Later may be too late

from the absolute point of view, there is never such thing like too late, as there is no real thing like time. Mankind on earth and beyond try to measure time. However how can you measure the infinite. Mankind - as a divine and conscious soul, a being of light - is living eternally, hence you certainly have any time you want to accomplish whatever your desire is and fulfill any wishes you ever may have. From the relative point of view however, there is such a too late for many of us on earth. Let me explain you why.

Mankind on earth is suffering from starvation, from illnesses, from pain, separation, lack of love and tenderness, fear, problems and more. Hence for many if not most of the present population, life on earth is little or no pleasure at all. Mainly because there is a continuous lack of love within human relationship between most of us. People need decades to get free of their school influence and parents home, to start being "mature" and start earning their own life - and start learning about life. Once they have started to really learn, most of us are in an age when they already start to think about death, losing their body and they start to fear the loss of life, loss of property, loss of their friends, family members and so on.

Some day most of us realize, that there is something to learn beyond intellectual knowledge and industrial progress, by the time we acknowledge that we may have done wrong to others, caused pain to others and that we have eventually accumulated a huge amount of karma and may need a substantial change within ourselves, in our attitude toward others, toward the entire creation and ourselves as well. By that time we start realize that we may need to do some very intense healing to all those who have suffered a more or less serious damage when having experienced an encounter with our ego - however by that time, it may already be too late to do whatever is necessary to heal, to repair and to learn - at least in the present incarnation. Attain freedom of any karma, freedom of any attachment, freedom and peace within and in our outside life is a serious and intense job, taking ten thousands of hours of conscious life, of conscious efforts, self-control, changes, experimenting, learning, applying all we have learned and practicing to get used to a real divine behavior.

How many ten thousand hours did you waste at school learning what you have learned dozen times before - the abc, math, geography, history, foreign languages, ... but how much survives from all that. How many ten thousand hours are we spending playing tennis, football, watching TV, doing nothing or just day dreaming ?? If you have no precise idea, I recommend you warmly to take a calculator and find out how many days or years for example 50000 hours are. This is a reasonable time you may need for spiritual progress if you live consciously and keep going steadily on your spiritual path - without postponing to "later" what needs to be done today, NOW. whatever you do NOW - immediately - is done. You may then get NOW the feedback on any necessary improvement, or you may get NOW the improved situation in your life that you always have dreamed of. If you continue to do immediately - NOW - what needs to be done, it finally will become a powerful habit facilitating your entire life as well as your spiritual progress. And it will become a driving inspiring force for all others surrounding you or near you in your heart.

Many or most of us know exactly what needs to be done, what needs to be changed or learned. And still we keep postponing more often than good for us all these important steps that could keep our soul growing and improve our spiritual awareness to create a continuously increasing enlightenment of our consciousness until we have achieved God-realization and are fully merged with the divine consciousness of God.

Often the life of an average person on earth consists of many tormenting situations with emotional stress and pain. But many of us encounter repeated situations in our life, when we meet someone who can help us to change our life, like

  1. a spiritual person, having managed to substantially improve his / her life and ready to give wise advise for our benefit
  2. someone bringing you in touch with a teacher, guru, saint able to help you
  3. someone who knows about a saint, guru, teacher who could help us
  4. someone who knows a book, magazine, newspaper article that could be of help to us
  5. some one who knows of a person, that knows someone else .......
  6. we may receive from a friend the URL of an interesting web site or may hear about one from others talking about their experiences
  7. we may hear "incidentally" from others the name, address or any helpful information that may help us out of a present situation we always wanted to change

God and Billions of "guardian angels" guide us continuously

... but we keep saying "later".

God however guides us continuously and so do all the million of guardian angels, divine souls beyond the physical plane and our "past away" Gurus and spiritual teachers who keep helping us, guiding us, bringing us together with all those persons who could help us - if we would recognize that divine potential of help, of growth and spiritual progress that lies within every possible encounter we have. Any encounter, any person, any situation we get into, has the sole purpose of allowing us to grow, to learn to love, to get in peace with our previous enemies, to find solutions to our self-made problems, to help us getting out of any attachment that may have paralyzed us for even decades or many incarnations.

