Kriya Pranayama - prana and physical breathing

Now it is time to become more spiritual and start to prepare for the final version of Kriya Pranayama. In this present situation you should now have learned to breath at a cycle of 1 to 2 breaths per minute to fully combine each basic cycle of Kriya Pranayama with a single breath. Breathing in while moving up with OM and breathing out while moving down with OM.

If you master this to a very high level of perfection and have reached a level of performing more than dozen kriya at a time you can now safely start to combine your physical breathing with prana breathing.

Mankind is a spiritual being and so are you a spiritual being - spiritual beings can live on light - provided their body is properly prepared to do so. Breathing prana will create a further purification of all your physical body and burn up any waste and debris of various toxins in your physical body

Prana breathing is done through the front side of Vishuddha chakra as shown in the graphic below.

pranayama - breathing of prana

If you do the previous state to a sufficient degree, prana breathing may start any time on its own as it is a normal state for any human. You may start prana breathing anytime before this point but latest at this time by now. It is initiated quite easily by concentrating during normal Kriya Pranayama on your front-side of the Vishuddha chakra and open for any prana to flow through that chakra into your light body. You may create an inhalation of prana by concentrating on that chakra and concentrate to actually inhale PRANA through it. whatever you concentrate on will realize. Your concentration by this time of your advanced Kriya Yoga practice of many thousands of hours - your control of prana has reached a state where you can start to learn to control the flow of prana by the power of your will and through the means of perfect concentration on the goal you want to achieved. This all needs to be done in a open attitude - open and fully devoted for God - and in a completely relaxed manner.

For a few weeks you may need to concentrate on this new addition to your Kriya Pranayama - then it will work on its own. With every inhalation concentrate on prana to flow into Vishuddha chakra. You should have by now an awareness of energy flowing through your chakras and through your body. You may perceive it differently - but usually it is perceived either as vibration, or it feels like air-flow through your body. sometimes it is perceived as cold or hot. It will balance as you progress further with your implication of yama and niyama. Yama and niyama still is the key to your spiritual progress - even at this time - it will remain the key for several years to come - until you have reached your very first and complete Godunion during Nirbikalpa Samadhi.

When practicing prana breathing during your Kriya Pranayama for several minutes - you will feel more and more vibration in your entire lightbody. All your lightbody will start to vibrate as a result of the increasing amount of prana flowing into you. As a result of this increased prana you start to feel more awake even during meditation. At this point your physical breathing starts to slow even further or it becomes increasingly more shallow. This is the normal result of the increased prana flowing into your body. Even your physical body benefits from this increased prana and the physical body now requests less and less oxygen from the inhaled air - the result is the slower or shallower breathing while at the same time your overall well-being starts to increase.

After a few thousand or several thousand hours of successfully practicing prana breathing during your Kriya Pranayama while at the same time continuously increasing the number of Kriyas performed each day, you may then reach the point where finally the true Kriya Pranayama STARTS. To reach this point you may now practice 6 - 12 hours of Kriya Pranayama each day or even more !!

For the first year of Kriya Yoga you have increased about ONE kriya per month. Then you may increase by ONE kriya every 2 to 3 weeks until your reach about 24 to 30 Kriyas per day per Kriya Yoga session on a regular basis. Healthy food and healthy lifestyle now is extremely important for your further spiritual success and progress - as much as an increased drive to improve the purity of your Love. Your faith in God should be absolute as a result of your Love for God and your desire to become ONE with God.

God is Love - one of the most powerful mantram on this planet - may at certain times be of additional help for you. Remember it at the right time and use it - wit All Love and Bliss from God flowing into you as a result of the use of this divine and powerful mantram. You may need all Love and Bliss to make your spiritual progress as efficient and easy as possible. you have a divine birthright to accept and open yourself for all help ever offered to you from all sides. from Saints, Gurus and of course from God directly. Please accept all this Love and Bliss it is for your spiritual well-being and for the well-being of all mankind on earth and beyond.

At this point an extended retreat of several months or longer may now be advised as soon as possible. An truly spiritual ashram or a retreat on your own just YOU and GOD in a quiet place. God will guide you - later you will know why this is important. It is for your personal and spiritual benefit to follow this advise and to fully accept God's divine guidance that you should latest by now perceive intuitively. God is your Guru - Please follow all his loving guidance - it is for your very best and the very best of all others somehow related with you.

God is Love

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