Metaphysical physiology of Samyama
its effects on your daily life

The metaphysical physiology of concentration and contemplation leading to Samadhi.

A presentation of how this principle of Samyama affects your daily life and how can you benefit from mastering this ancient technique of Yoga

Your consciousness and awareness is like an open container. Whatever the object of your concentration in your daily life, family life, recreation, job, meditation, ... you will absorb the energy of that particular object of concentration. This may go as far till you are completely one with the object of concentration. In Yoga this extended concentration is called contemplation and is leading to Samadhi when done successfully.

Learn to use this Principle of God's creation by thoroughly understanding Samyama and then apply the principle of Samyama for your spiritual benefit. Your spiritual benefit will also become the benefit of your surroundings. You'll soon know why.

If you use God as the object of concentration and contemplation, you will absorb so much of his Divine energy, his Divine Bliss, Love and Holy Spirit - that finally you may enter Samadhi or even Nirbikalpa (Nirvikalpa) Samadhi, a condition of complete Oneness with God while still having a physical body.

These two different states of Samadhi may be described and explained in an other chapter. Lets first have a look at how this principle of Samyama affects you in your present situation and how we can use it to the mutual benefit of ourselves and our environment.

You certainly have heard the saying, that a person being intensely occupied with a particular work over an extended period - people sometimes say, he is being absorbed by his work. This is almost right - however just the opposite way. He is absorbing the energy of his concentration until he becomes one with it, until he fully identifies himself with the object of concentration.

In our daily life there is a constant flow of energy from others to us and from us to others. We are a mixture of the energy, the personality of others and vice versa. Until we have learned to become our true spiritual nature and become what we always have been, deep inside - a Divine Being of Love and Divine Light, Children of God, made to his image.

When you want to drink a cup of coffee you'll actually never know whether this idea has been created by you or by someone else and just absorbed by you. You'll never know whether what you do is actually what YOU want to do or whether it is something someone else wants you to do. A weird but realistic idea that most of us act like a puppet on a string manipulated by the desire, wanting, fear, ... of others. But it is true - no matter how weird it may sound to you. Think about it and think about how nice it could be to really know who you are and what you want to do yourself - from the depth of your soul.

The chapter on the "light shower" shows you how to free yourself efficiently from any energy absorbed from others.

That is the reason why Saints or enlightened souls are sometimes also called FREE souls. Because they have become free of any illusion, free of any manipulation by anyone else, free of the fear of others, free of fear at all, free of any worldly attachments including the attachment to their physical body or attachment to their physical family.

We sometimes may observe such situations - or better conditions - among artists playing over an extended period of time a particular role in a movie or TV series. Suddenly a person may adapt a style of living, thinking, feeling, behaving of the "personality" he is playing. And of course this happens even more often in "real-life" situations. We are permanently absorbing energy from our environment, whatever this may be. And this process is changing us. Our attitude, behavior, personality, our way of thinking and reacting, ... some people completely lost control- at
at least for a while - of their own destiny. They became temporary like puppets on a string depending on the destiny of others. Lets have a look at graphics below first and make sure we fully understand this process within ourselves.


Metaphysical physiology of Samyama

Above you see a center of human consciousness displayed by the yellow circle with a white fill. The white fill should symbolize the potential Divinity of our soul including the purity of our consciousness.

The blue filled circle is any object of concentration / contemplation as described earlier.

The direction of concentration is from left to right. The direction of the flow of energy from right to left - from the object of concentration toward the concentrator.

Figure A

Shows a human being concentrated within his Divinity even though confronted with an object of different energy - the blue filled circle. While remaining in constant conscious connection to God, your Aura can never permanently absorb anything else but Divine Light. You remain a Divine Being of Light, no matter what you do.

