Search for a partner for a marriage of love
Beyond arranged marriages and intellectual marriages

A relationship needs to be from heart to heart - from soul to soul - a true marriage of love to survive all ups and downs in life.

Search for partner is as old as mankind on earth ... because ALL humans on earth have basically lost their God given partner and as a result of commonly reigning ego among all mankind on earth most have lost the capability to even recognize their partner of love even if such would stand next to you just meters away !

The only one who still knows who is your partner is God ! God guides all to find together again and again - however it is first of all your ego that separates you from your partner. Thus searching for your partner makes no sense at all as long as you keep attached to your ego !

Searching for partner only makes sense if you prepare yourself to find partner - to find your God given partner you need to be truly ready to drop or dissolve any and every selfish behavior and to fully forgive anyone and all. Separation started a long time ago and started or kept going on as the sole result of lack of true practiced love. Separation kept going on for millions of years as a lack of total, full and instant forgiveness toward your God given partner.

Forgiveness never can be relative or limited to any degree less than a full 100% and true loving forgiveness never can be anything else but instant full forgiveness. To truly prove your love toward your God given partner you need to practice and prove love toward whoever is next to you, working with you, living with you, fighting against you for whatever reason. True love needs and requires proof. You are the one to first prove your readiness to forgive YOUR partner before you will recognize him and be in a position to rejoin.

An eternal marriage is arranged by God and no one else but bless by God and arranged by God's infinite love !!

If you search for a partner - your search easily may go on another many thousands of years - unless you start here and now to learn what true love means and to practice true love toward all - your enemies first of all ...
Be in peace with all or get in peace with all - including your ex-partner and all your previous "enemies". Make all world your family and turn all your enemies into your family members ... then you are ready to find your partner. Nothing earlier and no later than after you are in love with all.

Readiness to find your partner requires strength to dissolve any obstacle ego, culture or education may have created

To find your partner you need to overcome restrictions imposed on you by your earthly physical parents. You have to be strong enough to let your heart decide who your partner is going to be and you need to be ready to fully and instantly join the one your heart has chosen on the basis of true love and divine inner harmony that has been created by God from the very beginning. You have to be strong enough to lovingly but firmly inform your own earthly parents of the decision of your heart - even if such decision is different from their arranged marriage or intellectual plans that may have been considered for the mutual financial benefit r career of their own personal business or political intentions for your arranged marriage.

True loving parents have but one think in mind and heart - your true, deepest and lasting happiness. Happiness never can be the result of money, career or social position. True happiness is the result of flowing love between the two and all others around them as well. Hence true marriage is and only can be a marriage of instant true love and only a marriage of your hearts can last and dissolve all obstacles of life, problems encountered and darkness of earthly life with all its built in contempt and pains to test your love and grow beyond any even smallest doubts.

Only love strong enough to overcome any obstacle - even plans by society, culture, religion or parents on earth may truly be strong and only truly strong love lasts for ever and ever.

Prepare yourself and one day you will be ready to find your partner without even searching. Its the flow of true love that causes the signal to your loved one made by God that will signal him/.her that you are ready and matured in your love to truly be happy for ever and ever - side by side - eternally !

The many earlier chapters and spiritual newsletters, microletters with its many love tests and love level feedback, as well as the many answers in the spiritual FAQ forum and new forum for love, marriage and relationship will easily help you to dissolve what ever separates you and thus help you prepare to find your partner rather than keeping on searching and searching.

God is Love

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God is Love

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