Rejection and fear
- if you fear rejection, then learn about the physiology of fear to dissolve your fear in Divine Love

Rejection of any object leads to increasing magnetism toward that object until you are fully absorbed by the object and overwhelmed by its power. This rejection can lead to increasing fear of the object of rejection until the object of rejection has reached you in your life and faces you. Whatever you fear, whatever you reject is attracted by your fear and / or rejection. The more you fear or reject it the more you attract it.

Rejection of anything means rejection of a part of God's divine creation. On your path to God you will learn to love absolutely everything and anything. God loves all of us, all of all his creatures of any kind - human and any and all other - physical and

beyond the physical plane. Absolutely all is made by God and made of God. All is made of Divine Love. ALL.

All experiences serve a Divine purpose. All mankind is learning to see and realize the sense of this Divine purpose.

In the first animated GIF below you see a typical person rejecting or fearing any experience, situation or any object. Let me give you first some examples of typical



The object of fear or rejection is marked in the red symbol outside, the rear or rejection itself is represented by the red symbols inside the ellipse which shows a human lightbody in a simple way. The more you occupy yourself with your rejection and / or fear the greater the attraction of the object of fear / rejection and the greater the possibility to be overrun by it.

Whatever you fear is attracted by you - fills you and eventually may even kill you !

Whatever you fear is what you have caused - what you have done to others

Whatever you fear has been created by you In this present time or any time or any incarnation before - your fears are the karma of your previous deeds of violence against nature, mankind, creation or all humanity in all creation - beyond this planet ! Dissolve in love - to do so LEARN to LOVE first. How to learn to love you will find in the teachings of love.

whatever you fear or reject is attracted by you

Whatever happens to you is what you attract. You will experience whatever you fear or reject until you have learned to dissolve it in Love. this however requires the readiness of approaching the object of fear and rejection and really learn to love it and practice and prove such love.

All mankind - all beings carry a copy or the object of rejection or fear in their own aura - during the course of all incarnations. The more often they focus on this object the greater the magnetism may get until the object has filled your life and your ego completely or until it has been dissolved in Love any time during the course of your incarnations. You may live even one or several incarnations exactly experiencing what you always have feared or rejected. Whatever it may have been.

Rejection against another race on this planet may result in one or several incarnation as a member of exactly that race. Rejection against the opposite sex may result in an incarnation exactly in a body of that gender. Rejection of a particular religion may result in finding friends or getting married to a person of that religion, ... or similar solutions to help you to dissolve all in divine Love that you have failed to otherwise dissolve in Love on your own.

By the end of any such attracted experience you will notice "I am" - "I survived it all" - and when you truly succeed on your path of Love you may even realize that it has been an experience of Love given by God to you as an answer to one of your previous prayers or just to help you on your path of Love to God. Your inner most core of your soul is anchored in God and always has been so. Hence you always are in absolute safety, whatever may "happen" to you. You will safely survive all your own experiences, all your own karma and all encounters with fear or rejection. But you may learn that fear and rejection can be avoided - hence all the emotional and mental stress involved with fear and rejection can easily be avoided.

Open yourself to God and learn to fully absorb the fear or rejection you carry within yourself in your aura. Focus on the object of fear or rejection and open yourself continuously to God through your Sahasrara Chakra on top of your head. Sahasrara Chakra is your door to God. Absorb the fear or rejection that is within your aura and be ready to encounter the object of fear or rejection in Love and with Love. when facing your object of rejection or fear while being fully open to God and loving at the same time, all is dissolved in Love and freedom is the result. Freedom of any rejection and fear. To have dissolved all your rejections against anything and to have dissolved any fear of anything can only be achieved by the help of true opening to God.

This opening to God is achieved as a result of deep prayers and true readiness to have faith in God and truly encounter, meet, touch and absorb the object of fear or rejection. You will finally dissolve all fear and rejection by experiencing the object in one way or another. If you choose a path of Love you may give the experience to God and have God dissolve it in Love for you - within you.

the following animated graphic shows how this looks and feels like. Practice it in your life in any situation of your life and you may soon feel and experience how much easier life is getting by approaching everything with Love and dissolve anything in Divine Love. God is within everything you ever encounter. It is but your wrong or distorted perception that may temporary prevent your from realizing the Love within all around and inside you. It is but your very own and personal imagination that can cause any distorted perception and pain resulting from such distortion of your awareness and perception.

Dissolve in love

Every cause you have against anyone, every painful memory - all - can be dissolve with below technique !

But you need to be willing and ready to love all. One single being in entire creation excluded from your love may make this method inefficient and obsolete ! Only true love can heal - limited love is ego love - hence fake love.

Dissolving in Love makes life much easier and enjoyable for all.

The animated graphic above shows you how the physiology of dissolving in Love works. Switch on your connection to God by loving all, by opening fully to all experiences waiting on you. Pray to God to experience but Love and to receive the gift of Divine Love in all and any situation toward all. Be ready to love all - whatever they do or whatever they have done - to you or anyone else.

God is Love

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God is Love

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