Relative personal perception compared to absolute Divine perception

Fears, expectations, education, cultures, desires, preoccupation, opinions, judgments and many other factors may contribute to the present distortion of personal perception. The following chapter shows you with animated graphics how this distortion works. Kriya Yoga and the development of Divine Love in all situations of Life toward all beings is the solution to such distortion in perception.

Darkness - lacking any clear perception within an ego

personal perception

In the above graphic you see typical relative personal perception of an environment.

The animated graphic above shows your center of awareness surrounded by the sum of:

Your aura may be filled more or less completely with expectations, fears, rejections, compensatory behavior, longings. Thus all or most of your actions and reactions may be affected by such imprints in your own aura.

It further shows more toward the center: leftovers from previous incarnations, aversion, rejection, attachments, fears, open desires - the sum of all karma.

If your surrounding are as colorful as this planet is, looking at the different situations, experiences, adventures, persons, animals, your entire environment that surrounds you - you may actually see but what you have inside your own personal aura.

All energies approaching you are approaching you through all your fears, rejection, attachments, longings, desires, etc. hence it is your own world that you perceive most or even solely. Your own world consists of the sum of all karma created in this as well as any previous incarnation plus any fears, rejections, desires, doubts, etc. that you carry along with you. All this needs to be dissolved in divine Love. On day, later, anytime - or NOW ! the sooner you start the sooner you will start to see all from the absolute point of view and the sooner you will have learned to handle all life with Love. ALL.

The black dot in the very center represents what you see or perceive. It is the sum of all within you plus what approaches you from your surroundings. The center of awareness and perception is filled of Spiritual darkness - the opposite of enlightenment.

The following animated graphic shall show you what happens if you would be in a divine environment, having nothing but God around you !! All you might perceive is again a reflection of your fears, expectation, desires, ...

Blurred personal perception resulting in fake results

personal perception

If however you are free of all imprints and influences from this and all previous incarnations, if all your aura is emptied of any fear, rejection, wanting, desires, attachment, expectations, wrong images about others, then you are really enlightened and can perceive the absolute truth - whatever it may be. When you have reached such a state, you surely can perceive God in everything, you can perceive all his divine Love in all your surroundings and within. in ALL.

The following graphic may show you how this is

Divine perception

divine perception

A enlightened soul is Divine and free of any expectations, rejections, ... such a soul has realized God-consciousness. If this soul focuses on red it perceived red. If it focuses on violet it sees violet and if it focuses on dark green sees such. As shown in the animated graphic above. A free soul always is one with God in its innermost being and its consciousness. Always. the innermost being of any soul is free of chakras. It merges with God like a drop merges with the ocean.

This is the normal condition of all mankind on earth and beyond. Of absolutely all. It is possible for you and all others to reach such a divine state of perception and awareness. Even here on earth. Perception of the absolute truth is important. It frees you of all that ever has separated you from others and God and still may for some time until you decide to make all necessary changes. Kriya Yoga is one path leading to that goal. It is a very scientific path and in combination with Karma Yoga and the development of Divine Love a very efficient one. Soon you may be ready to join the path to God - as soon as you are ready to love all and dissolve all in Love.

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