Secrets of success

Secret keys to success

True spirituality - developed within - leads to knowledge of "secrets" and hence to the wisdom to know how to achieve all your goals.

When you select the right goal in life, all steps of your work to be successful in achieving your goal will be easy.

Definition of success

Success is defined as when you reach a goal you have set once. True success is spiritually defined however to you reach a goal in a loving way for the holistic benefit of all mankind, all planet and all creation without causing even the smallest damage to anyone or any part of the entire creation.

Reaching a goal at the expenses of others, of nature, animal kingdom, environment or greater parts of God's creation never can be called success. True success never creates any victims - true success creates only winners because true success is achieved by means of true divine love only and only for the purpose of loving all !!!

Financial success

True success of course also includes financial success. However as you progress more and more on your spiritual path of love - money and all material become less and less important to you. You learn to be happy with whatever you have. The more you spiritually progress the more you learn to focus on the really important steps in life - making investments or overhead expenses smaller and smaller to achieve true satisfaction and happiness in your life. However as a direct result of your spiritual development and progress, you will be able to earn whatever amount is needed to accomplish all important tasks in life efficiently and successfully.

True success always preserves the full divine freedom of all involved

Success at the expense of your freedom or the freedom of others can never be success - it is slavery and leads to suffering and loss of freedom. Example:

A farmer having cattle - no matter how many - no matter how many millions profit he makes, he possesses free animals, taking their freedom

and ...

he loses his freedom as well as he has to take care of all animals day and night, to be present without having the freedom to travel within minutes or hours when needed for greatest spiritual benefit of all or for greatest family happiness.

Secrets of success

The secret is in the amount of resources to be invested - success requires ALL resources - ALL means more than 99% of available resources it means A L L !!! If you are too stingy to invest ALL in your goal - then you fail or struggle.

Whether you strive for financial success, success in sport or recreational activities or spiritual success - the secret for all success is always the very same and very simple. If you invest ALL or very nearly all efforts for a sufficient duration of time into achieving skills and knowledge in that particular area you want to achieve success - then you succeed !

Sufficient duration of time = means until you have achieved successfully your goal independent of time, efforts, money and other resources ! The right goal being in harmony with God - hence blessed by God - ALWAYS will be achieved by you.

Wrong goal on path of selfishness however always will kill you before you have achieved it. Ego always is self destructive - for the protection of creation.

Those who achieved success ...

To achieve success all those who have achieved their goals have one in common in any field of success:

  1. They all reduced all other activities and focused on the field of activity they wanted to be successful in. Be it business or sport or music or on their spiritual path to God.
  2. They limited investment of time, life force, money and any other resources to the minimum possible to have all available resources of time, money, life force working in full toward achieving their goal.
  3. They withdraw from lots or most or even all other activities, distractions, recreation - even from having relationship or family - for the sake of achieving their goal. They all did so for years or decades - focusing on the goal all the time rather than focusing on the earthly things they temporarily or permanently had to drop to achieve their goal.
  4. Those who really were successful on the highest level were ready and willing to give ALL they had to achieve what they wanted to achieve. They wanted to give all and they GAVE ALL - and for that reason only they achieved success in their field.

Success of Saints and God realized humans

They did exactly the very same - they withdraw from all distraction and focused in FULL on God and love and did all necessary steps to focus ALL available resource toward achieving that one and only eternal goal - achieve oneness and eternal freedom in God. Be out of the cycle of reincarnation - once and forever.

They KNEW about God and eternal life - they knew about the relativity of all earthly matter, life and activities and the temporary nature of ALL on earth - hence they never wasted the limited resources given in ONE lifetime for temporary goals of material career - the FULLY invested ALL they had into eternal treasures - jewels of the divine soul - they all invested in full in spiritual development. By means of Yoga or devotion to God in combination with actions of love for all humanity and particularly for poor and needy ones.

To do so and achieve so - they all:

Steps to success

Key to success

True spiritual development and the free flow of divine love within YOU and from you toward all is the key to success. he more you progress spiritually the easier all is in your life and the easier you achieve all your goal. very particularly because you have learned to select a goal that is in full harmony with God and hence you receive full support from God in achieving your goals. Whenever you work WITH God - in full harmony with God - then success always is guaranteed !!

Your very own spirituality is the key to your success - missing spirituality will have to be compensated by increased expenses, increased number of possible mistakes, increased occurrence of problems or accidents, increased waste of time and valuable resources.

Your true spirituality however gives you wisdom and the capability to KNOW by the power of intuition. To know when to do what to do and how to do. God knows all - those of you having learned to fully listen to God's loving guidance - know that God has a solution to every single problem that deserves to be solved. Deserves to be solved ... ? YES by far only some problems deserve to be solved - because most of the problems that exist are problems created on wrong path - on wrong path of life all steps are wrong and the problems occurring there never need to be solved - the path itself needs to be changed !!! Then on path of love - all steps loving and all results are products of love - making all happy and hence attracting support, bliss, advice and guidance from God !!

Never waste time on wrong path - always focus on solutions of love

Never waste time, strength, money or resources of any kind to solve problems on wrong path of life - change path and all problems are gone !

Spiritual laws ALWAYS are above all human laws

To be really successful in life - in eternal life - you need to learn and know spiritual laws as defined by God. Then you have full control of all your life because you then know how to manage all your activities, all your life in full harmony with God and how to make adjustments for the benefit of all - always in harmony with God and hence for the benefit of ALL !

God is love - bringing you a gift of love Gift of Love

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