Vector forces in eternal human life

A physical human being is usually enslaved by its karma, fears and attachments or rejections. Some of above mentioned factors act like blockages slowing the free flow of your evolution, while others are simply acting as vector forces pulling you away from spiritual goals. The art of spiritual development is to clearly understand how different

Act as vector forces in different directions up to the point where the sum of all your life force is acting in opposite directions and eventually neutralizing each other to the extent of physical death.

Let's start with an example to better understand vector forces in human / spiritual life.

ONE family with mother, father, 14 year old son and 7 year old daughter - 4 persons with different age and strength - are in ONE car driving to a remote location in South America deep in the jungle area. some mud and leaves on the wet road make the vehicle slip off track some 30 meters away from the paved road and after a few out of control turns, the car stops ... and a first evaluation of the situation shows:

Each of the 4 persons alone is to weak to get the car moving into safety and back on the road again.. hence each of the 4 persons alone is too weak to survive and make it back to safety. only the joint forces of all 4 applied in the proper direction may lead all 4 to safety and guarantees success.

however the situation is complex and ...

All act in different directions - or not at all - until total exhaustion of individual life-forces. hundreds of kilometers away from help, shelter, drinking water or food - out in the wilderness and dangers of jungle and mountains.

As they recover from exhaustion - the battle among them goes on - again and again until ultimate exhaustion and death.

The essence of above example

ONE person has ONE total amount of life-force at his disposition. during a given incarnation. most of the time each individual person has different goals in life - many or sometimes all of them sometimes act in opposite directions.

That above ONE family situation represents a strongly simplified ONE person situation in real life.

in a person's real physical life - these 4 above forces could be:

  1. career
  2. family / love life / partnership
  3. recreation / sport
  4. carelessness about others or rejection of part of creation

Now let's have a closer look how some of these forces may be counteracting each others and the spiritual progress in general.

If you desire to succeed in your job and make a financial career out of your present job, then this may counteract your family life - because

But in addition to the career you may strive for recognition and success in sports or recreation - any field like SCUBA diving, tennis, golf, bowling, skiing, athletics, dancing, football, ... and again

as you easily see - such recreational activities may easily keep you again away from partner or family and at the same time create a greater need for money - thus increasing the need to work more hours to obtain more salary OR to accept a better paid job with less spiritual potential or detrimental to human society - just for the purpose of making higher profits and better income. hence you may put yourself into a situation where you are going to "sell" for money ALL your spiritual and moral values - just to profit from others and pay what you want to achieve in life.

and finally you may want to find a partner and when selecting a partner you may have no priorities for love but career only ... or a partner for your selected sport or recreation - with all true and spiritual harmony missing between you two ...

most relationship have little true values in common and hence we experience a high percentage of divorce where divorce is possible or we encounter a high percentage of partners living side by side with no mutual interests - only a legal obligation to STAY together where divorce is illegal.

You can create your priorities and adjust all your life to true eternal needs

The above certainly is what presently most people experience on earth. yet - of course YOU and ONLY YOU have day after day the opportunity to instantly change all such situations. if your life is in a dead end road - separate bed rooms, meeting only every few days, being happy when away from home - then all your ego created factors have accumulated in the wrong directions. YOUR vectors of your life, of your karma and goals point in a wrong direction - opposing the true need of your innermost divine being.

Instead of wasting all your life force and valuable resources as described in above and very common human scenario - you could also select a job in favor of human needs combined with spiritual needs of human society on earth. select a field of activity you can do together with your partner or entire family.

A few examples are:

recreation can be selected to be enjoyed together with all family and all recreation / sport should to add to job or supplement job rather that to reduce energy available for job.

Recreational activities should be selected in a way to provide balance to one sided jobs. a few examples are:

When you select a job - you have the free choice of millions of jobs - and you can create your very own individual job - if you invest all your efforts and creative potential - to do day and night in full harmony WITH God and with ALL creation and having fun. you can do with all your loved ones what you all love to do, find out the true potential of yourself and help your loved ones to find THEIR full and true divine potential and then JOIN all forces to create a joint venture family business where all vector forces of all individual family members and friends act in ONE spiritual direction and act in full harmony with God - in LOVE with ALL !

Joint ventures WITH all your family will unite you even more and give you all the unique and priceless opportunity to gain experiences together, while loving each other and loving ALL others AND God at the same time. joint ventures and adventures will strengthen your family bonds for eternity and form a strong basis for eternal happiness all together.

There is ample time for fun while working and when you have found your true spiritual potential in harmony with God - you will find so much true divine joy while working that you never may separate work and fun and family again - as all is experienced together - ONE being - ONE eternal life. job, family and recreation all become ONE life - ONE unite. and you may never again experience any time on duty or off duty.

A final and major factor acting in most humans is carelessness. carelessness is an active force - as it allows you to do just anything YOUR ego loves to do - carelessness turns into one of the most dangerous vector forces. carelessness about anyone else but you or a few selected ones may turn you into a karma machine creating in a few days more karma than you ever can or could dissolve again in years or incarnations.

The carelessness about ALL causes people to destroy this planet, all nature and environment more and more. carelessness simply means that ALL your life force is directed in purely selfish directions without regard of ALL or GOD at all. just for your very personal pleasure and short time fun or profit.

Carelessness may result in all your efforts being directed against you and against all creation - you remember that all you do against anyone else always turns back onto you one day. hence whatever you do in a condition of carelessness may make your own future harder and prolong the work to be done before you can achieve freedom in God.

Vector forces act in all human beings like in physics and can be qualified and quantified the very same way as you can with physically acting forces. i the many chapters and spiritual newsletters you have got all the tools to control and re-direct where needed all your own acting forces. make sure all your forces point toward loving results in harmony with God and for the benefit of ALL.

Find out about the strength and direction of your vector-forces of your life by completing again the worksheets of a previous chapter about your goals in your life !

God is Love

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