Physiology of Love

There is but ONE Love - Divine Love flowing from God through all levels of your being - as sexual, physical Love from men to women and from women to men as well. All is but Love - expressed on different levels of creation - on different levels of our very own soul's manifestation all problems on any level always have a root in the deepest spiritual inside and thus always should be healed by dissolving spiritual causes. This needs to be done on the physical level as well - as all physical behavior is a direct reflection of our spiritual problems and blockages.

Love needs to flow. Through all Chakras from God through all levels of your lightbody into your physical body and back to God. Through all levels also means through any level existing - NOW - while on earth it also includes the physical level. Excluding or limiting the flow in one single part for any given reason will automatically reduce the overall quantity of Love to flow in all other levels !

A perfect and completely free flow of Love requires the two aspects of Love

Giving includes anything, everything and all. Money, food, clothes, your work or the products of your physical work, innovations, inventions, patents, semen, milk and metaphysical Love from females breasts and the Chakras associated with each breast, Love, tenderness, all your body, thoughts, emotions, talking about all your experiences, thoughts and emotions to anyone and all - just remember that ALL are affected by your aura, hence ALL have a right to know about the problems and energies that affect them -, giving shelter, and more.

As you see it includes ALL and anything at any time to anyone in need. However you truly need to learn to give anything and all of the above mentioned in a truly loving attitude. All you ever give should be given with Love. It should be a direct reflection of the purest Divine Love from the Divine core of your soul - Love from God flowing through all your manifestations of your soul toward the one in need. It always needs to be a free gift from the deepest and innermost core of your heart and soul. A gift with the only purpose of making others happy. To be a gift of Love - a Divine gift - it must be absolutely free of any expectations or conditions of any kind.

Receiving includes anything, everything and all. Money, food, clothes, the help or work or the products of work from others. Innovations, inventions, patents, semen, milk and metaphysical Love from females breasts and the Chakras associated with each breast, Love, tenderness, receiving all parts of the body of your beloved ones, listening to the words, thoughts, emotions of others, accepting shelter, accepting help and gifts of any kind from all and anyone offering you in Love what you need in your deepest inside. It always needs to be a free gift from the deepest and innermost core of the heart and soul of the giving part to be considered a gift of Love and to become acceptable by anyone and all. A gift with the only purpose of making you happy. A gift just to please you and tell you I love you in a very individual way - the way YOU need most.

NOW - these seconds - we all have a physical body - astral body - causal body in addition to all higher levels of manifestation.

These above mentioned bodies are the proof of you having karma and or having very serious spiritual blockages. If you are free of karma and free of potential blockages you will be free of ALL 3 above mentioned bodies - hence you will be very close to achieving God-union.

From your thorough and intense study of ALL previous chapters and texts of the Cyberspace Ashram and the resulting deep understanding of kundalini shakti in male and female bodies you remember that a given Chakra in a male body is rotating the opposite direction from the same Chakra in a female body. And you also remember that this only can result in a flow of energy from male to female and from female to male. In Divine souls having a female or male body and facing each other while loving each other - Love flows from God through the bodies and from male to female and from female to male and back to God - all simultaneously. This simultaneous flow of Divine Love requires a very high degree of proficiency in

just as mentioned before in detail.

Such Divine flow of Love may result in ecstasies of Love while being in a physical body. It also may result in spontaneous samadhi - just as a result of Love flowing through you. Such Divine Love that is allowed to actively flow through you always is uplifting to both - the lover and the beloved one at the same time. This is the kind of samadhi most often experienced in Christian traditions where developing Divine Love is the single most important teaching having been brought to mankind. Ecstasies of Love are the result of just focusing on Love throughout all part of your life - in all and any situation of your daily life. In family and relationship, in business, recreation, politics, ...

To even better understand the physiology of Love within a relationship between male and female you should really understand that all God ever has created is done in Love - just for Love - nothing but Love - all God ever created and creates has a deep meaning of Love for the pleasure and benefit of all creation - of all and any creature he ever created.

If we look at the physical part of our body we always find an exact physiological counterpart in our light body. Always. Our light body is a mirror of our physical body and our physical body hence also a mirror of our light body.

The light body existed first. Then due to more accumulated blockages resulting in even more karma, the denser bodies came to existence until we found ourselves in a physical body. Blockages of absolutely any and every kind ALWAYS have the roots in deep spiritual blockages but also manifest in our physical behavior.

For a relationship between male and female - the opening to give Love is the penis - everything has its root in deeper, spiritual levels ...

hence there also must be a Chakra associated with the penis - such as for the breasts of females. Yes of course there is. In the astral body you see NO penis but only light and a very special Chakra - most of the time closed - but when ready to give Love it opens and rotates and radiates Love toward the one in need - the partner.

