Religion meaning and purpose of religion

Purpose of religion and goal of religion always is God union

Learn to understand the true meaning of religion and return back to its original meaning by practicing religion - with or without any name - anything that brings you back to God - anything that re-unites you with God, that leads to God union - is religion. Hence religion and spirituality is one and the same as the goal of true traditional original spirituality is to awake the spiritual truth within and ultimately to gain oneness with God by practicing a precise love oriented meditation technique and by conducting a rightful life devoted in love to God

Meaning and definition of religion

The original OLD meaning of the word religion comes from religare - and means in our modern words re-link, create a tie to God or re-unite with God !

Purpose and goal of religion

If re-link to God is the purpose and goal of religion - of all and every religion - then a true religion MUST include techniques of meditation, simple to understand teachings of love applicable easily in all our daily situations as well as knowledge about the nature of God and how to re-unite WITH God. Re-ligare - re-link - MUST include the OTHER end of the rope - of our tie back - God. religion without a teaching how to achieve God-Union - or Unio Mystico - is a teaching empty of truth and empty of love.

For thousands of years now the gospel, the holy bible as well as many other scriptures have failed to provide the LINK back to God. Teaching about Jesus' many adventures on earth is but a tiny part of Jesus complete teachings. in very early centuries teachings given by Jesus still contained teachings about reincarnation and teachings of meditation, chakras and all related techniques to re-link back to God.

Some Christian traditions maintained such knowledge - however kept in within their circles hidden from the general public. God is God for ALL. God is Love and God wants ALL to return home - Christians or NON-Christians, Muslims or NON-Muslims, Buddhists and Hindu and Atheists - all are children of God - all are children of the divine ONE God - the source of all love and all creation.

The purpose of religion needs to be refreshed by having priests and pastors who KNOW God on the basis of true God realization - on the basis of direct God experiences beyond feeling or seeing spirits from astral worlds. The purpose of all religions needs to be awakened again and included in all teachings given by ANY religion - else religion no longer is true religion but only a teaching of ego for the purpose of serving ego.

God is Love and the first and great commandment is to love all until all are made smiling of happiness as a direct result of your love.

Remember the definition of love:

Lets practice teachings of religion - let's practice teachings to re-link you with God

To practice religion we have to practice first of all Love - God is Love and we are made to his image hence any true religion means to practice love - to become ONE with God we have to BE LIKE God - loving !!

To practice religion we have to practice meditation to find clarity and calmness within - to find peace of mind however we first need to be in peace with ALL our surrounding - with all mankind of all races, religions, traditions, cultures, ethic origins, ... hence love all and hug all, learn to bow to the feet of all by bowing physically to the feet of many. Learn to prove love for all by sharing with many from many foreign places.

To practice religion we need to dissolve ego in love - this clearly is done in Kriya Yoga meditation, by directing divine Love from God into all aspects of our physical and spiritual being - through all doors of our metaphysical being - our chakras.

To practice religion we have to learn to act, feel and behave as ONE family again. here and now on earth before we attempt to be ONE with God. we practice this in our mind, in our heart and in all our activities by inviting foreigners, by welcoming foreigners, by sharing with foreigners of any country or culture, by visiting foreigners of any country or culture.

To practice religion we have to learn to integrate more and more OTHERS into our physical family, to care for others, to re-link our family ties with others, to be ONE family by sharing home, house and bed with others, ... by accepting mixed culture marriage as ONE divine trick to unite ALL children of God into ONE family. opposite sex from different countries may feel attracted and thus act as a tool of God to unite countries, to re-tie our links across the planet from country to country until we are ONE in our mind, ONE in our hearts and ONE in reality - ONE in God - ONE family.

Religion starts by creating peace and a loving environment between husband and wife

No man in love can ever be a killer in war or battlefield or rebellion or crime, no man in love ever want to go to war, no man in love ever can get drunk or high on drugs, no man in love ever can be lazy. Hence the sweetness of his wife gives him the strength to work hard enough to have all in abundance and to substantially contribute to the healing of all creation. The sweet angel love of a wife gives sense, content and purpose to the life of a mortal man - it gives him the strength to dissolve all his limits and give his life for the wellbeing and happiness of his ever growing family of love.

No women in love ever can behave like a witch, no woman in love ever can say NO, no woman in love ever wants to compete against men, no woman in love ever wants to deny love to children or husband. No woman in love ever wants to abort a baby. A woman in love is strong in her heart - strong to give love and to absorb love. strong to heal, strong to absorb aggression and dissolve in love until peace is all over our entire creation.

Priests and pastors need to learn to teach real techniques of religion - to RE-unite all mankind with God

All teaching about God need to be experienced in real life, in carpentering, mechanics, farming, fishing, household, being husband, being father, .. AND in addition to all that - all priests or pastors or spiritual teachers need to KNOW God from personal direct experiences.

Teaching from books lack power to convince and inspire others - teachings from books are of theoretical nature and never need a teacher after the first few years of elementary school. to repeat the words of the scriptures has help nothing at all to prevent world ward 1 or 2 nor Vietnam war or Korean war or Iraq war ... hence it is time to REALLY practice love instead of only preaching books.

Praise the lord - or work and love

To praise the lord is as theoretical as to read the bible or any other holy scripture - to work, to help, to heal, to make happy, to feed, to build houses, to farm, to fish, ... is true applied love - flowing love in real life.

Saying "praise the lord" every few minutes never feeds the hungry ones, nor heals wounds or brings anyone back to God. saying "praise the lord" never has brought any single person back to God - religion is far more than prayer and "praising the lord" - religion is about applied practiced love among all mankind !!! when you have managed to drop a case in court against one of your "enemies" then you have been religious because you have practiced love. when you have divorced from a partner and still can drink a cup of coffee together every now and then - then you have been religious because you have applied true love in your life. when you have burnt an overdue invoice in the fire of love and deleted it - then you have been religious because you have practiced grace and mercy - thus love. when you have given free medical treatment to a patient, repaired a car for free, given free lessons to a poor child, given free bread from your bakery, given a free shirt from your tailor shop, then you have been religious because you have practiced true love in daily life in your job as well.

True love never is proven in church nor in your prayers - true love always is proven in real life !

Teaching mind control, teaching how to get in peace, how to forgive, how to divorce peacefully or how to make happy to all teenagers and married ones alike, teaching how to improve harvest to farmers and fishermen, teaching how to be your own boss and accept full responsibility for all life, teaching by being a living example doing all necessary first.

Such priests, pastors and spiritual teachers however may need many decades of preparation before starting to teach others.

When they then start to teach others on the basis of direct personal experience - hence with the power of a convinced God-realized heart - a heart filled with love that is flowing from God through you into all hearts around you. Such a priest can FEEL energy from God, can talk with God, receive answers from God and thus never needs to use any book again.

Such a priest can teach religion because he can open others for the same experience to make all aware of the absolute reality of life beyond physical plane and physical worlds.

Let's make circles of love - families of love - to share our spiritual techniques, to help to FEEL God and to re-link by dissolving our ego in divine love - step by step - as a family of helpers. With God in mind, with love in our hearts as the only goal of life - we all will succeed to reunite as a holy family.

God is Love - love and only love is the key to God - work is love, help is love, sharing is love, overtime is more love ... until all are one in God ...
then is party time - as ONE family in God - all happy, all smiling.

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