Social justice, injustice and peace

Loving hearts as the only tool to achieve social peace and justice

What should a healthy ratio be between average cost of services or products and the salary the employees that particular company pays ?

In any normal business - as a global and general rule - every employee should easily afford the products of his employer. Normal business may of course exclude such high tech business like air craft industry or powerplant industry ...
Obviously a normal citizen may never afford to purchase a helicopter or Cessna airplane - even less a Lear jet .

Employees working for computer or car manufacturers, for hotels or restaurants, for supermarkets or bakeries, .. an employee working any job for an airline should easily afford to travel by that airline.

all employees should be able to easily afford on a regular basis the products and services of their employer. Each one should be able to drive a car of his car manufacturers, or to use a computer of his laptop producers, to eat the finest food of his restaurant, to afford a suite at the hotel he / she is working s a room made or housekeeper ...

All are equal to God - social justice means to honor all equally I all aspects of life

There is equality in God of all - on earth all have the same divine right and potential and all have a divine duty to treat all with equal rights and value. all should be able to have equal standards of living when doing equal work in equal conditions and equal employment. A manager is absolutely nothing better or more valuable than his cleaning made or housekeeper. A guest of a first class hotel is nothing better than the room maid and hence both should be in a equal situation of affording - if desired - without additional sacrifice the same services and products.

Loving heart

Why I write about the topic of social justice or social injustice today ??

Its Christmas time and its all year long time to practice and prove sincerity in your heart as well as love in your daily deeds and work.

here in the Philippines we have:

major computer or laptop manufacturers - but a single laptop made in Philippines by global leader in laptop technology costs approximately 2000 US $, the gross salary of about 2 years - while a hard working professional in Switzerland could easily afford a laptop from the savings of 2 or 3 months - at a cost of far less than a single one months gross income.

a typical IT pro in India or Germany can easily afford to travel across the planet once every few months if he wants .... here in the PH or in south America or china or Africa ... most can but dream of such - for a life time.

In Germany an employee of BMW cars - with a life span of may be 10-12 or more years, may afford every 10 years a new BMW - a different model depending on his exact income that may depend on his exact qualification level and skills level ... apparently here in the Philippines no single normal factory worker EVER could save the money needed to buy one single car in a life time.

Here at my present place - a waitress or cook earns 180 PHP, that is some 3,50 US$ per day - that is about the price of the cheapest snack plus a drink and a coffee. a real lunch would easily cost the salary of 2 days. a single pizza more than a full days gross income. Leaving nothing at all for living, transportation from and to work, schooling and education or improve in quality of life.

In a Swiss bakery on Mindoro island, a typical salary is even less - about 2 US$ per day and a single Christmas cake imported from Germany may cost a daily salary. The same for one single simple sandwich ...

Almost all these employees here that work for either the tourist industry or foreign owned technical industry may most likely never afford anything at all from what they are either producing, manufacturing or serving to their customers - even a telephone line to their home or a single meal a day.

Loving heart

Our planet has a 2 level society and social structure - the poor and the rich ones

the poor ones are poor because they are kept week and stupid by the rich ones - they are trained to follow orders rather than to do the right thing at the right time by following their heart.

We see that there is a 2 level society all over the world in most countries with a few exception. Here the rich ones only can be rich by fully exploiting the poor or weak ones. The rich ones, hotel owners or resort owners may afford their once a year overseas travel only at the expense of exploiting and abusing labor force in his company, by keeping the salary at absolute minimum.

Of course many may say and even feel that 3 $ a day is better than nothing at all and starving to death and that might be the only reason why we have such employment and employees willing to do that kind of work for less than honest living cost.

Social peace among all human society is the key to the real end of any terrorism or war between suppressed and oppressors - between industrial nations and simple people who for a reasons out of our consciousness may prefer to live simple but be more happy than any money can buy. if you want to sleep without insurance, without alarm devices, without police and without guard - then you have to share all you have - or you may be forces to lose all for the protection of your injustice.

to have social peace on all planet - we need social justice on all planet - else we may continue to have terrorism between exploited or suppressed society and exploiters or suppressors.

People need to feel, see and experience justice among all, equal rights and equal opportunities among all - then they can accept to live in peace. every normal human easily understands that some earn 10 or 30 % more if they see that such higher income is the result of true expertise, harder work, more sacrifice, decades of more experience or simply more motivation to perform better.

However a difference of 90 or more % .. no honest and sincere heart ever may justify such !! only greed and stinginess in combination with total absence of any love at all can make such social injustice possible.

Motivation to work harder may in many situation grow instantly if people really see that all have the very same chances in life. if all see that all have equal rights and equal salary opportunities for equal performance. Such social justice can only be achieved by drastically reducing the salary of all CEO to far less than current or similar to their average qualified producing or serving employees wages - that means to far below 6 digits $ a year while at the same time multiplying the salary of all their employees.

most may vehemently reject such equal treatment - yet one day all of the rich ones will lose all their property in one way or another. some by natural disaster, others through accidents or catastrophes, others by bankruptcy and the remainder by death. all are bound to die - and thus to lose all ... except that some - the poor ones - have learned to be modest in all their demands, to be humble and work for their own living - while others have lived from the suffering and starving or the weaker ones.

the poor ones may have learned all or most of their lessons needed to return home to God by the end of the present incarnation, while the rich ones may have to start all the very basic lessons of love in a future reincarnation and may all have to start learning humbleness, modesty, work and true love.

The poor ones on this planet - even the very poorest ones - most of them practice sharing no matter how little they have, while the richest ones want to keep almost all for their own family or person.

just a very few years ago - there was a time I was sleeping a few times outdoor, on the beach and in bamboo garden of a near by temple ... and the only ones to offer food, to ask if I had my lunch already ... where some of the very poorest ones. these where the ones who all together shared repeatedly with God and the poorest ones among their neighborhood. they all have earned their home in the heart of God ...

no matter what other spiritual problems or karma you may have - love is the only factor having the divine power to touch hearts - to open hearts and to heal any wounds ever created. such divine love needs to be lived and proved ... HERE and NOW on earth by all.

Loving heart

Some of the poor ones are really lazy - and God takes care of them his way

it is true that some poor ones are poor because they may be lazy - we have lazy ones in Europe, USA and any other country on this planet. However that is a totally different point that I address directly to many lazy ones almost daily. The motivation to work more and harder however very substantially arises or fails depending on the true potential of their highest possible income. if such increase in salary has an end at 10% or less from a normal European salary - then no one ever can expect any real motivation ... would you in Europe work 40 hrs a week for 100 EURO per months with all cost of living remaining the very same as now ??

Here a kilo of national fruit - the mango - costs a half to a full daily salary, depending on the season. an imported single apple the price of a full hour of work or more. imaging you would have to pay for a kg of apples in Germany or Austria the full salary of a single day ... how happy would you feel ...

One of the most imported fruit globally that Europeans like would may be the banana - compared to the apple here in Asia. Imaging you would have to pay 20 EURO or more for a single banana ...

Love is always striving to share - the absence of true desire and true proof to share at the very same time is absolute proof of absence of any true love.

Loving heart

Love is the key to justice - love is the key to global peace

Love is the key to justice - love is the key to global peace - love is proven by sharing all with all - by treating and honoring all equally and giving all the freedom to be different, to live different and to live free from any outside impact on their interior affairs or policy. Each people, each nation, each ethic group has the divine birthright to occupy a space in Gods creation the way they decide on their very own without any outside influence or dictatorship from any outside source.

we all have plenty to clean up in our very own house and country. lets do our own cleaning to find out whether our own way of living truly is better than the one we criticize in others.

Merry Christmas all year long


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