How to establish peace within yourself and around yourself

Peace and freedom are the nutrients for love to grow and a feeling of well being to develop

Peace is one of the fundamental basis for real happiness in your life

To truly understand the word peace within and and in your outside life as well, we may first have a quick look at the opposite:

Mankind often is stressed by appointments with police, lawyers, courts, emotional turmoil is created by mental fighting, arguing with family members, employees and employers, customers, these and many others factors in life may deprive you from the feeling of real peace of mind within and peace in your outside life as well. For example in a few months you may have an appointment with a lawyer, a lawsuit filed against you for an argument you may have had a few months ago. Almost daily your mind is occupied with the possible outgoing of this case. Week after week, month after month. Just because of YOUR action, words or decision that you made within a single minute or less, you may experience months or even years of emotional stress.

How could such a situation come to existence at first ? It always boils down to the very same point. It is your Ego that has caused this situation. The lack of Love and missing capability to love all any time and in all situations. If you want to defend your position, mental fighting and emotional turmoil may be the result. Any kind of fighting for a particular position, whether verbal, mental, emotional or physical causes Karma and emotional stress. Many people nowadays are killing emotional stress by using drugs, alcohol or tranquilizer. This however simply postpones the real work of re-establishing peace through love to any later date, even any later incarnation. Medication always postpones a possible solution to stress, a change of life, change of attitude toward others, change of behavior toward others, even a change of your living place, employment, or your country of residence may be necessary. Tormenting areas of living may have been necessary to make you aware of the importance of peace, freedom and love in your life and life in general. Therefore your Karma may have been leading you into such situations of emotional stress and mental or physical fighting. This is the way Karma may cause spiritual progress by making you aware of negative attitudes and behavior with little or no love around you. Once you have become aware of the importance of peace of mind within yourself and others and are ready to establish peace and love within yourself and others at any price, then it may be time to totally change the situation and environment of life for you and your family.

On your way to God you will learn to create and maintain peace in your life as well as within the life of others. Here some important and helpful points to follow:

Any emotional turmoil, struggle, fighting always involves at least 2 persons. Someone else plus YOU !! You may never change the behavior of others, but you certainly are the only person in charge to control and change yourself. Next time someone wants to start an argument, just skip it, LOVE instead. Turn inward toward God. Open your Sahasraram Chakra on top of your head - the door to God - and ask for Love to flow through you. Pray to God and ask him to help you to remain calm, peaceful and loving in all situations. Keep yourself focused on God and peace will be within yourself in any outside condition.

Next time anyone wants to file a lawsuit against you, stop arguing, stop responding to the charges, LOVE. And of course learn to never cause anything that ever could lead to any lawsuit or argument. Refrain from discussions, arguments and fighting with others. Refrain from defending your points. It all causes but emotional stress and turmoil. Fighting for your cause is a proof of weakness. If you remain quiet while others strive to argue or fight with you, you display real strength and at the same time refuse to give them any "ammunition" to continue their fighting. Remember: any fighting of any kind always requires at least 2 persons to be involved. If you can but love, no one ever can fight or argue with you.

Discussions are a mental fight of the egos involved. Stop discussing. Truth is absolute and never can be discussed. Anything that can be discussed lacks of truth and should be dropped. Truth can be understood and explained but never discussed.

There is an absolute point to everything in life. Learn to see everything from that absolute point of view and leave others their opinion. Strive for the awareness of absolute truth in all your live. Pray to God to perceive but truth and drop all personal opinion and start to perceive Divine truth being shown to you by God if you open yourself for the truth. The truth may be different than anything else you ever have thought, but it creates peace and love. Truth is Divine and absolute.

Respond to any talk only, if you have been directly and clearly invited to do so. Keep yourself out of other peoples arguments and discussion unless you have been asked for your opinion. Leave situations where people are just looking for the next occasion to jump at someone and tear him verbally apart. There always are people who like - and may be need - some fighting situations for their very personal experiences. It should be left to them if they wish so. But yourself are free to become free of any involvement in such situations. Just leave the place. If asked, you may say that you return when the situation is peaceful again. Go for a walk or continue working, but keep yourself focused on LOVE within yourself.

Stop discussing about people who are absent. Talking about people always has a great potential to create confusion and misunderstandings that may later on be clarified with lots of efforts. This happens because most people never remember ALL the true facts, hence they may add something personal which might be offending or just a lye. The lesser you say, the lesser needs to be corrected later on. The consciousness of mankind within a physical body is far from perfect. You may safely assume that only 80% or less of all you remember may be correct to the point. If the other person listening to you again remembers only 80% of what you said, then there is a multiplication of 80% x 80% equals 64%. That means the other person telling someone else what you have said may forward only 64% of the truth, the rest may be imagination, lies or fantasy. Hence if that other person goes to forward the same story about you, ..... Do you realize what it ends up ? It causes confusion, turmoil and lots to correct. If you say 100% of the truth you always feel well. Always talk about situations that you have personally witnessed. And only if you really are sure it is for the benefit of all and you have been asked to do so. it sometimes is more wise to remain quiet even if you could add some true facts - from your point of view - to a particular discussion or situation.

Stop accusing any other person whatever the reason and cause may be. Because even if you are an eye witness, you only witnessed a very small fraction of it. You only witnessed a few seconds, minutes or hours, a glimpse from eternity. The remainder of the story however is known to God. And God never accuses or judges anyone. He may have a good and real reason for that. And we humans on earth may copy this behavior and stop accusing anyone for whatever reason. Because one day you may find yourself at the other side of the story and encounter others accusing you. And YOU then know that these people know and understand only a tiny little part of all the story.

Mental turmoil also is created by watching or reading aggressive stories in the TV or in newspapers, books, magazines. Any tormenting story causes such energies within yourself. Whenever you somehow get involved with aggression, with arguments, violence mental or physical, you always tend to absorb such energy within yourself and create or even amplify this vibration.

Whatever you do - keep your attention focused on LOVE and peaceful situations. Withdraw all your attention and awareness from such situations and project them toward something really positive and loving, such as toward the image of God, a Saint or by applying the Mantram OM. You may create instantly a feeling of LOVE by repeating the Mantram OM for a several minutes, at a rate of about 1 OM per 5 - 10 seconds. Concentrate yourself on the third eye within and imagine that the powerful and healing vibration of OM is entering your body, your aura from that point toward the outside of the body including all of your aura. Like if you drop a stone in the center of a quiet pond and create concentric waves moving across the water of the pond from the center to the boundaries of the pond. The same way can the powerful and healing vibration of this Mantram, that puts you in direct contact to God, get across your soul, across all your being including your present Ego.

Creating peace is easy, but you need to focus on anything that causes peace within. Peace is the result of absence of any mental, physical or emotional turmoil within or around yourself. Hence if you like peace of mind, peace in life, peace in your country, get involved in love, creating freedom, harmony, healing and silence. Peace will be the result in your life. Be in peace with all including yourself. It is a wonderful condition, a natural condition for any child of God - made to the image of God.

Create peace in your life and support the peace of others

by fully focusing on Love all the time

anywhere and in all situations.

God is Love

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God is Love

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