Figure B

Shows a human being starting to direct his concentration and awareness outside his Divinity. He is concentrating on any object, in this sample the blue filled circle and he starts to absorb such energy from the object of concentration. This fact is represented by the small blue dots within his white circle of pure and Divine consciousness. The red arrow pointing left indicates the direction of flow of the energy. Who supplies the energy for blue ? GOD does so. Everything is made by GOD and made out of his very Essence. He supplies us with whatever we want. You want to fight, he supplies you with fighting until you are fed up with it and want something else, ..... an so on until finally you agree that just loving is the only condition that your soul truly can experience and can make you happy for ever. No Divine soul ever gets too much of Love or can love too much. Figure C and Figure D

Show the continuation of this process. The longer we practice concentration, the more it is becoming contemplation. Until we have fully absorbed the energy of the object of concentration / contemplation and become like this object. Until they are becoming ONE- concentrator and object of concentration. This works with any object we concentrate on !! Of course it also works if we concentrate on Love, on Saints ... or even on GOD !! Until we become ONE with GOD.

Inventors use this technique as well, without knowing it most of the time. They concentrate on a particular situation (problem) and are mentally asking for a solution or directly are concentrating on the possibility of a solution until the solution "appears" in their mind. They become one with the problem they are looking to solve. With every problem or question there is always an energetic Link to the answer or solution. Questions and answers are one, like two sides of a coin. Problems and solutions are one equally. First you fully concentrate on a particular question - then you let it go to make place for the solution. If you are looking at one side of a coin and wondering how the other may look, you flip the coin - you stop looking at the first side, to allow the other side to appear.

Depending on the on the quality of energy that we are absorbing through this process, it now should be clear for everyone, that this may certainly affect our behavior - our personality and of course our soul. It may affect our future incarnations for the years to come for the rest of eternity.

This is neither good nor bad. Neither beneficial nor detrimental. It all depends on the quality of energy of the object of concentration.

In various spiritual traditions Gurus advice their disciples to avoid contact with persons who have a low vibration or are aggressive. Recommended is an environment of peace and Love to make the fastest possible progress. Basically this advice is completely true and correct. Even Saints have sometimes preferred to remain outside the big crowd of this World, either by living in an Ashram or Monastery, or by living in far remote areas in a natural environment - like Himalaya.

Now that we fully understand this physiology, we may benefit from this new knowledge in various ways by applying this law consciously for the benefit of ourselves and our dear ones around.

Make sure that you have realized to understand how this principle does affect all of us. Here some examples out of our different real life situations:

If you are lucky to have children, treat them like you would treat Angels. Help them to adapt to the earthly environment, love them and protect them, without ever limiting their freedom in any way. The sooner they can continue their previous incarnation's job, or start their plans for the present one, the more prosperous in a spiritual sense their incarnation may become for you and countless others as well. Treat them like beloved guests in your home in your World. The benefit finally will be yours as well.

You may find yourself in an environment full of hate, revenge, aggression and one day you may either become yourself like this or you realize how painful such an environment is for your well being and decide to move to a different location to play a different role in life. Or some may start to identify themselves with this kind of environment, agree with these persons and do exactly the same - at least for a while. A while meaning: A few years, decades of incarnations. Since we can absorb the energy of our environment, we also start to think, feel, act and judge like our environment. Sometimes we quit using our intellect as well as our intuition at all. Causing us to accept as being OK whatever we do, without thinking about what we do. We are carried on by the wave of energy of our environment. However, there is certainly a very Divine reason, why God gave us an intellect. In a dimension as dense and far away from God as the physical dimension is, a good common sense of logical awareness and analyzing is extremely helpful on the way back to God. Just remember the chapter about the relativity of law on earth. In a situation like the one described in that chapter, good common sense should and can show anyone using the capability of logical analyzing properly, that something must be wrong with that situation and the way of handling problems at all by some of the people - people in the sense of cultures, nations. And finally the person starting to use his common sense will eventually develop a form of awareness free from the point of view of others. He will learn to become aware of the absolute truth and learn to see everything from that absolute point of view. He then starts to STOP the absorption of energy from his environment, from other persons. He wants to become free and neutral. That's why some of the God-Seekers are also called Truth-Seekers. They strive to become aware of the absolute truth behind mankind's opinion, behind traditions and behind cultures.

