The Passion of Jesus Christ

The Passion of Jesus Christ was an act of love of Jesus Christ in love with his God father and in love with all mankind. However - whatever you do in love never is Passion in the sense of pain or suffering according the the used word - whatever is done in love never causes true suffering but relief and happiness. When knowing that you do God's work and fulfill God's plan in full faith to God always is filled with God's love in return to your true and full love and faith to fall in love with God.

The Passion

The Passion of Jesus Christ - the proof of love by Jesus Christ for God and all mankind
  	Definition of Passion: ( by )
	"The sufferings of Christ between the night of the Last Supper and his death."

Any act of love, done with love and done for the sole reason of love to all mankind and love to his divine father. Such an act of salvation to remove and dissolve karma of all mankind never causes true pain as such act as the crucifixion with God in mind and love in the heart is surrendered to God and God absorbs all possible pain and suffering.

The Passion of Jesus Christ - the proof of love by Jesus Christ for God and all mankind

Such Passion - as the Passion of Jesus Christ - has been lived and proven in love for God by millions

Similar Passion in love for God has been proven by millions who have been killed directly or indirectly during the area of Inquisition in middle age by the church of that time. Such Passion often in deepest love for God and Jesus Christ often resulted I being sentenced to death with a mystic smile in love with God during the final minutes of "death" - while those having forgotten to focus on God often went through deep pain until relieved by death.

Holy week in the Philippines - a revival of the Passion by Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

The Passion of Jesus Christ - the proof of love by Jesus Christ for God and all mankind

The Passion of Jesus Christ is remembered and revived here in the Philippines in a city on Luzon island - there is a group of people in deep love for Jesus undergoing crucification alive each year on Good Friday for some time. Even nuns participate in this ritual - some many time again each year. In love for God - in deepest love for "Papa Jesus" as Jesus is dearly and lovingly called by the people of the Philippines. For the simple reason that they all belief to have to undergo the same procedure as their spiritual father and shepherd Jesus to free themselves from "sin" - all has been done a long time ago and all that needs to be done by mortal humans on earth is to love - nothing but to love in all situations of life !

Passion pain and suffering never heal
- but God's Love will heal

The Crucifixion of Jesus served a divine purpose - now it's time to love, nothing but to love - ALL

The Passion of Jesus Christ - the proof of love by Jesus Christ for God and all mankind

Whatever you ever have done in eternal life - the time of Passion, self inflicted pain and suffering is over.

Only love can heal - only true love can protect you in all situations of eternal life - love has the power to protect you from any pain, from any kind of suffering, emotional, physical or spiritual. God is th almighty source of all love - to and for God you have to focus all your mind and heart and if in deep regret of your past and full readiness to love and learn to love - you ask for forgiveness - all shall and will be forgiven - just for love - your love - by the omnipotent power of God's divine love.

Love One Another

Love all

Prove your love for God - prove your love for Jesus - by loving all, your family, your children, your parents, your partner, your neighbors and all your enemies! love is all you ever need to do in all your eternal life. Stop causing self inflicted pain - stop causing suffering to yourself for whatever reason and start to truly and divinely love all mankind, all creation and God above all !!!

The first step for loving all is forgiving all ! Forgiving debts and "sins" of any kind to create freedom in all hearts, souls and mind to love all again and eternally.

Teachings of Love from God Teachings of Love from God

with infinite Love and Bliss


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