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Let's start to be a source of happiness

Roses of love to trigger your love

are you missing TRUE happiness in your life ? if you say NO - if you say "yes I am completely happy" - may be you are cheating yourself. there is no single person ON THIS Planet who is happy to the very fullest possible extent ! NOT ONE single person !

hence we learn to fully understand the physiology of happiness - and we start "Operation happiness" in our life.

first we have to go back in history and look a t a few things that went wrong in EARLY stages of human creation - MILLIONS of years back.

in ALL our life - ever since we have been created - it all was about LOVE.

LOVE always was the single most important factor in our life - because we are made of love - made to love - made to the image of God, our divine father. God is Love ! hence WE are Love as well ! but are we really LOVING beings HERE and NOW on earth ? NO !

if WE would be loving beings - their would be

an very ancient times, in early time of OUR creation; - some of us left our partners - our partners started revenge and retaliation, because the missed our LOVE and became weak and helpless. forgetting more and more to solve all problems in love, forgetting more and more to HELP each other, to support each other AND to actively CONTRIBUTE to each other's HAPPINESS.

punishment started as a result of jealousy - jealousy started because at the beginning of OUR creation WE had little or no experience about LOVE. LOVE is the result of more than TRILLIONS of years (earthly time ) in evolution and development and accumulated experiences of God's entire creation.


at the beginning ALL was energy - out of energy God made mankind - and everything else. God gave ambitions, interests, curiosity do develop and evolve, divine gifts and potential powers within. God gave us all the potential HE has. BUT we needed to grow into our divine being, we needed to get used to use divine power and since God gave us freedom - we made many mistakes at the very beginning or our existence. mistakes that split all creation into tiny little universes ( tiny compared to the united oneness of divine creation we once have been and we WILL be soon again - after we finished our learning to love here and now on earth.

Most - almost ALL - of this behavior of jealousy, revenge and retaliation still persist in OUR today's life and partnership. how much of retaliation persists in today's world may easily be seen by looking at the amount of hatred and retaliation and violence developed AFTER September 11th 2001 ! instead of seriously thinking about why this happened people started blindfoldedly to kill and take revenge instead of solving and healing in love the damage that has occurred as a result of damage that has been done to OTHERS first. many of us are in a partnership or relationship to PREVENT our partner from finding his true happiness. we want to POSSESS a person to PREVENT him from being truly happy !

Any disbelieve ? just look at all the families and relationship around YOU and tell yourself - are they all REALLY in LOVE with each others ? in SWEET LOVE ? are YOU truly looking into their hearts , in depth ? or do you want to look away from all the UNHAPPINESS around you ?

Some important questions for YOU:

a very substantial percentage of this world's income, labor, manpower and resources is being used for the manifold manifestations of WAR - police, army, "law and order", defense, aggression, political campaigns, control, espionage, setting up and defending any kind of borders and separations between humans and humans and nature.

if a similar amount of energy, investments, resources and expertise would be directed toward creating true lasting eternal happiness and love within ALL, including re-establishing a direct and conscious LINK from each and all of us TO GOD - then love and happiness WILL prevail in the near future again.

healing the wounds of past or present destruction, punishment and retaliation needs MONEY, time and ALL our resource. peace never is the result of time - peace and healing always is the result of our conscious EFFORT toward achieving healing of the relationships of ALL.

if YOU start to spend a substantial amount of YOUR time and efforts to help others getting happy in their LOVE LIFE, of others finding and getting together with their beloved one - then one day YOU may find OTHERS helping YOU to find YOUR happiness, to find YOUR love and beloved ones.

it's NEVER about what others do - it is about what YOU do - HERE and NOW. if you continue thinking "but others don't help me why should I help others, then you fail on YOUR search for love and happiness ! YOU are the one to START and persist in all your efforts to create happiness, to dissolve any and all possible obstacles among mankind and in entire creation that prevent the FREE FLOW of love. love needs to flow. love needs to flow between all in a divine way. all need to get together again with our true beloved ones, ail have a divine right of BEING HAPPY and that requires being together with the one OUR heart and soul selected. the one God gave us. we all have a divine right for ETERNAL HAPPINESS.

it is YOU the one to start to re-establish happiness and free flow of love among all your neighbors, family members, friends AND enemies, among ALL !

let's start "operation happiness" by spending MUCH more of all our efforts in establishing and promoting solutions of love. in all situations of life. we have to to this in s scientific method, using ALL our spiritual resources and spiritual power within our souls. we have to learn to be ready to use ALL our available AND all our potential resources of any kind - time, knowledge, skills, expertise in any field, music, songs, publications, speeches, workshops, seminars, the healing power of flowers, money, food, material goods to reduce suffering of any kind.

to find the right and powerful motivation we may have to travel to OTHER countries and other cultures to SEE and FEEL others - to see how much suffering and lack of LOVE we have on this planet and how much work we have for decades to establish peace and love again among all mankind and all creation the sooner we start - the sooner YOU can look into loving smiling eyes.

I - myself - can only be happy if I look into smiling, loving, happy eyes ! what about YOU - can you be happy by looking into sad or crying eyes - or do YOU avoid looking into sad eyes by LOOKING AWAY or wearing sunglasses all the time ? are you ESCAPING reality on earth and creation by HIDING yourself inside your tiny little world of illusions and dreams - YOUR illusions and YOUR dreams ?

I love my father to be happy - I feel like my father - hence I know he only can be happy when ALL are happy !

since YOU are made to his image as well - YOU may find YOUR happiness and YOUR love after YOU have established happiness in others as well. think about that and act accordingly. YOUR help is needed most urgently - HERE and NOW on this very planet. on your temporary home - temporary for any number of incarnations until you have learned ALL your lessons - lessons of LOVE - to LOVE again ALL.

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