Here another example:

The loving Power of a Divine soul however always is stronger than any Ego ever could be. So one day a soul convinces the personality incarnated to see beyond the very personal point of view and change the personal attitude. This may take a while. Definition of a while - again: years, decades or incarnations. The total learning process for a soul may last millions of years. It is your choice how long your journey away from God may last. It is your freedom to choose whatever you like.

A typical example of present times is the history of the German Democratic Republic (GDR / DDR). Think about what happened in that nation. Someone had a fixed idea about how to run a culture, a nation, and created enough followers to realize his very personal political and social idea for a while. At some point the price for living and realizing that idea was detrimental to the idea, the political system itself caused the suicide of the system, the total collapse of it - black magic always destroys itself - that's the divine Law and Power of Love in God's creation.

Love always survives without having to pay for. Love always is free. Any system based entirely on Divine Love always prospers and survives. Without killing, without defeating, without violence of any kind, without judges, lawyers and prisons, without restricting the freedom of any adversary, opposition, "enemies", or anyone of different opinion. Just by loving. The power of divine Love that dwells from within every soul, from yours as well, can and will free yourself and every other individual in God's creation.

The time will come and you have learned to love up to the point of Divine Perfection. Those who have learned to love never return to this planet, with a very few exceptions. They stay with God in his World of Divine Love and Bliss - for eternity. Just remember, our planet is a classroom with a very particular lesson. Our lesson is to stop hating. If you can even start loving while in the same classroom, even better for you. But there may be lots of other classrooms and lessons waiting. It all depends on you. It is your free choice, when you go to the next class. But those who rejected to learn the lessons of this planet may return as often as they like, some may even like the lessons here and temporary enjoy them. Have fun as long as you feel like, but also make use of your Divine Freedom when you have suffered enough and prefer learning to love. Then start to love and you'll be free too. Free like all the Saints ever before.

Another situation where this principle works is when people are becoming hostages of kidnappers for an extended period of time. Quite often it can be experienced, that the hostages are developing some sort of understanding for the cause of the kidnappers and develop sometimes even a friendship, sympathy or even Love for them. How can this happen ?

By staying together with kidnappers, they are absorbing their energy, starting to see their cause with their own eyes, feeling and thinking more and more like them. This causes a sort of understanding. Of course some hostages may react totally differently, depending on their personal Karma and spiritual maturity.

An often appearing situation that often causes problems, is the fact that some people who like to "educate" others, may experience no success at all, because they are living something totally different from what they are "preaching".

Parents and others may prohibit children Sex up to a certain age, and at the same time practice it excessively, in their fantasy or in physical reality, even outside their regular relationship, causing children to early develop sexual desires and fulfill these desires. Their is no difference between what you do physically and what you do in your mind, your fantasy !! Both are reality, but in a different dimension. Both dimensions exist at the same time and are real. Both - metaphysical and physical reality - affect your behavior and the behavior of your surroundings - all your beloved ones as well as your "enemies".

Parents, medical doctors, priests or teachers teach to avoid alcoholic beverages, smoking or drugs, .. while at the same time using and abusing same. They often justify it by being adult. However who gives them the right to do something others may not be allowed to do ?? We all are Divine Children of God, with equal rights.

Such prohibitions never have any power to succeed. It is the energy, the quality of your Aura that helps others. If you are a Saint - you are creating Saints around you or at least support spiritual growth, peace and Love among all people meeting you.

If you are an alcoholic - then you are causing or supporting alcoholism around you.

If you prefer to lye at some people, whatever your imagined reason may be - then you are supporting and promoting other people to lye as well.

