God to this planet and achieving God-union again during present incarnation brings limited knowledge about God into his physical awareness and consciousness IF his physical body is purified and the vibration uplifted during many years of most intense spiritual practice.

lack of knowledge about God has led to the point that most spiritual people start to guess more or less about anything above astral or causal level of spiritual development. but anyone having achieved any such spiritual development has realized that THIS planet urgently needs spiritual support and help. hence without going back to God they - mahatma (great souls) - have decided often very prematurely to return to this planet to help mankind and serve as Guru.

even fully God realized souls have returned every once in a while !!

now please look exactly at above sentence. and I explain you with ONE simple example: the danger of accepting anyone else as your first Guru or goal of your prayers.

for example - Jesus - many hundreds of millions of people are praying to him or to mama Mary. however Jesus has reincarnated several times since the year 0 ! of course in different bodies and different cultures.

for EVERY soul reincarnating from God - such is called avatar - the rules are EXACTLY the very same as for YOU ! they are incarnating in the most difficult situations, to feel the deepest and darkest areas of this planet and learn to work and love from scratch - just as you. they always have to undergo exactly the very same learning process again and again. because they incarnate into spiritual darkness of this planet into a physical body just like YOU all.

many of the great saints that God seekers of all traditions are praying to have been here again and again ! why ? because they LOVE YOU and because they felt the extreme emergency this planet is undergoing spiritually since a very long time. humans on earth and many other spheres and planets are far away from God and many are getting more and more away. help to save all as efficient as possible was needed and little or no time available for private pleasure or to stay at home !

no if YOU are praying to such a mahatma during his early decades of a new reincarnation HERE on earth or anywhere else in God's creation - you may be praying to a saint who is struggling himself to re-achieve God realization in his present incarnation ! hence during this phase of spiritually re-learning and re-awakening their vibration is sometimes - specially during the very first decades when they have an average ego - just like yours !! but if you really understand the principle of samyama, then you should know that you attract and absorb the vibration of the object you are concentrating on !!

it now should be very clear to you why it can be a spiritual disaster for you to pray to anyone else than God. the one and only !

some of these mahatma may return to many astral, causal or atmic spheres for many thousands of years to come. or they may temporarily stay there to teach, heal, help or free souls from such spheres again and again !

God however always rests in the highest possible sphere and in absolute love and divine and fullest possible enlightenment and divine awareness !!

A L W A Y S !!

any avatar coming from God remains one with God in his innermost being even while being away from God - for example HERE on earth or anywhere else. however an essential amount of his overall life-force is focused on his present environment. hence his aura is of manifold layers. some of very high vibration but such a soul also has a causal body, astral body and a regular physical body. at least for the first few decades. then the overall vibration will more and more be uplifted and the physical body be used less and less and if - then only during the few minutes or hours actually needed for truly important spiritual teachings on a physical level !

when a God seeker is praying to God and asking God for help, for initiation to kriya yoga, to God yoga, or for spiritual guidance on a physical level, then God will select and guide the most efficient way that ONE divine soul being most suitable and nearest to the one God seeker asking for divine help or healing - either on a physical level OR on a spiritual level suitable for each individual God seeker depending on his personal individual achievement and daily spiritual "fitness" !

all creation is like a family business and God - will remain head of all creation from eternity to eternity ! he is guiding with utmost divine love and wisdom all God seekers and all Gurus or spiritual helpers - better than any mahatma ever could do.

if you study above topic again and again then you will better and better understand why God shall remain your eternal Guru and focus for ALL your prayers. only extreme ego would want to complete with God and would want to attract prayers in his own name.

