Quality and Quality Consciousness

The quality of your work reflects the quality consciousness in your love as well

the quality conscious you display and practice in your job is directly proportional to your readiness to truly love in a really divine way while eternally improving the quality and manifestations of your divine love toward all and everyone.

the quality you provide in all your services and products is directly proportional to the quality of your love in all possible manifestations - physical as well as metaphysical or spiritual ! YOU and all humans around you - your employers, employees and co-workers, customers and suppliers - can easily MEASURE the quality of all your action and work.use the quality standards and measure methods to get feedback for YOUR spiritual attitude and learn to make adjustments as needed. the quality you receive can never be higher than the quality you give ( law of karma ). if you want to achieve God union you have to be willing to learn to provide best possible quality of anything you do.

above as below - inside like outside

whatever you do here on earth is what you would do back home - are you sure the quality standards YOU set for YOURSELF is high enough to match the quality of all your divine family at home waiting for you - ready to GIVE you ALL they have and ready to RECEIVE from you all YOU have to give ?

are you always doing and giving the very best possible - in LOVING all others and God ?

hat has quality with spirituality to do - you may ask now ... a LOT !!!

if people are ready to perform or produce top quality or at least above average quality in all they do - they reflect in their material world their innermost ability and acquired potential to make HAPPY ! quality consciousness is a direct aspect of LOVE. love as well has many variations of manifestations. to be very precise love has an infinite number of possible manifestations. and each of this infinite number of manifestations of true divine love can again be displayed in an infinite number of DIFFERENT ways. depending on temporary attitude and purpose of your service or products and depending on HOW much you want to help, please and make happy when you do what you do you can add to any product and service a different amount of love. and depending on how MUCH you want to help and please and make happy you need a lesser or greater quality of your product or service.

to make it short - the better your overall quality consciousness in your daily work, recreation, sport - the greater is your permanent readiness to provide the BEST possible quality of LOVE as well. quality consciousness is something that you either have or NOT. when you have a true devotion to quality - then you have it in all you do - including in LOVE and of course love also includes SEX. quality consciousness in your daily life directly reflects on our spiritual being as well and is expressed by a more divine, more refined and more efficient LOVE. love in its absolute manifestations of a God realized person can be expressed in an infinite number of ways

LOVE always HEALS !!

however only those material services and products that DIRECTLY and SOLELY are used to improve the overall SPIRITUAL knowledge and development of all ALL mankind toward finding their way home to God are of true and valuable spiritual nature. all other services aiming at making profits or just for the sake of developing something new, exciting or different are of ZERO spiritual content and value and most of the time of spiritually destructive nature. destruction can be manifold. many products and services - almost all of today's industrial products and services - are aiming at profits, expansion or influence, creating or increasing customer basis and repeat business - repeat business often is the result of DEPENDENCY. today's car manufacturers have zero interest of making a lasting car - a lasting car can only be sold once in a lifetime. industry however wants people to be little happy but more importantly coming back for updates, upgrades, maintenance and repair and finally after a while for a total replacement. industry has understood that people need to be satisfied - however they most of the time provide minimum satisfaction resulting in the need to buy accessories and upgrades to gain more satisfaction.

the quality consciousness is far underdeveloped on this planet. the quality consciousness is as much developed as the readiness to love and nothing but LOVE. how developed on THIS planet is the readiness to JUST LOVE - nothing but LOVE in all and every and any situation of life ?? the answer is very easy and can even more clearly be given by pointing out the multitude of the manifestation of the OPPOSITE of love on this planet

God gave us all FREEDOM - freedom is the single most powerful expression of love that he ever can give us. WE all who have developed ego and such ego has restricted the freedom of ALL down to near ZERO as an expression of near total absence of any true divine expression of LOVE.

if you want to improve the overall quality of life - then you have to improve the overall quality of ALL your services and products. whatever you do - and if you do little or nothing - then it is time to START providing a quality service or product to all those around you. it's time to IMPROVE the quality consciousness in anything and all you ever do. while NOW we are on earth to learn the very essential lessons of divine eternal life - we learn NOW for eternity !!! anything you develop HERE and KNOW on earth in this very materialistic world can and will be of spiritual value later on in your truly spiritual future - for eternity.

your creativity in producing ever better, safer and more fun services and products automatically leads to YOUR ability to love better and in more FUN ways - ...


the divine power of love can achieve all and everything. divine power of love of a single being is stronger than any combined forces of ego !

Why be on the loser side if you can be an eternal winner - a true eternal divine lover ! that's what God intended YOU to be when he made mankind to his image.

God is Love
Love heart
Love heart

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God is Love

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