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Read the definition and true meaning of Guru usually living in an ashram of modern or traditional form.

Search for a Guru or go the path of God-realization on your own ?

A Guru can speed up your spiritual progress

In the search for God the question often is with a Guru or on your own. The answer may be difficult but is very clear. If you really can follow all teachings and all advise of your Guru, then the path to God is infinitely easier and smoother to God as when you go the same path on your own.

Most souls are here on earth because they have completely lost conscious awareness of the divine source. The emphasis is on conscious awareness ! The spiritual ignorance in combination with Maya - the power of illusion and distraction on earth and astral worlds is so huge that you need to be fully aware of it to transcendent it and dissolve all distraction on your path to freedom in God.

Most God seekers address a few deep and sincere prayers when they find themselves in deep troubles. And once they found and realized a solution as a result of their prayers most of them may get absorbed by their old attitude and driving forces toward the material world again.

To accept and progress with a Guru, you really and sincerely need a full willingness to accept and affirm your Guru's advice and practice whatever he is teaching you. If a Guru needs to repeat his teachings more than once or twice it surely is better to search your path to God on your own. A Guru can perceive all divine guidance received from God and he perceives all your personal karma and your spiritual blockages. Hence all a Guru says and teaches you has a deep spiritual sense and the only and sole purpose of his teachings is to bring you to God.

God will guide you to the best Guru for you - you may have to travel across the planet to meet him

Your ego would select the softest "Guru" - God selects the most efficient and most powerful Guru for you

To be guided by any Guru you need to pray directly to God and address all your prayers to God only. A Guru serves God only - a Guru can help you only if you address all your prayers to God directly. If you start to pray to a Guru instead it may be becoming more and more a burden for your Guru to guide you. Whatever you ask from God, your Guru is receiving all the guidance to physically reflect the guidance and answers to you.

If you start to discuss with your Guru every advice your Guru gives you on your path or if you ask for guidance and hesitate or delay to follow Guru's guidance, then it might be better to search direct guidance from God only. God is guiding you through your karma. The path of your karma is also a path to God - but it might take a few thousand years or more longer to achieve the same goal. But the path of karma is a straight path to God - straight around and across your karma until you have learned through suffering your own karma what could have been learned with Love from a Guru or by strictly following holy scriptures of this world. By definition - Holy Scriptures are only those scriptures that are directly written by God-realized saints of all times. Like Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and a few more.

A true Guru has no limits and is free of his body - a Guru may guide you beyond this lifetime until you are home in God

The time a Guru is in a physical body is very limited, a Guru's Love for you will persist and last for eternity. Once a chela of a Guru, you may receive all guidance even if that Guru has left his physical body and returned to God again. Your Guru's Love and Bliss coming from God is showered upon all his disciples infinitely and as much as they individually open for such guidance and Love. Since a Guru's time is limited on earth, a Guru may prefer to guide those who accept all guidance and God may take over all those who reject for any reason direct physical guidance offered by God to God seekers. God is the final Guru of all. If you want a physical Guru you really and sincerely need to accept God as your true Guru. Only if you have developed such a Divine Love for God you may be really open for all Love flowing from God through your Guru to you. Love in such a case may be expressed in more direct guidance, more spiritual lessons in a particular incarnation and hence more spiritual development for your soul.

The more you want to keep from your very personal attitude, attachments and behavior the less it is possible or the more difficult it has become for any one but God to guide you. God has infinite time for you and may need to guide you through dozens or even hundreds of incarnations. A Guru has but one incarnation left to teach and help you. God may need infinite amounts of Love and Bliss to constantly dissolve all the new karma and blockages, rejections, desires, fears and more that you create again and again. God is offering you all the time - at any given time - the very best of all options that you are opening for. Look at your life and see how your life is - that is how much you allowed God or anyone else - to Love you and help you to dissolve all in Divine Love.

Jesus is the Guru for all those having "no" Guru - hence ALL have a Guru !!!

Jesus is Guru for all having no Guru - his love expands to all as much as his father's love expands to all

God guides all home who ask for guidance - and Jesus is the "shepherd" for all planet - all religions, all nations, all cultures

All will find God. Absolutely ALL ! If you have no Guru around you and still search for guidance, then pray to God and God will be your Guru. But you need to be able to listen to God, hear his guidance, his Love flooded whisper to you. It is very gently, very loving and always "forgiving" - as God is Love - God can but love all of his creatures of any kind. If God is your only Guru, then all you need to do is to really and immediately accept all God's guidance to progress the smoothest and fastest path of Love to your freedom in God. God may guide you to books or other sources of information that you may need, to affirm and confirm the guidance you already have received directly by the perception of your Divine Intuition. Know how clear and true your intuition is - and act according to the result of this survey. Trust your intuition if you are sure that you are absolutely right. use common sense where your intuition is disguised by your own expectations or fears.

God may talk to you by using other children of him, besides a Guru. sometimes small children, children of any age, foreigners may act as messengers from God to you. Learn to see and perceive such guidance. Learn to be fully open to ALL - then and only then you may perceive such Divine guidance from all your surroundings.

Having a physical Guru allows you to receive constant feedback. It only makes sense to see him if you really follow all of his advise. But if you follow his advise there might be no limit as to how often you may see him. Love is the driving force - Love for your Guru as an representative of the Divine ... Love for God uplifts you home to God.

A Guru can be found by modern means - such as the Internet - but it is your heart only that shall make the final decision

Your intellect and search engines may search - your heart however needs to find your Guru

If you allow your intellect to calculate distance, travel expenses and similar factors - then you have lost your search for a Guru before it even started. It may be your intellect to search - however it shall be your heart and soul to find your Guru from anywhere in this world. While your intellect may help you to find Guru - your heart is the only instance to make the final decision - you have ONE Guru for eternity - find that one !! To do so you have to open your heart - because that shall be the place to FEEL the right one.

A Guru - disciple relationship always is an eternal love-romance until you are free for ever. Then it will be an eternal friendship in love - eternally - while you remain free for ever.

God is Love

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God is Love

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