If you like to kill, in the name of whoever, may it be army, police, church, government or anyone else - then you are promoting / supporting the killing by anyone. If that's what you want to do - just remember the Law of Karma - whatever you do to others, is coming back to you. Do to everyone whatever you will enjoy later on when it comes back to you -later means anytime in the future, may it be in seconds, minutes, days, months, years, decades or several incarnations later. Your Karma will remain as an energetic imprint in your Aura, surviving incarnations. Karma must either be experienced or dissolved by Divine Love and Grace of God. The choice is yours. Make a wise choice - but whatever you choose, never complain about what is coming back to you anytime later. Always remember, it was your free choice that was causing your present reality.

True God-Seekers use the knowledge about this principle of Samyama for various benefits.

The most important one is, the more you think about God, Divinity, Love and Saints, the more such Divine vibration of Divine Love and Bliss you start to accumulate and cultivate within yourself till you become a Saint yourself.

Learn to withdraw all your attention from any energy of fighting, struggling, hating, simply by concentrating and contemplating on God and Love.

Another traditional intention of this technique is to find the answers about important question of God's Creation. Practice Samyama on a object of interest until you are one with it and you know the answer or solution. You can read more about this in the Yoga Sutras from Patanjali. A Saint however needs no practice of Samyama, since he is One with God, he also is One with God's Creation, that includes all the problems and solutions as well. A true Saint instantly knows what he needs to know.

It may take longer to be able to successfully practice Samyama in order to receive complex answers to complex problems or questions, than it may take to become a Saint. Why ? The driving force for becoming a Saint is LOVE - the strongest power ever in the cosmic creation - whereas the driving force for worldly solutions usually is money-making, thus the Ego - a "ridiculous tiny little force" that will be dissolved one day anyway.

One day you will smile at your past experiences and enjoy loving. Also loving your past personalities, because they are part of your Divinity. Like the different colors of a rainbow are part of the white light creating the rainbow.

After all you may now have a look at Figure D above and ask yourself, what is going to happen with all that energy, that I absorbed throughout my life, throughout many incarnations ?? You will learn to love and dissolve all in the fire of Divine Love one day, or you may ask for the Grace and Mercy of God to remove it all from you and dissolve it himself in his fire of Love for you. It all comes from God and it all returns to God. He is the source and destination of all. The beginning and the end.

There is no "bad" or "good" thing. It all is consciousness. It all is part of diving into an experience, diving into an energy until you fully absorbed it, then think and feel how it is. And when you finished the entire experience, you may decide whether you like it or prefer to move ahead and experience something different. It is part of spiritually growing up, going through a large variety of different experiences before returning back home.

Always remember your origin - GOD. It is like being the sun. Permanently radiating white light. And all people talk about the beauty of a rainbow. The sun never can experience to see a rainbow. It is the source of the rainbow however, causing, creating the rainbow with all its splendor and beauty. The sun is actually the rainbow containing all the beauty within. Mankind is as beautiful from spiritual point of view. It is like being all the different lights of the rainbow. From incarnation to incarnation going through all the different colors, step by step, by being the different colors - red - orange - yellow - green - blue - ..... at the end of the steps through the different colors of the rainbow you are white - you are God like children - beautiful and splendid manifestation of the absolute Divinity of God.

The souls of mankind as well as most other souls go through the different manifestation of God's creation and God's manifestations. Think about and feel about these different manifestations and finally make up our mind what we want to be for the remainder of eternity. Eternity is a pretty long time. That's why it sometimes takes so long to make up our mind.

How long it takes to learn depends on whether you actually realize that this is a learning process and whether you are aware of the goal of this classroom session.

Here again:

We all are here to learn to love, love everyone, anytime in any condition.

Whatever they do or have done - to you or anyone else,

in the past, present and future.

With other words:

By the end of the cycle of reincarnation you certainly will have learned to love.

Because the cycle of reincarnation ends when you have learned it.

It only depends on you, how long it takes.

Love now and it ends now.

God is Love

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