We receive information by the dozen every month. Information capable of uplifting us out of situations of stress, pain, fear, .... many times we say "I would really like to .... or I should do .... or I would like to .... but I have no time now. How wrong we are is explained in the first part of this chapters - we get all the time that is necessary to learn and accomplish. We have eternity to learn what needs to be learned. Paramhansa Yoganandaji once said that mankind needs about 2 million years to learn and achieve self-realization during the course of normal incarnations. This is certainly a valid time frame for most of us, but there are souls that need much more that 2 million years because they postpone to later what needs to be done NOW. On the other side, the intense development of the divine potential of Love combined with the sacred technique of Kriya Yoga puts us in a situation where we could even accomplish freedom from the cycle of reincarnation NOW - in this present incarnation. Provided we fulfill every day all the spiritual tasks, we learn all the spiritual lesson and realize all the necessary changes that needs to be done as well as we need to learn to provide ourselves to all others all the help they need NOW and could receive from us NOW - today - immediately - these seconds !!

Someone needing our help NOW may commit suicide in a few minutes or hours. To us another person's problem may appear null, but to him it may appear destructive, huge, dangerous. Every suicide that happens on earth is a proof of either there was at least one person having had no time NOW to help him immediately, that there was a person that may have told "yes I have time but later, now I need to go / do first ..... " or that this person omitted to accept Divine help from others offered in time to solve his problems, assist him and love him. Learn to provide all help needed immediately and learn to accept all help that you need and is offered to you. Learn to feel, to sense by your Divine intuition when there is a person in danger, in need of help on your way of life. It is of absolutely no importance whether you know that person or encounter the person the first time in this incarnation. It may be one of your previous incarnation's friend, children, partner - but at least it is a divine child of God, as much as you. A member of the same Divine family, because we are but ONE family in God's creation.

NOW is the best time to strive and reach for God union

If you become aware or are being told by your guru that there is a change in your life that would increase your spiritual success - then do it NOW. Because there is more than one change, more than one basic step of learning to be accomplished on your way to God. You never know how many hours of Kriya Pranayama, how many hours of meditation, of loving, healing or helping others are needed to dissolve all karma and reach God realization, to reach full God-Union - until you really have achieved that divine goal. Many hope to get all the necessary time to do all this when retired from their present job, with 60 to 65 years. However by that time their physical body may have started to decay, to die or to cause so much discomfort and pain, that we may have a hard time to focus on anything else but our illnesses and our fear of the karma we have caused. By that time, it most probably is too late to successfully accomplish all the necessary efforts for spiritual growth and achieving freedom by the end of the present incarnation and we may have already secured a "free ticket" for another incarnation in a similar or equal or even worst situation than the one we have NOW. dissolving our karma, progressing on our spiritual path needs all the power of our young, healthy body. It needs time, continuous flow of powerful efforts to accomplish what needs to be done and it needs a powerful love to do all the healing necessary - in others as well as in ourselves. A burnt out physical body and health may be too weak to do the single most important job in life - to reach freedom of the cycle of reincarnation - to reach God union.

To reach a goal - you need to focus on that goal and work toward achieving your divine goal in life

In order to reach that divine goal our soul is striving for, we need to change ourselves a lot - because it is our behavior, our egoism, our selfishness, our fear, attachment, greed, our inactivity, our laziness, our "later", our spiritual ignorance, .... that keeps us caught in the cycle of reincarnation - away from God - separated from the divine source of all Love.

By the time we finally and eventually agree to do what we wanted to do since days, weeks, months, years, decades, we may look for that precious source of information that we have received some time ago and we may regrettably find out, the source of helping information is gone, the person has died, or moved to another unknown address, the new apartment is occupied, the job opening has been taken by another person, the last seat on a flight has been sold, the web site is down, the book sold out, ..... some of this help is available for a single time, for a single hour or even 1 minute or even only for a few seconds. It is a one time chance for us. If we miss that chance the helper keeps going on to others ready to accept help, to other places or just starts doing something different.

