Secrets, copyrights and patents

Secrets, copyrights and patents are separating you from God like the prison separates you from freedom

A widely manifested aspect of human ego are the many secrets, copyrights and patents mankind on earth hold. Any of these secrets, copyrights or patents however are a spiritual, mental and emotional burden for those holding such. That is the reason why some people want to reveal all and any secrets even free of any profit or financial gain.

Secrets, copyrights and patents are like karma - they are energies within the body of the owners and / or carriers of such energies and they all separate the carrier of such energy from the rest of the world and finally but most importantly - these energies separate all carriers from God.

The below graphic shows a human with some colored areas representing secrets, copyrights or patents being carried by that person.

 YOUR secrets separate YOU from GOD and from ALL others

Withholding truth and knowledge from mankind slows the evolution of a civilization on any planet or even the evolution of an entire planet and it slows the spiritual development of all mankind involved as it reduces the open and completely free communication between any person involved. Energy always should flow freely. Knowledge and skills are but energy and need to flow as well. The more you release all your knowledge and skills of any kind, the faster and easier all mankind on earth and beyond can learn. The easier they all can learn - the more they may enjoy learning and applying all knowledge and skills gained. Knowledge and skills of any kind should always remain a free gift from one person to all interested.

Open source and open knowledge projects are teamwork of any number of persons involved and have a much higher potential to develop and prosper than any patented, copyrighted or secret material. The energy wasted into safekeeping secrets of any kind consumes valuable and useful potential of creative forces. A fully free interchange of all knowledge and skills among all is the best basis of true success in any field and of a true mutual relationship of equal beings - made to the image of God.

How to prevent any further patent, copyright and secrets in your personal life ? Easy. It is enough to publish immediately all your inventions, printed material and all knowledge. Give it all free and to all immediately. An excellent medium to do so for free is the Internet at present times. But it finally is even more important to develop the proper mental attitude. Giving all free in the Internet just highlights your attitude to freely share ALL with ALL others. This attitude creates a basis of mutual exchange of knowledge on a higher level - some may call it telepathic level - precisely it is a causal communication and exchange of knowledge and principles that starts to take place more and more successfully among all those being open minded for the need of all others. Increased inspiration of intellectual knowledge for the mutual benefit of the entire civilization on earth and beyond is the result of such expanded opening.

Secrets, patents and copyright on any important material always has disturbed mankind. It creates a potential of power, political, social and economical power - that most of the time has been abused against the week ones on this planet or for the sole benefit of a few selected ones.

The further development of Love among mankind dissolves more and more all secrets and dissolves part of what separates mankind from each other and from God. Dissolving and freeing all secrets helps to speed the free and harmonious development of Divine Love between mankind.

dissolve all secrets, copyrights and patents in your divine love for God and all.

God is Love

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