The relativity of human law on earth

Mankind made laws that differ from country to country. If you truly understand this relativity, then you may be willing to accept that everything on earth is relative, and may be is wrong at all. Wrong in the sense of being in disharmony with the Divine nature of God's Love. To make it easier to understand, the author will take a sample that every once of a while occurs again in a number of different countries on earth.

And to further prove this relativity to yourself and fully understand the principle of how a human Ego functions, you may find more samples of different areas of life and activities within your own country and some others that you know. You will see how relative many things on earth are, depending on who looks at it and you may want to learn more about the absolute laws beyond the physical dimension.

To understand the relativity of man-made laws on earth we have a look at a typical situation, that was controversial for a long time on earth. We have a look at sexuality.

In recent times there have been again and again people accused and sentenced to death due to their sexual behaviors. In recent time there was a president of a large large country of North-America. He was accused of having sexual relationship with another person. He denied at first. Much later he admitted. Lawyers made a case out of it. Some people were even asking his removal from his public post as president of that country.

Why did he deny ? Every human knows deep inside (subconsciously) that he is a child of God. A child of God is Divine and never can be guilty. Nobody wants to be guilty, so it is a natural tendency of any accused person to try to be non-guilty, if necessary even by lying.

Everybody wants to make different experiences in order to learn. A huge number of different experiences are necessary in order to spiritually grow up and become a fully awakened soul again. There is nothing like "good" or "bad". Everything is part of God's creation. God is Divine and his Divine nature is Love, nothing but Love in its purest form. There are but a large number of different situations consisting of different energy or vibration. They contribute to the growth of a Divine soul. If a person is allowed to make an experience freely and think about before making it, while making it and thereafter and even talk discuss or exchange experiences with any other person without being accused, the person may feel free enough at any time to change his mind, correct his action or even cancel it completely. Why a person wants to make a number of "weird" experiences that he may even regret right after making them, can easily be explained by the law of karma, but only fully understood in an advanced condition of spiritual awareness that everyone will get anytime he starts to spiritually grow, to consciously learn, practice and apply spiritual laws and divine principles of God's creation.

By doing something that the person assumes to be prohibited, he fails to experience freely and fails to freely think about his plans, actions or discuss with anyone about it. To be able to freely discuss and talk about the very own feeling and thoughts without being accused or condemned, would allow a much faster spiritual development for the entire social society here on earth. Learn from other cultures and apply the learned where you consider it beneficial, without opposing the remainder of experiences that you prefer never to copy. May be you have done some experiences before, and therefore know how they feels like and hence have developed a strong desire to avoid them again.

Now let's go back to the story above. In another country somewhere in Europe, a regional politician, married at that time, started a new Love affair with a woman and finally married her after getting divorced. Sometimes later he became the political leader of that country. Nobody accused him, no lawyer, no court. In that country it was assumed "normal" to change some ones mind even in regard to relationship and Love during a physical incarnation. Therefor this person never had to defend himself or even lie.

Many years earlier there was a princess of a country in Middle East. She was single and in Love with a foreign man. When she tried to escape her country, because she was refused the right to marry or love him in her country, she got caught at the airport of departure. In that country it was normal to sentence this person to death. But because she was a princess, she was "only drowned" to death instead of stoned to death. The death sentence was executed according to that country's law.

All three persons have done basically the same. They have loved another person. In all tree situations the national law of that person has been applied by the lawyers and judges of the court.

For one and the same action you may remain completely loved by your people and your lawyers, or getting into very deep and painful troubles or even being sentenced to death.

This one single example should show you the relativity of human law on earth. Think about it, compare other situations in different countries around. Learn from it and learn to love rather condemn anyone, whatever they do. Love is the smoothest guidance and help in life. By knowing that we all are beloved by our social environment and by God we can make experiences in harmony with God, in harmony with Divine Love. We can progress faster and have less to be dissolved in Love later on when we want to go home to the Divine.

May God's Bliss and Love be your only guidance in life, in your being and your entire existence.

God's love is absolute and will survive relativity on earth.

When mankind has learned to love and accept the truth from others - no-one will ever has to lie again

God is Love

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