while many persons may really and urgently NEED a personal Guru in a physical body, they also may first need to learn to ENTER a correct disciple - Guru relationship and truly understand that any true God oriented Guru - whether God realized or self realized, can be a very valuable "TOOL" and apostle of God HERE on this very planet. a valuable tool for ANY and every God seeker to speed up spiritual progress in the beginning years or decades of spiritual growth. however to have a Guru also requires MOST intense readiness to really and instantly progress and apply all given teachings in daily life on a day to day basis without any delay at all. however anyone and all also can reach God realization as easily just by using God as their only Guru without any physical Guru at all. this situation requires a FAR greater readiness to follow ALL spiritual teachings given to you HERE in the cyberspace ashram even more precisely - WORD by WORD, and exactly to the point. this however appears for most egos at this present time and phase of spiritual achievement of this planet too demanding for most God seekers. see the results for application for the update of kriya yoga technique further down ! many God seekers think that many teachings of the cyberspace ashram are for others and only part of the given teachings do apply or "resonate with their soul" or appeal to their soul.

this is WRONG - death wrong !! ALL teachings given do apply for absolutely all. ZERO exceptions !

during millennium some of the teachings need to be rewritten because the language is changing and adapting to the "spirit of time". the teaching of the cyberspace ashram is written for coming centuries. but all can easily be fully understood if you apply true and correct the principle of samyama to each teaching. as you master the technique of samyama you become ONE with all teachings of a particular chapter or sentence and become aware of the eternal and absolute content - including all content that is FAR beyond words ! words are but envelopes, their true SPIRITUAL CONTENT IS THE ONLY IMPORTANT ! that is the reason why spiritual teachings N E V E R are allowed to be translated by software, electronic means of ANY kind or computers !! only a human being can "read between lines" or practice intuitive perception !

you practice with the first chapters and kriya yoga and as you succeed as a direct result of regular daily spiritual work and practice - your ability to perceive by intuition re-awakens more and more - as a result of YOUR scientific purification of YOUR aura and your karma being dissolved more and more. then one day you can TALK to God and my father will teach you directly whenever needed or beneficial for you or whenever YOU ASK him !

how do and should you talk or communicate with God ? "sir" ??? NO way - you may call God sir millions of times and probably never receive anything at all. why ?

because your inner attitude is missing something very important ! postage !

you may send any thought, any request, any prayer to God and beg for whatever you imagine and may never receive anything at all. because you may have either totally failed to add postage to your mails sent to God or you may have added too little or the TOTALLY wrong postage.

"POSTAGE" for mailings to God ??

YES !!!!
any questions, prayers, requests of any kind - any communication of any kind MUST travel through YOUR very own aura - your very own ego and such aura is one meter or more. YOUR soul is more or less totally imprisoned within YOUR OWN aura.

to pass through YOUR AURA - you need to send it on a vibration of TRUE, sincere, sweet love !!! anything that you REQUIRE from God or sent in a vibration of stubbornness or pride NEVER can leave your aura and never reaches God in an efficient way to create a rerun answer or result.

L O V E is the postage you need to ADD to all you send to God. you need to re-learn to talk in a sweet and loving way. but how to relearn such ? very easy. most - almost all - parents can talk very gentle, very sweet and VERY LOVING to a very small baby during the very first weeks or months. EXACTLY that is the right way to talk to God. like if God is your very most intimate lover. pillow talk with God !! YES ! YOU NEED to create the very same inner attitude and vibration in your heart, soul AND also mind or voice when you talk to God as you may have had one day when you were really in love with your living partner/wife/husband !

stubbornness, insisting or demands based on ego, on pride or greed never can result in any feedback or divine result. hence most people going to church never really receive any conscious result or answer from God or their Guru. the maximum they sometimes receive is help in lucid dreams.

if however you do it the right way - like talking to your most divine LOVER - then you KNOW the answer instantly ! even complex answers to complex situations or problems.

when YOU pray directly to God in all situations, then God will either answer YOU DIRECTLY or indirectly through your personal physical Guru. but all MUST go to God FIRST, as he is the ONE infinite source of all love, bliss and healing needed to guide you. every Guru acting on a physical plane HERE on earth needs God's help. if YOU sent your questions to God then HE - your Guru may receive the answer and forward it to you - if you still need your Guru's assistance. the true intention of any true Guru always is to get YOU in direct contact with God and guide you the very most efficient and direct way to God union. then God will be your ONLY Guru while your previous physical or spiritual Guru that God might have sent you will remain a best friend for eternity !

God is Love

God is Love
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Loving heart

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