Parents and the relationship to their children
through the course of incarnations

Children having fun catching fish for the family
Children having fun catching fish for the family

Parents have the single greatest influence for our present incarnation

from any physical point of view

we may never change our parents and the way they have grown us up

however we may change our very own attitude toward our parents

and dissolve in love any painful memory from our childhood

because often our parents and the parents behavior

is the direct product of our very own behavior during previous incarnations ! ! !

From the physical point of view, all of us have been imprinted by the behavior of our parents in one way or another. However we shall always remember that we ourselves have chosen our parents as the best possible place and environment to incarnate. This is done according to our own karma and for the spiritual benefit of our soul. Our own karma has always been the direct and only product of our own free choice we have ever made or omitted to make.

Many children when growing up accuse their own parents of wrong doing during their educational period while being a child. however many of the children have educated their own parents in a previous incarnation, sometimes even in the last incarnation as their own grandfather.

Let's have a close look how this can become possible and it is a true fact in many present families. we make it simple so you may safely and fully understand the principle of reincarnation that often is realized even within families.

Per definition, the same color of a symbol means the same soul in different incarnations. One symbol representing father, the other one representing the mother. Let's have a look at blue and red. Now imagine that you may be the soul represented by the blue color, your present partner by the red color, and your present father or mother by pink and gray.

It may be but love bringing you together. But it may also be hate, jealousy or envy that might have brought you together. Whatever you ever did to your own children, may one day come back to you. Either from the same soul or any other soul with a similar behavioral pattern as yours.

That means that quite often you have been teaching your father and / or mother in a previous incarnation to be the way they still were during your own childhood in your present incarnation. You showed them how to grow up children by growing them up previously. Now it may be time to take full responsibility for your previous action and behavior, for your previous way to educate your children. Learn from it and if you think there might be anything to change - change it NOW.

If your childhood has been painful in one way or another, just remember that the same pain has been caused to your parents before and it might be you who caused it personally to them. The Karma coming back to the soul causing it, usually is much less than the Karma actually caused by that soul. The difference is dissolved by the Love and Grace from God and other loving souls praying for all mankind. The only way to heal all this wounds that survive all incarnations is with the power of Divine Love.

Parents should learn to be loving hosts for their children, because they have decided to become parents, by having sex with each others while having the Karma of attracting another soul into their family. While children should be loving guests in the house of their present parents and always keep in mind that they selected themselves this very house, family and situation where to reincarnate. Even if the family is aggressive, poor or excessively rich, or the parents may become separated or divorced it still is part of their Karma and lessons as such minor things always are known in advance before reincarnating. Such more difficult situations are part of spiritually growing and learning. It is in "heaven", in God that we will find our eternal home - it never was planned to experience heaven on earth.

If YOU want to spiritually grow - you have to grow beyond and above the influence and imprints of your earthly parents under the guidance and with the LOVE of your heavenly parents and God !!

Learning to love your parents also leads to realizing to love yourself, as your parents may be an image of yourself.

God is Love

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