Strength - Meaning and purpose

Strength is important - Learn why you need strength to be happy and free!

Meaning of strength - definition of strength

Definition of strength:

Strength is the ability to achieve any goal in your life in a loving, honest, truthful, efficient and direct way.

Strength has many aspects and consists of

To achieve your goals in a loving, honest, truthful way, you need to know about divine sources of energy needed to achieve your goals and how to use such divine energy - hence knowledge and mastery of pranayama. Before learning different pranayamas you need to learn to love - hence Kriya Pranayama needs to be practiced an extended period or time efficiently until divine love has been developed and proven. This is done by achieving ONENESS with God - God Realization.

Strength requires motivation - and will power. Motivation has its source in your knowledge of usefulness and worthiness of your goal to be achieved. To find powerful lasting motivation to achieve a goal is missing as long as you are lacking clarity about worthiness of your goals to be achieved. Potential goals that lack true spiritual value are far harder or even impossible to achieve than goals of lasting divine value beyond this incarnation. If to learn to love or to expand your potential of love is your absolutely ONLY purpose to do a particular work or job, then it is easy to connect to the sources of energy and divine bliss needed to acquire your strength needed to succeed.

Selfish goals however are difficult to achieve and the price for selfish goals usually is your life. Selfish people die - selfless people pass consciously through the door of death without dying.

Will power is the result of knowing about God and worthiness of your goal as well as the benefits of your goals for all creation. Will power is the determination to do and to give absolutely all to achieve your goal. Will power to achieve a goal requires a honest and sincere decision to achieve that ONE goal in mind.

For example:

Some people KNOW that they have to physically grow strong to feel free in life and to achieve any kind of goals - hence they have the determination to "kick ass" - their OWN - to reduce weakness and ego to flat zero to strengthen their body, mind and will power and to make their physical body and spiritual body a powerful willing *tool* to achieve worthy goals. Willpower is the result of a clear view of your goal's worthiness to be achieved combined with the readiness to invest all needed efforts until that one goal IS achieved.

Why is absolute strength needed
Why do we need to be strong for our eternal life in God ??

Look at the clear sky at night time - look at all stars ... THAT is but a tiny part of God's creation ...

God made us to his image - God gave us freedom - eternal freedom, but first of all we have to grow UP and BE adult children of God !

Then as adult children of God we have ALL creation to be and or move around - simply by the power of love ... Now look again at the clear sky at night time and think about some of the following questions:

  1. How far is all that ?
  2. What is there ?
  3. Can you cope with ALL that ??
  4. Can you SOLVE all those Billions to the power of billions of situations you may encounter during eternal life ??
  5. Can you manage to *move* from one point to another simply using the power of love ??

Now look back at this tiny little planet - our *school-house* for a little while. How far can YOU GO - walking ? Can you support yourself across several continents, through dozens of countries simply using YOUR skills, expertise, knowledge ?? In how many countries, wars, oceans, mountains, rivers, cities have you BEEN during THIS current incarnation ? Could you solve all your present problems and get along with all different nations, cultures, religions, fanatics of any kind, natural powers and disasters, storms and hurricanes, landslides and avalanches, waves and currents, twisters and human fighters, ... ?

Then think about your present human strength you currently have on this tiny planet and the strength needed to live, work and love across THIS one tiny planet from east to west, from north to south at least through SOME of the most difficult countries, cultures, people and mentalities.

Now look a LONG time up into the night sky and think about how strong you need to be to be FREE eternally and always remain healthy, happy, loving and well oriented - having your home and roots all the time IN God.

Now you KNOW a little at least WHY being strong is NEEDED for all girls AND all men alike and why acquiring divine strength may be life long main job to do to acquire strength in

  1. honesty
  2. loyalty
  3. sincerity
  4. love
  5. expertise, knowledge and skills in useful work to *travel* across this planet
  6. *survival techniques* based entirely on love
  7. communication skills based entirely on love
  8. commit yourself to a goal until you have achieved that goal
  9. making clear decisions and clear priorities in life

Strong is the one who can be any time anywhere and always keeps loving in all situations, solving all with love, surviving all hazardous situations through the power of love only and *existing* from the fruits and results of his work of love.

Before you can travel to some place you need to have something to offer to the people of that place - your destination. When you are packed with values for that destination - then you are welcome there ... on the basis of love rather then on the basis of money.

If you are too weak to travel while working through a number of continents on THIS planet - then you are too weak to e FREE in all creation and even while loving - may still need limits to protect you from getting lost or getting in troubles. To be FREE requires absolute strength in love above all - but physically in mentally as well.

ALL learning - learning to love, learning to work, learning to be honest, learning to be strong ... always starts on a purely physical level - here and now on earth.

The one who can face devil with love can also face eternity and infinity with love

Enjoy growing stronger and stronger in all aspects - because to BE strong is FUN - to be strong gives you absolute freedom in God- to be free always has been fun for all !!!

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