Short Kriyas

Silent Meditation with OM in Kutashta

The following graphic shows you a silent and powerful meditation. All attention is focused in kutashta - with OM in kutashta as needed to keep all attention and awareness centered in kutashta. By focusing on kutashta - on OM in kutashta, you focus on God the absolute and divine - hence you automatically seal off all influences and distractions from this world. You may repeat the mantram OM every few seconds - up to 6 - 10 times per minute approximately to maintain a full focus on God. As soon as peace and quietness is attained, you may then proceed in full silence. Your inner attitude is to be fully open for God in Love and devotion. Just Love in mind - Love for all mankind - Love for all. Your Sahasrara chakra is opening more and more the more often and the longer you practice this silent meditation. In addition to your Kriya Yoga, you may practice as much and as long this meditation as you want to be open for Divine Love and Bliss from God. The longer the better. Make sure you are in a very comfortable position when practicing.

OM in kutashta - short kriyas

where and how to find Kutashta can be seen from the below detailed graphic. Concentrate on the place shown - about 2.5 to 3 cm inside your head and between your eyebrows - exactly as shown in the graphic and repeat OM as shown. When your mantram OM is very powerful and successful you may reduce the number of OM and change into a silent meditation with full awareness and concentration directed toward God. Allow God to enter your soul and to enter even your present personality by inviting God to descent into your soul and body in repeated and deep sincere prayers. When doing this properly - you surely will feel divine energy - Divine Love and bliss flowing into you and shining through you after a while of constant practice.

OM mantra in kutashta - short kriyas

May all divine Love and Bliss uplift and free you

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