What is efficiency ?

Why do we need to be efficient ?

Efficiency is the result of true love for all creation
- inefficiency is caused by ego acting against all creation or against part thereof
- inefficiency is the result of selfishness.

Efficiency in all aspects of your life increases your joy of life and quality of life because efficiency ..

An increase of quality of life from practice high level of efficiency in your life results in

  1. increase of joy and love in your life as all a.m. reduced wasted energy and resources now are truly and directly focused on achieving your real goals in life. Joy of life is the greatest value in life and the result of experiencing a steady and powerful stream of true love resulting in a steady condition of happiness - everlasting bliss - in your life.
  2. by having more resources available as a result of reduced waste, you achieve your goals faster, easier, more lovingly and have more time free to enjoy your true values of life.
  3. reduced expenses in life - as waste causes expenses without returning any value of life, hence waste causes the need for more work, more savings more efforts just to pay for your waste without any return on invested efforts or invested resources - NO ROI means plain. pure waste - empty of any value.
  4. reduced problems in life - as problems and mistakes are the sole result of inefficient work and living in a careless selfish way.

Inefficiency is a waste of life and resources

Definition of efficiency

The benefits of efficiency are manifold in all parts of your life. Learn to understand and practice efficiency in all your life - Job, family and spiritual life as well.

Recently I have been asked by one of the God seekers "what is efficiency ?"
in spiritual applications as well as in technical application it basically is the very same and can be defined as follows:
spiritual efficiency is when all the following requirements are met
- output equal or nearly equal than input
- a high degree of perfection, high quality and reliability is achieved
- a constant high performance can be maintained - i.e. a constant HIGH throughput is achieved
- the highest possible percentage of energy / input is converted in the highest spiritual progress possible
- the highest possible percentage of all your activities and output is focused toward achieving God realization and freedom in God

like with everything else - spiritual efficiency is achieved if you are

Efficiency is achieved by focusing on your true goals in life and to nourish the true values of life

What are your goals in life ? What are the values of your life ? Find out and focus your efforts toward your goals and values of life to be efficient in all you do !

This spiritual efficiency is learned first again in a purely physical environment. by WORKING in a qualified profession. Highest possible quality and highest possible reliability, continuous high performance for many long hours whenever and as much as needed by others ! 5, 6 or seven days a week for years or decades. In young age at school, during recreation, then during study, later on in your practical, creative or productive job ! thousands of job opportunities of different kind offer you an ideal opportunity to spiritually grow and learn or apply whatever is needed for YOUR SPIRITUAL SUCCESS !!

Love and Bliss


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