Soul mates - a unique single partner for eternity made by God

Souls are like stars - they travel according to various vector-forces of their karma

If you search for your ONE and ONLY - you may search millions of years - unless you return home to God - where we all meet again. watch the different souls travel - just like YOU on this planet. From one place to another. Sometimes you are NEAR another person - but usually never ONE with your partner.

WHY ? Your different NON-God-related interests pull you always away from all your beloved ones.

With one exception !

We ourselves are the creators of all our vector forces. We can change our vector forces from within and we - YOU as a single individual - can return back home to God to meet your one and only and become ONE for ever and ever - one in love with the blessings of God!

Only true divine love can attract your one and only soul mate !

In real life sometimes people first need to get almost lost and sometimes people need to get into DEEP trouble before they lose all their pride and rejection and start to LOVE - love and only LOVE attracts your ONE and ONLY "soulmate" and eternal partner and only LOVE - true divine love can cause both of you becoming ONE - for eternity !

This then is called a marriage in God - and only God can bless such a divine relationship and divine marriage.

Kriya Yoga and development of Divine Love is the safest and fastest scientific method of achieving this oneness in God and your eternal partner !

God is Love

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God is Love

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