Spiritual meaning of oral sex

Love is a gift from God

Oral sex proves true and full acceptance of the partner as a sexual divine love partner

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How to prove true love versus Ego love

To better understand the later explanation - I will start with a short description of the exact OPPOSITE that is practiced in MOST relationships.

Millions of husbands USE and ABUSE their wives

and of course millions of women use their husbands for similar reasons - such as:

... ego has developed many such or similar ABUSES of partners. abuses FAR away from true love. often such marriages are accompanied by weird marriage contracts and finally often end in a traumatic and most of the time expensive divorce that takes place much too late. such abuse of partner can of course also be found among and between TRUE eternal partners - as a punishment and revenge for earlier "failures" !!!

just keep in mind the principle of samyama !! if you play a certain ego-role long enough - then you may become that role. that means you play a weak or helpless and suddenly you really may be weak and helpless. what once a long time may have started as a game to attract may have NOW turned into temporary reality of your being.

Spiritual instructions will guide you to success in love and relationship

Whatever leads to better love and being a better lover - also leads to God !!!

Your true and sincere spiritual development will be the best instructions how to be a better lover and truly loving partner

While many may search for short cut to happiness, true love is the only truly happy making power - if you follow all the instructions given on this entire website - then you will achieve freedom in God and at the same time as you progress following all instructions, you also will be a far much better partner - more loving because true love from the bottom of your innermost heart starts to flow toward and into your partner. At the very same time, the more spirituality you develop, the easier it is for you to fully absorb all love from your partner - absorbing your partners love makes your partner love-worthy and feeling good. A never ending circle of love starts - the more your partner is happy - the more you can be happy, the more you are happy - the more your partner will be happy ...

the true purpose of an eternal relationship and her on earth of a possible temporary marriage is to

You want to "test" your partners love ? Here the final point of this chapter - a true love test:

True love between husband and wife - between one man and one woman who decided to LIVE and share all life together means that BOTH can BOW to the very deepest inside of the partner ! it also means that BOTH can fully accept the true love in its original polarity of opposite sex and fully ABSORB such love within. hence true love requires both being fully open to GIVE all and to fully accept ALL from the partner.

In oral sex - to fully absorb means that a girl loves to drink and swallow the semen and enjoy the semen of her man as a delicious heavenly aphrodisiac. A man will drink and enjoy the female love flowing from her breast - a man will love to drink her breast milk. For a truly loving lover kissing the pussy of his wife is a pleasure, since the pussy of a truly loving angel girl smells and tastes like a exotic and sexy flower.

this full acceptance in LOVE is proven by bowing to the true eternal being within your partner you fully respect and love in his present manifestation as a sexual being of OPPOSITE sex / opposite polarity !

in many cultures oral sex in such a traditional ritual way has been known and practiced for thousands of years - and is published in ancient literature such as kamasutra tantra and other teachings. at the same time some extreme cultures and religions such as Islam have suppressed the angel like sexuality of all women and refused women the right to enjoy love through the God made means of sexuality.

hence any women having passed one or several incarnations in Muslim cultures - in Islam - before or now - may find herself blocked to relax and enjoy true divine love as expressed by her husband. such extreme damages as a result of extreme previous or current incarnations can only be healed by God. Kriya Yoga in its far advanced stage will open for such divine healing by God !

oral sex can never be played or simulated - only the true bowing in LOVE to the partner as described above can result in true joy and spiritual healing and hence in an enhancement of your love within the present relationship !

The success of oral sex - hence creating true pleasure while practicing oral sex as well as your own joy of practicing oral sex depends only of the sincerity of your love. the truly loving one always will really enjoy receiving oral sex or giving oral sex. Oral sex practiced with love leads to an easy and fast orgasm in both - men and women.

Fake oral sex - i.e. sex practiced without true love or without true pleasure for the practicing one leads to no orgasm from oral sex or to difficulties in experiencing orgasm from oral sex or delayed orgasm from oral sex !

may divine bliss and love be with you and give you the strength, purity of love and divinity to dissolve in love anything and all that might still be separating you at this very moment. observe your very own present attitude and feelings toward your present partner and make proper adjustments OR give total freedom to your partner.

either YOU make your partner fully happy, NOW ! - OR - YOU divorce instantly to allow your partner to find true love and absolute eternal happiness, relationship and spiritual support with an other person of opposite sex.

while many more searching a replacement for this FULL acceptance as the being you are - as the true sexual being God made - searching in career, in better positions, more money, degrees and diplomas, ... anything material but true love is finally but a weak substitute for the ultimate LOVING acceptance by of the simple spiritual and sexual being within your present body. the more missing such true love in in the manifestation of LOVING oral sex is - the more intense that person looks for more and more substitutes.

however there are many things money can buy - even commercial (oral) sex - both nothing can buy or even temporarily replace true divine, sweet love between truly spiritual partners !! only YOUR true LOVE can attract and free your partner's true love !

Instructions how to give oral sex

Now you may want to know how to give oral sex ? Are you sure to have fully understood the spiritual meaning of oral sex ? The practice of true spiritual oral sex is very easy and difficult at the same time. The full spiritual content of the Cyberspace Ashram is to teach you how to change your attitude - how to dissolve your ego - the detailed instructions and techniques offered will dissolve blockages and ego and free your innermost knowledge given by God on how to love - how to make love in all situations of life.

I make it easy on me and you - I give you a very precise example and very precise instructions to follow exactly if you want to be successful - a teaching and learning example you can observe every day thousands of times if you want and take the time to learn. You always have to consider that loving, giving love and accepting love - is the result of SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT and never can be a question of techniques !!! The true innermost spiritual meaning never can be faked. Either you have true love for your partner or you lack maturity to truly love!

To learn how to love your partner or how to accept love from your partner - look at small babies !!!

This giving love and accepting love is to be learned by adults again. Become like children - as the bible says ... learn to enjoy in your heart and learn to give love from the bottom of your divine heart.

If you watch babies many different babies - then you can feel what it feels like, you can learn again to re-create the inner attitude you had when you where a baby - made to love and made to give and receive joy of love.

Such exactly are the most precise instructions or teachings of how to perform oral sex I can give to you - it only depends on the sincerity of your desire to make happy and to allow your partner to make you happy.

The capability of making happy or being able to allow others to make you happy is a question of inner attitude and never a question of techniques, however all the teachings and very particularly the techniques and teachings of Kriya Yoga will help you to fine tune your inner attitude in full harmony with God - to enable you to give and receive love like angels - even here on earth in a physical body.

Oral sex means being able to bow to the divine sexual being of your partner ! ALL will learn it one day to re-develop and heal a true love-link and relationship of divine love between husband + wife.

How can you make your wife give you oral sex?
How can you make your husband give you oral sex?

You never can enforce true love FROM your partner - but you can desire to GIVE true love TO your partner and if your partner feels in love with you and feels loved by you then he or she will prove true love to you to make you feel loved. If you are sure to truly love your partner and if it is a true sincere pleasure to make her / him happy - and the partner still fails to make you feel loved, then it is time for either a marriage therapy or a new partner. All have the divine right to be loved and to feel to be in love.

The innermost spiritual meaning of oral sex is of utmost importance for the happiness between husband and wife. It is a most important proof of love between partners. There is absolutely no substitute and no exception - a relationship without absolute and full acceptance is meaningless and worthless - a waste of life. Relationships without true absolute acceptance of each other as a divine partner need to be dissolved in love and divorced soonest. Each and every person has a divine right to be truly loved and fully accepted as a God made partner of love - made to love, made to be loved!

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