True and final Kriya Pranayama

At this point of your spiritual path you may seriously consider going on an extended retreat to prepare you even further for your final step on your path to God. Your prana breathing is becoming continuously more efficient during the course of the many years and the thousands of hours of practicing all aspects of Kriya Yoga including many thousands of hours of pure and perfect Kriya Pranayama.

A spiritual retreat in a suitable situation is best for you at this time. May be just YOU and GOD or at least in a really spiritual ashram.
Now the time starts where your air breathing may reduce to a point during a single Kriya yoga session that air breathing completely stops and all cells of your physical body are supplied by Divine prana from God. This is leading a complete cease of any breathing action and may lead soon to a total stop of your heart beat. With Godunion - with God as your absolute only goal and with the absolute readiness to dissolve absolutely anything and everything in Divine Love, you may feel God being closer and closer. Your desire to become one with the infinite source of Love - the creator of all creators - is all that you have in mind.

You need an environment of true spirituality to perform this for the first time. Our western "civilization" is far from being able to handle such God-seeking souls properly. To be a Saint or to become a Saint is too strange for many cultures, Christian cultures, Islamic cultures and some others. Hence you may by now find little or no support from outside - unless you have been looking in time for a truly spiritual monastery or ashram. YES there are truly spiritual monasteries - but you may need to find them in time. It is much easier to find truly spiritual Ashrams in India or anywhere else - to spend some of the coming months or even years.

By now - on your spiritual path of Love and practicing Kriya Yoga to this point of being shortly before Prana-breathing while practicing Kriya Pranayama a silent spiritual environment of true spiritual understanding is of utmost importance and benefit to you. the only alternate solution is to be just on your own - with GOD as your only host and guest.

As an immediate result of advanced true Kriya Pranayama resulting in cessation of your physical breathing, your heart may slow more and more and finally will stop to beat. during these moments from your last breath until your last beat of your heart the amount of prana flowing through you is increasing more and more and you start to truly awake. your awareness is increasing and -
the amount of Love flowing through you is beyond any description. Joy will fill all parts of your being, consciousness and you are absolutely sure that you now are soon going to God. time is dissolve and the only thing in mind is Love and God. Once you have reached a point of breathlessness and heart-arrest you soon start to be fully one with your soul - all in your kutashta. At this time of course all physical or astral perception has ceased and has been withdrawn into you soul - the result is Christ-consciousness or also sometimes called self-realization.

Now your journey to God starts to begin ! It is far beyond of what you have reached by now - and yet it might be seconds or minutes away from the present point after reaching full oneness with your soul. There is all to be dissolved from thousands of years and from anything left from the present incarnation - but God is Love and God may dissolve anything in this Divine Love he has for you - if you ask for grace and mercy, if you ask for Love - for all mankind and for yourself.

Remember to use the mantram "God is Love" whenever needed.

By the time you reach this final steps and start to experience your first Nirbikalpa Samadhi - you may have practiced approximately 20'000 to 30'000 hours of Kriya Pranayama and the final 2 - 3 months before reaching your first Nirbikalpa Samadhi you may have practiced Kriya Pranayama approximately 12 to 18 hours each day with almost no sleep at all. God never sleeps - so will you at this time. While your body may rest during a few hours - your spirit - your awareness and consciousness may remain 21 - 24 hours a day fully awake - out of body - during meditation.

Kriya Pranayama is automatically leading into a deep Meditation. It is switching off all senses from your physical body by withdrawing all energy from the sense organs of this body. Continuing your Kriya Pranayama within the same session of Kriya Yoga all life-force then is withdrawn from your entire physical body into your astral body and while continuing Kriya Pranayama all life-force is further withdrawn from your astral body into your causal body - then from the causal body into your soul (atmic body) - until Nirbikalpa Samadhi is reached. This all is a continuous process. As you are focusing on God only you may never become truly aware of it until it is accomplished - because God is all you have in mind and with God as the only content of your mind you are attracted from the infinite and omnipotent magnetic power of Divine Love - from God. God's Divine Love is going to uplift you all the way - If Love and God is all you have in mind.

From Nirbikalpa Samadhi the mantram "God is Love" will uplift you into Maha Samadhi - just focus on God is Love and God's guidance shall free you all the way!

All sincere kriya yogi should ask God repeatedly - may be every few months or so - to do kriya pranayama for you a few times. Then monitor God's kriya pranayama and repeat on your own as shown by God to you.

God is your Guru

Please pray regularly to God:
"Dear God, please guide me in my Kriya Yoga"
Then be quiet for a while and watch for God's guidance - God can do Kriya Pranayama or other exercises inside you for you to monitor and learn!!

God is Love

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