Love needs to flow - hence where does this Love now flow ? This special Chakra finds its receiving opening deep inside the vagina of the female physical body - at the entrance of the uterus. While the penis is deep inside the vagina, both Chakras should be fully open - the male Chakra open to fully give ALL - the female Chakra open to fully receive ALL. If this occurs simultaneously - ecstasies of Love occurs among the two loving partners as their two light-bodies become one - even for extended periods of many minutes or hours. If this opening is only partial on one or both partners then a short ecstasy called orgasm occurs.

If you have any problem in your relationship - in your love life - with your sexuality - then sexual therapies may be the most wrong therapy at all. The root cause of any sexual problem is a spiritual problem of giving and receiving all to all and from all - this very basic steps must be brought to balance first then Love starts to flow again and overall happiness starts to reoccur in your life. Viagra and all similar medication have but a direct affect on local organs - while leaving all root causes. If however you dissolve all root causes on the deeper spiritual level by re-establishing a healthy balance of giving and receiving - then all Love starts to flow again - of course also on the physical or sexual level - as these are but pure reflections of your spiritual problems, spiritual blockages, spiritual illnesses. Dissolve greed and stinginess, laziness, selflessness, shyness, anger, and all other selfish behavior of your God-separating ego and happiness starts to occur in your life as a result of ever increasing flow of Love to all - from all.

To finalize this topic.

All our problems have their roots in deeper spiritual levels of our being. Once we have completely learned our lessons in a physical body - that means once we truly have learned to

We suddenly may find ourselves free of blockages that create karma and we by then have learned again to love to the extent to be able to almost instantly dissolve any and all karma we ever have created. Since we are open for Love from all - we also are open for Love from God and for the quests for grace and mercy from our previous enemies as well. Since at the same time we are we open to absolutely all - we become mature to apply grace and mercy to all and ask all for grace and mercy from all - all includes God as well.

Have grace and mercy upon all means love all - ask for grace and mercy from all means accept love from all.

Here on earth while having a physical body we learn all these basic lessons - and we may learn them to the perfection of being able to instantly become ONE with God after our last breath on earth.

God's Love

is infinite and can dissolve all and anything that ever could separate us from our Divine father. But even if you decide away from God for a while - as part of your free will to decide whatever you want - at least you may find yourself in a situation free of any gross karma to be attached or imprisoned in another physical body and you may more freely continue to live in a higher and more spiritual sphere. More freely means there still are many limitations in your freedom - as only complete oneness with God frees a soul completely and eternally - but your possibilities to learn and live more happily are almost infinitely better than here on earth while living in a physical body. The most loving and wisest of all decisions you ever can realize however is to achieve complete God-union as directly and lovingly as possible. It leads to the fullest possible enlightenment possible and helps you to do whatever you want to do in perfect harmony with God's Divine Love.

The basic steps of giving and receiving as outlined earlier in this chapter however apply to ALL levels of the entire creation. Seven within Divine relationships in an astral body, causal body or while using the soul as a vehicle the basic principle of opening for the love from and to another being remains the very same. What we may start to learn here in our life - including our sexual life - is what we all are learning and practicing anyway one day BEFORE reaching God-union.

Love between two souls always flows - any two light-bodies can become one in Love such as any soul can merge with God. The denser the bodies the less energy / Love flows while merging with each other. This reduction in possible Love to flow is only created by our spiritual blockages and restrictions in giving and receiving ALL.

Ecstasies of Love may occur when two loving partners are equally open for both parts of Love - the giving and receiving part as well as for God at the same time. Then is is but Divine pure Love from God flowing through both loving partners.

Please note that all souls being on earth now have to learn all these basic steps. Whether you are practicing Kriya Yoga or any other spiritual technique or just developing Divine Love - the lessons are the same - just the methods of achieving the goals may differ. Some may be more direct, others more intellectual at the beginning, others more technical, and again others easy to make by all.

You may easily combine Kriya Yoga or any other spiritual technique with developing Divine love in all parts of your life. In fact it leads to the greatest push forward - because it is applied spirituality - while many spiritual traditions on its own are only theoretical parts of life - leaving the disciple many hours free of any guidance. With Kriya Yoga you apply Divine Love directly to your spiritual blockages deep inside you - creating more and more opening for Divine Love to flow through all aspects of your life - in relationship, business, family, recreation, politics, .... and if you then really live and use this additional opening of Love from and to all - you may further assist all others around you to improve in their spiritual development and progress on their path of Love.

Love needs to flow - on ALL levels !! The more Love flows - the more healing and uplifting occurs - for the benefit of all.

You are part of ALL as well !!

God is Love

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God is Love

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