Some of the chances in life are once in a life time chances !

Once you have missed such a chance, you may have to wait for weeks, months, years, decades or even a "later" incarnation. That means it now may be too late to accomplish NOW in this incarnation what needs to be done anyway. Commit any changes you need NOW, learn and realize any lessons that you have been taught NOW - why should anyone teach you a second lesson if you haven't started or finished your first one yet ?

We all spend lots of time to work, many of us spend easily huge amounts for pleasure and recreation, for food, clothing, jewels, cars, motorcycles, TVs, vacation. We also should learn to even more readily spend money for our spiritual progress by paying the ticket necessary to travel to our guru, a helper, a friend or person in need of our help, to buy a book, to participate in spiritual workshops offered or just do whatever is necessary to accomplish the spiritual progress that is necessary. One day we may spend or lose all we ever had anyway in exchange for that Divine home we are searching for and will be found beyond physical existence.

All suffering and pain needs to stop NOW instead of later

If you do all your progress later - then all the suffering and pain also will end later - but WHY later if it can be ended NOW ?

God is patient because he is Love and Love never even needs real patience. Saints and Gurus are Love as well because they are one with God, hence they leave you all the time YOU decide to take for the short path to God-realization. Merging with an ocean of divine Love - merging with God is just a step away from you - just outside your aura that YOU have created during YOUR present and past incarnations. And still all the Saints and Gurus realize that you are suffering from your relative point of God-separated view and God-separated physical consciousness on earth - caught in a cloud of spiritual ignorance and karma, caused by yourself or caused by the absence of active action (on purpose I use here a double expression !!).

Your spiritual progress starts NOW when you start doing things NOW !!!

By the time you stop saying "later" and do NOW what needs to be done anyway, you'll realize how fast you can progress on your spiritual path. All it needs is the full, clear and conscious decision to learn NOW all you ever possibly could learn. To make this incarnation your very last one - at least the last one you have to do. You may come back on your own and free decision to teach and help others, but there is no absolute must to do so. You are free to do it if you love to in your divine future.

Make clear and positive decisions and realize your decisions NOW

Make up your mind, make clear and positive decisions, realize your decisions NOW, be willing to review any decision and change it, if it seems wise, helpful or necessary to change a once set up decision. But keep moving, be active, be responsible for all your life, all your present, past and future situations, open your mind, heart and soul, learn to accept any help offered to you by God in any way. Learn to help all others any time you may be a divine helper for anyone God sends you. Recognize all people as children of God, here on earth to learn to help, to love each other and achieve freedom in God as soon as possible.

Since God is Love - the path to God is Love as well. From any situation, from any dead-end road of life, there is always a straight way out to God - a way of Love. From all the possible solutions, God is offering the very best one all the time. However, if you miss to accept any help extended to you from God, from helping Saints and other children of God around you, then you may find your very own karma guiding you toward God - but in a different way. God is Love - Karma however most of the time is pain, suffering, stress. Accept the solutions of Love in all your life - it's more fun, more enjoyable and more efficient. Because Love is healing. Love can but heal. Your karma however causes pain, injury, suffering that needs additional healing love.

Now you have the path of love - later you may be on your path of karma

Love is the path you have NOW ahead of you - later may be a different path. Later may be too late for this incarnation to complete all necessary steps on your way to God, later may be in any future incarnation. If you keep saying "later" it may become a habit like many others. It may take a while and considerable efforts to dissolve it. the habit of being a "later" - sayer may be a paralyzing habit, keeping you away from the source of Love, from eternal Bliss and Joy of life.

Make up your mind - set priorities in your life - write them down and place the paper some place where you see it every day to remind you of your own decisions and goals in life. And follow all the directions, steps, changes necessary to accomplish your goal, to fulfill your priorities NOW. Now is the right time, tomorrow may be too late - at least for this present incarnation !

Every encounter with any person and every information brought to your attention

may have a valuable spiritual MESSAGE FOR YOU and for your benefit

Divine Bliss and Love from God will assist you on your path

- when ever you say YES to your path and keep moving

when ever you accept divine help being offered

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God is Love

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