Selfish Love vs selfless Love

God*s love always is selfless love

Love is the key to true happiness - however we have 2 basic differences in love - selfish love and selfless love. But how to find our yourself how selfless you are and why the need for selfless love ?

Here below I give you a precise means to measure or evaluate your own level of selflessness.

From an earlier chapter we have already accurate data to use as reference - please reopen your spiritual goals worksheet - worksheet #3 - if its empty may be you fear the truth ? - Never mind - drop your fear and look at it, God will help you to digest the truth and learn to make adjustments toward more selfless love.

In all creation we all need to do something to ..

Maintain our own life and quality of living by our own efforts and work

Basic life support is part of caring for the body and life God gave you. Such efforts are neutral - neither selfish nor selfless !.

Then beyond basic life support we have

  1. selfish love
  2. selfless love
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Selfish love

Efforts invested in our living above basic needs, luxury items, cars, Hi-Fi, houses, vacation, ... is focused toward our very personal fun and is part of love FOR ourselves FROM ourselves. Ego centric love - many work ONLY for their own wellbeing, for their own fun and joy of life. To increase their own standard of living, level of luxury, their own health, .etc. All such efforts, time, money, working hours and resources used for that is of purely selfish nature.

Examples for selfish love:

Workers or employees whose sole purpose of life is to work to pay their rent, to pay their own living and family support, to pay their own housing, own education, own vacation, recreation, ... and to maintain their job and basis of living are almost 100 % of selfish nature.

You have to understand that what we do for our direct family - partner and children is first of all selfish - as our family members are our most direct source of love and joy in life. No matter how stingy a person, usually at least he gives SOME love in various ways to his very nearest family members as he expects their love and enjoys their love day by day specially during times of crisis, joblessness, retirement, illness, handicap, ...

Selfless love

If however we invest substantial amounts of thoughts to find solutions for others, to help others, to relief others, to create fun for others, to heal others, to create or reestablish freedom in others .. all such efforts are purely or mainly selfless love.

Examples for selfless love

Some others may do the opposite and work almost 100 % FOR others - such as

  1. Social workers
  2. nurses, midwives, priests, ministers, teachers
  3. medical doctors
  4. rescuers - like firefighters, mountain or avalanche rescuers, rescue teams at sea, and similar
  5. people having jobs for various humanitarian organizations - such as Red Cross, WHO, Unicef, FAO, UNHCR, SOS - children village and the many missionaries working far outside bible courses in field word or agriculture projects, schools or vocational training, etc.
  6. healers, family counselors, ..
  7. and many other workers

It is NEVER the job but rather the attitude and motivation WHY you have or do a particular job that makes the main difference between selfish love and selfless love !!!

One and the same job can be done sometimes selfish or selfless ! Lets have a look at a few such examples:

  1. A medical doctor may do a 100% selfless job - with one single intention - to help, to heal, to relief from pain, to ease life or suffering, to reestablish health, to reestablish the full potential of joy of life, ...
    Or he may his job to benefit from people in pain being ready to pay any amount just to "survive" or get pain relief - such as in cancer patients or heart patients for example where an entire industry is making huge profits out of the fear of death of spiritually ignorant people.
  2. "Rescue" companies during or post war - companies waiting for next war to be able to make profits out of every war during the post war rebuild of a destroyed country - making a job solely for the purpose of making profits from people in distress or people having lost all. Much of the industry lives and works with such intentions.
  3. While most - almost ALL !! - politicians worldwide do their job for their very own personal goals and intentions and personal warfare - a few rare politicians really sacrifice all their life for the wellbeing of an entire country and may even give all their own happiness and family life in exchange for some progress and wellbeing of their own people.

Relationship between selfish and selfless love

There is a direct relationship between money, time, work, investments and efforts

- you make for your self and / or your family

- you make for others

If you look at numbers and fact from your worksheet - then you see your relationship of how much you do directly for yourself, for your direct family and you compare that number of hours, $, efforts, investments, with the efforts you do for OTHERS - then you have the ration between your selfish love vs selfless love within your present life.

love from others is more delicious - more savory than your very own

Why is selfless love important ?

To make my explanations easier I give you a few examples of the opposite.

a taxi driver - being fully occupied taking care of his car, getting properly dressed, checking tires, oil and gas, all day long, .. has spent all time for himself and hence potential customers find him occupied !

a girl sitting in front of mirror - making herself more and more colorful, spending hours of time with hairdresser, manicure, pedicure, beauty parlor, fitness center, health center, meditation and beauty sleep ... is fully occupied !

The thoughts YOU have FOR yourself OCCUPY your aura and fill you - your entire being - YOU fill yourself with YOUR own love - hence where would there be any "space" for love from partner or family members - from your loved once !!

If a glass bottle intended to be for milk - to serve as milk bottle - is fully filled with glass
- then how can milk enter that full bottle please ??

God love Kriya Yoga

Remember or experience the difference between ...

Your love for you - selfish love
other's love for you - selfless love

Did you ever realize or experience that ...

If someone ELSE cooks or bakes FOR you - that will usually taste much better than if you would prepare the very same food yourself FOR you !?

Or if someone else GIVES you a gentle loving massage - it feels much different / better than if you would give yourself a massage ?!

Or that someone ELSE singing FOR you is more pleasant to listen to than if YOU would listen to tapes from YOUR very own songs !!

If and as long as you are busy loving or caring for yourself ...

- no one else can care for you because you are fully occupied with your own love

Hence if and as long as YOU are busy caring FOR you and busy WITH you - you are occupied and thus no one else can give any love TO you !! A human being in a certain way behaves and acts like a container - there is ONE amount or quantity of love in total "fitting into" or having "place" inside you - your love OR other's people's love OR much of your love and little love from other's ...

the sum of BOTH equals 100% ... but ...

If you are fully busy caring and loving others
- then you are free to fully absorb and enjoy all the savory love from others

Other people's love is by far more savory and delicious to feel than your very own love !

selfless love is true divine God love

Love and Bliss


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