Pregnancy as a gift of love from God

Pregnancy is a gift of love!
A baby is a gift from God

A pregnancy is one of the most valuable spiritual lesson for any female and has the single greatest impact of any event in a normal life on earth. Of course pregnancy also affects the father, but far more the mother. Some key-lessons for the father are contained in totally different situations of life. Men and women while being made FOR each other are made totally different with different lessons in life - all are important for both. All lessons should be learned and experienced together. Whatever you do together joins you - whatever you experience separately may separate you.

There are a few different reasons that may make a pregnancy for a woman mandatory. There are very essential spiritual lessons that can only be learned and proved by actually having a physical child or many children.

Here some of the major spiritual reasons for a pregnancy:

A pregnancy of love within a loving relationship

There is little to say about such pregnancy. God loves to have many children because many children means many sources of joy in life. Having beloved babies in a loving relationship is a most beautiful experience. Since we all are made to the image of God, we also enjoy what God enjoys - many babies growing up and creating joy of life for all of us at any age.

But there are many others reasons why a pregnancy may be required for the benefit of any or all of the parents involved as well as all society.

Pregnancy as an emergency infusion of love

If a woman is blocked to receive love, blocked as a result of rejection, female pride, retaliation or missing spiritual progress ... to receive true love from a partner and from God as well, then the soul itself is in danger. The soul as much as the physical body needs food. Nutrition for a soul can only be love nothing else but true love from a partner and or from God. A pregnancy is an "emergency infusion of love"! Any baby, even "non-spiritual" babies always are far more open to give and receive love than the vast majority of all adults - men and women alike ! Hence in all situations a pregnancy is an emergency procedure initiated from God to help the mother. A pregnant mother of course still sometimes uses her option of abortion - of full denial of the hand offered by God for various reasons. One such reason may be to be pregnant from the "wrong" partner. But here again that particular mother may have refused or rejected another first and best option offered by God a relationship with her very own eternal partner or any most suitable spiritual partner for one incarnation. Hence for such mothers to be a baby is a God sent physical and spiritual source of true love as well as one to receive love - love needs to flow - in both directions and any woman also needs someone to give love to. In emergencies these love recipients are babies. Babies are highly qualified to receive love. A baby never can receive too much love - only too little. Just like any partner never can be loved to much only too little !! The baby acts as a love teacher. If you can keep a baby happy all the tine - ALL the time - then you can keep anyone happy all the time - even your eternal partner !!!

A pregnancy helps to grow strong and free

Many young men and women are far too dependent from their own parents - financially, living quarters and advice. It is so nice to be spoiled, to come home in a finished and cleaned up household, to sit down on a prepared table ... Many forget how much hard work is needed to finance all that. Being dependent from own parents in several ways also prohibits being ready one day for your own partner. To earn a relationship you need to work for it. You need to grow free and strong, strong enough to support your very own life including any expenses you ever may have. You first need to know how much is involved in maintaining a household before being mature enough to truly enjoy and maintain your own relationship.

A pregnancy instantly creates the need for freedom from any influence your parents and any outside sources still may have in your life. The ones paying for your life are the ones influencing your life and all your decisions. That is the price of remaining dependent on others. The price for laziness and lack of control over your very own life. A pregnancy creates an instant need to make your very own decisions. Every normal mother and father instantly mature one huge step as soon as they become aware of the arriving baby.

There is no way back to God without having grown strong and free. To be strong and to be free is a preparatory step before even starting your first true spiritual steps toward going home !!! There is no way to make anyone happy before being free and strong - and it's all about love, about learning to make happy here on earth. It's all about love and being loved. Only free and strong people can be loved and make happy.

A pregnancy can make a women humble and open her heart

Female pride is one of the worst female illnesses and a pregnancy is one of the very best and most powerful cures for female pride. Any mother wants to love her baby in one way or another. Every mother wants to spoil her baby, to make her baby happy. This however requires any mother - specially single mothers - to ask for help, to beg for help, to lower and totally dissolve any pride and accept whatever is offered to them - for the wellbeing and welfare of their own beloved baby.

In many situations a pregnancy can be the only powerful and loving healing method to fully reduce or heal female pride. A proud woman never can make happy - actually she consciously refuses to make happy. However to receive all the support and love needed to make her baby happy she also needs to learn to give love, to make happy. A pregnancy creates the need for teamwork, to join forces together with others, hopefully with the father but also many around to make life for the baby easier and enjoyable. Hence the pregnancy is the learning and teaching environment for opening your heart toward all - in both directions !!!

A pregnancy may make aware of being in a totally wrong relationship ! Millions are in the wrong relationship. Here on earth as well in entire creation - for quite a while !!!

A pregnancy to make aware of your wrong relationship

In a happy and truly loving relationship a pregnancy makes both parents happy. However in a wrong relationship a sudden pregnancy may make aware of being in a disaster relationship rather than a relationship for life.

Being in a wrong relationship often is the result of weakness to get out of a wrong relationship in time. Being in a wrong relationship also may be the result of wrong reasons for a relationship. Pity for a weak partner, karma with that partner, laziness to do all homework and household alone, stinginess to pay full household all on your own, hence being in a relationship just for the purpose of sharing all cost of living to save money or simply loneliness - hunger for love from any source because the God given source may be too difficult for a lazy or proud ego to rich ... Many other false reasons cause humans to be in wrong relationship.

A sudden pregnancy in a totally wrong situation wakes up and may cause intense actions - now at a much higher price - to be undertaken. Abortion is the wrongest of all choices with the highest of all prices!

Whatever the cause of pregnancy - the resulting baby and all situations resulting are always a blessed help forward on the spiritual path to God. A pregnancy and the coming many years with the baby and growing up children always are most valuable sources of spiritual lessons that never can be replaced by anything else but oneness with God at best.

No other lesson or situation on earth ever can replace the spiritual content of love that a pregnancy brings to all involved !!!

A pregnancy always is guided and blessed by God and should be accepted as a gift of love from God.

After all the previous and more loving choices you ever have been given by God that you may have refused or rejected to accept - a pregnancy is the single most powerful and most loving help God can offer you on a purely physical level to learn and practice to love and to make happy as well as to be loved.

God is Love
Love heart
Love heart

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