Step by Step

Step by step to success - spiritually as well as in life or business - the rules and principles are the same !

Scientific methods are used to achieve success in business - scientific methods are applied to achieve success on your spiritual path as well. Scientific means by definition of this article and this web page - a method that leads always to the same results for any number of persons following exactly all the steps the right way using the exact right method. Kriya Yoga is such a clearly defined scientific method to achieve freedom in God - or sometimes called God-union or God-realization.

If you want to know why you are progressing slower than you expected or even missing any measurable spiritual progress, then it might be the right time to print this spiritual newsletter out and use it as a working paper for the next months or years.

For missing or too slow spiritual progress usually one or several factors are in common. You may check yourself and find out whether you are doing all and all the best as you can, or whether you skip yourself some important steps on your spiritual path.

Spiritual success depends on the very same factors as success in business of sport. It is reigned by absolute laws that are known and have been known from eternity to eternity. You need a goal, you need a detailed and exact plan, you need to fully understand that plan to be fully motivated, you need a real motivation resulting from true and full understanding why you are doing what you are doing and you need to follow that's plan step by step !

Set clear priorities in your life

  1. set up some clear and precise priorities in your life !
  2. If you want to reach God-union anytime in the near or far future, then this should be the only and first priority. Everyday all your life until you reached freedom in God.
  3. If however you have any other priority in your life - hence that's exactly where you path is leading. It never is possible to reach two different destinations at the same time. If however you have spirituality in mind and at the same time career, your two goals may "tear you apart" - hence emotional and mental stress is the result. Make a choice. Give yourself a clear and positive answer and write this answer somewhere down. Like on a peace of paper and stick that paper onto a wall or door that's you see daily or as often as possible to remind you of your goal.
  4. Make up your mind - agree on a clear and positive decision. Repeat that's decision again and again, for years or decades - tell your decision all friends, your employer, your employees, publish it, put it on the front page of your web site if you have one. Write it anywhere and everywhere. Repeat it mentally as a strong positive affirmation and tell it to all whenever ask about your goals in life ! Tell it to the police, the tax department, the customs, to absolutely all !
  5. If you hide your spiritual goal in front of all others, you may forget it yourself. Hiding a true spiritual goal is self-denial and God-denial !
  6. Now let's assume that's you really agreed on God-realization, on freedom in God on your way of love. Then follow the steps mentioned hereafter:
  7. Yama and niyama are the basis of all laws and rules for the beginning years. These spiritual laws are absolutely your basis for any future spiritual progress on your way to God. It may take many years where you have nothing else but these ten point of yama and niyama to learn, apply and practice - day after day - 24 hours a day !
  8. After having succeeded to a high degree of perfection in all and any situation of life on applying Yama and Niyama - you may then proceed to apply the God's Divine rules of life on your way to God, that's further prepare you for God-union.
  9. Finally after applying successfully all divine rules of life on your way to God for an extended period you have got a feeling of what Love is and may continues all the remainder of eternity just focusing on Divine Love.
  10. While starting point 7 above you also start to acquire more in depth knowledge about the metaphysical physiology of mankind and God's entire creation.
  11. To better understand all the whys and hows you need to know more about who you are, where you are from and where your home is. Answers from the absolute and eternal point of view are needed on your path to God. You may find all necessary answers and helpful texts on this domain or search through many other books to find answers and hints needed. During the course of your spiritual progress you also may get more and more answers directly from God. And one day you may drop all books and keep reading in God.
  12. This usually starts after your first nirbikalpa samadhi that you achieved while in a physical body during your present incarnation. To reach this point you may expect approximately 10´000 to 30´000 hours of intense kriya pranayama, while following all rules to the point and developing divine love throughout your life - in business, job, recreation and family.
  13. All those having a particular area of problems within themselves may be assured, there are two methods of solving such special area of blockages or problems. One is to search for an individual counseling and individual therapy. Since there are virtually billions of problems - also billions of different therapies are needed to solve all individual problems. This individual way may take years, decades or even many incarnations. The other divine method would be just proceed even more intense with your practice of Kriya Yoga including all the parts as pertaining to it. All techniques and all rules should be followed even more intensely and more strictly. God is an omnipotent healing power solving absolutely any and all problems and blockages on your path to God-union. God is love and love is the greatest healing power in God's entire creation. Sometimes a combination of the two methods may be applied - provided it saves additional time and efforts ! Most of the time it costs additional time and efforts hence is a waste of energy on your way to God. The fastest method is to focus on your spiritual goal and keep practicing all spiritual work including Kriya Yoga, development of Love and practicing all yama and niyama.
