do human need sun
spiritual meaning of the sun

Your relationship to the SUN is a direct and true reflection of your true relationship to God !

if you

Then you have an open love-relationship with God - and can easily and fully adapt and absorb to his LOVE for YOU and can also easily adapt to LOVE and act with love like God.

if however you

then your relationship to God is extremely ill ! and need a careful review and CORRECTION and most of the time a full understanding of the absolute fact and truth

"God is Love - the sun is a manifestation of God's love"

instead of "fighting" sun by using greater and greater sun blocks, sun umbrella, sun caps, sun "protection" of any kind or escaping bright sunlight hours

- all humans need to get used to FULLY ABSORB all sun light and all related energies rather than rejecting, reflecting, blocking sunlight away from body and soul !!!

plants and animals have adapted to higher temperature during the course of past centuries and millennium - human are EASILY capable to do the very same

- to ADAPT to HIGHER vibration resulting from more sunlight resulting from more spiritual evolution of humans and entire planet and hence the need to get all uplifted by ANY means and with any help - from inside AND outside !

those rejecting God - and love - most of the time reject LIGHT and the SUN and if exposed to sun become either ill or tired. while those open for God can "refuel" their life force and enhance their own vitality - including sexual vitality by ABSORBING sun light and all related energies FROM the sun.

"if YOU are hungry for sunlight - for the sun in general - then YOU are hungry and READY for God !!!

God is Love

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God is Love

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