Water - Spiritual meaning of water

YOUR relationship to WATER is directly proportional to your relationship to DIVINE LOVE

if you feel at ease IN the water, around water, on the water and UNDER water,
if you can instantly fully relax in the water and let the water carry you

- then you can easily FALL in love.

if you LOVE ...

then you love to love.

if you love DEEP water, feel attracted by DEEP water and enjoy swimming in DEEP water, can FULLY relax in DEEP water,

then you love DEEP LOVE

if you feel at ease in stormy water, swimming or diving in strong currents and stormy sea then you are STRONG in your love and can easily enjoy even stormy or wild love !

your relationship to all underwater life - all marine life - represents your love and acceptance of all variations and games of LOVE - the entire world of love ! if you are in peace with all marine life - then you are in peace with the world of love ...

if however your relationship to water is of mixed nature or disturbed or limited ..

if you are panicky or anxious in water or near water or fear deeper water,

then you have a very serious problem with divine LOVE ! and a true need to learn to relax and enjoy being IN WATER ... because ..

when you meet God you have to FALL IN LOVE or you fail to experience oneness with God and ultimate absolute healing when you meet your one and only - you have to be able to instantly fall in HIS DIVINE LOVE

or you may miss him for another incarnation or until you have learned to FALL IN LOVE with God and be ONE with God!

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