  14. If you keep God and Love continuously in your mind as your sole and only priority and goal - this will become the single most important driving power uplifting you to your Divine destination - in Love and with Love !
  15. Developing divine Love toward all and any beings and opening for the love from any being is an absolute prerequisite. Before you can even start your path to God you need to be fully aware that's you need to get in peace with absolutely all beings on earth and beyond. If you ever think to reach God-union by escaping a single basic lesson you may find yourself again and again in future incarnation on this planet or any other planet suitable for your lessons. For example if you have a rejecting feeling for the opposite sex for any reason, you may be sure that's you are going to be a real loving husband or wife and learning to love the opposite sex before reaching your goal. Whatever you reject for any reason is going to be attracted even stronger until you have learned to accept it in love. All is part of the divine creation. Hence all needs your love. All.
  16. Are you making spiritual progress following one spiritual tradition and changing your path every few years ? If yes you may find all others have reached God-union while you are still on your path changing. Many ways are leading to God-union. Which one to choose depends on your individuality, on your very personal karma and spiritual lessons to be learned most. A guru may guide you. Or you may receive guidance directly from God, but you may need to ask yourself for guidance. Many souls are in very serious distress on this planet, however only a few select ones really are open for any direct guiding. Most others may need many incarnation to get ready to accept help and immediately apply any advice received.
  17. If you have difficulties in accepting any advice and help from your guru or any books, you may be sure that your very own and self-made karma is getting you ready to accept any help sometimes in the future. The driving force of your own soul helps you and if you resist pushes your ego to do the right things at the right time. Your ego is of least importance your soul however has the divine power of God to guide you home in time. The more your ego - your present personality - is resisting a straight path of love, the more tormenting your path of karma may become. Your soul wants to find peace and love. Whatever your ego wants. An ego is destructive a soul is healing.
  18. If you commit all your efforts to the WELL-BEING of your soul, your path is paved with love and success - all the way up to the end - up to freedom in God, in peace, joy and love.
  19. Many detailed lessons are published here on this domain to further help you on your loving path to God. More may be written in the near future for a while. They all are helpful and they all are meant to be applied together or at least as soon as possible until you really are sure to be able to progress further on your path. All these lessons and information are guiding you to the point where all can receive direct guidance from God. If at any time or point on your path you are missing this direct guidance - that simply means you missed to fulfill the basic steps accurately and intensely enough to reach that direct perception of God's guidance. So just keep practicing all the basic laws, rules and techniques - all together - all at once - and to the utmost perfection. All. Step by step learn to fully understand them all and learn how to apply the all successfully.
  20. It all is about love - on this very planet as well as in God's entire creation. All mankind need but one thing - love. Hence all mankind need to learn what love is - how love feels like, how it is to be loved by ANYONE and how it is to love ALL. Love finally is but energy far beyond the physical plane of manifestation. But all those finding themselves here on this planet or similar situations have lost the feeling and knowledge about love so much that they all need to start from scratch. Start from very basic physical love in all possible manifestations. You will know when you have mastered this physical love when you start to really perceive spiritual love and are able to send spiritual love to all as well as receive spiritual love from all. By that time you may leave your physical body and continue your learning in a non-physical world beyond this planet or you may find yourself straight and directly on your path to God to reach God-union. It's all about love - and the purity of your love and opening for all the love from others and God is deciding you path. It all is in your hands and under your direct influence and responsibility. It all is your very sole and only responsibility.
  21. Make up your mind - set up your clear and positive priorities and follow all rules to the point - step by step - all at the same time - all at once. To be able to do that's you need to learn chapter by chapter again and again to improve your understanding of all. You need to REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY MEAN so you can apply them all in all and any situation of your life. Once you have understood you just keep practicing them all. And every once in a while you may reread some part of it, just to make sure you are still practicing it all to the point. All.

May divine Love and Bliss from God guide and reinforce you all on your path. Help each other on your way - learning can be a fun game but skipping any part of it may cause severe suffering to yourself. Have fun and love each other. With Love - in Love.

Kriya Yoga - step by step

Kriya Yoga online - here on this site - for your advanced spiritual progress - just follow all steps one at a time and accurately and you will succeed on your path of love as well !

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