Our environment and the relationship between mankind and nature

Life  amidst nature

The purpose of nature and how we can re-establish a healthy relationship to our natural environment on the planet earth.

First let's understand one single most important fact and absolute truth:

Nature can live easily, happily and in a very healthy way thousands of years without mankind. At the present state of environmental pollution created by the so called "civilization" nature can live infinitely better without mankind. If the present pollution and modification of our planet's natural environment, forests, rain forest and energy-system continues - then mankind is going into a secure but painful global suicide of the entire physical population of this planet.

Mankind in its present physical state will die within seconds or hours if all nature is destroyed to a sufficient degree. We mankind need nature in its original - God-made - form to live healthy and to even physically survive at all to successfully continue and complete out open lessons before we can live freed of our physical body in a purely spiritual world of Divine Love.

Nature is made and directly controlled by God. Most parts of nature - animals, plants, trees, minerals - have a very precise function to fulfill. This function has been assigned by God and serves mankind to live and heal our permanent damage we ever have started to cause to ourselves as well as our planet-schoolhouse. While we mankind have freedom of choice, freedom to do whatever we want to do - most parts of nature has NO freedom but is designated to serve a very precise plan. Most parts of nature MUST follow that plan precisely to fulfill God's Divine plan on earth.

This nature's serving mankind means that nature obeys God's plan - in no way it ever was meant to serve us mankind as slaves! Nature is our friend, helping us constantly since many thousands of years. Nature is providing natural and healthy food in abundance if proper procedures and care is applied by mankind. Nature is providing us with natural resources to build shelters and live comfortably. Nature is supplying us with all really necessary goods we truly need to spiritually progress and find our way back to God.

Nature was never meant to be exploited to the extent we do it at present since the last few centuries and particularly during the last several decades. Nature was intended to be common property of ALL mankind - never to be property of individuals, institutions, organizations, bodies of any kind or governments. Nature is owned by God only and always belongs to God.

Mankind should learn to live in a free and loving cooperation with nature. Mankind should learn to listen and talk to nature again as it has been done for thousands of years some time ago and in some small cultural circles still is done at present. It is important that we humans integrate fully into nature rather than imposing our will on nature. Instead of killing trees when constructing our houses or roads where we want the house or road to be - we should learn again to integrate our smaller houses and smaller roads into nature, between trees and profit from natural energies and shelter provided for free by nature to all of us.

The purpose of nature is to provide mankind with:

  1. balancing energies, healing energies - of various kind
  2. heal all damages and traces mankind constantly makes while living on earth

In addition to that nature "job" is to:

  1. dissolve and decompose all our debris in a natural way
  2. keep or establish a natural equilibrium within itself during the course of permanent changes that are imposed by the continuous evolution of mankind's spiritual state of awareness

All nature is made to assist and control itself. To establish a healthy energy system on this planet and to keep spiritual progress going on. All animals - from microorganism to huge mammals as whales or elephants - have a very precise function in God's Divine plan and are fulfilling successfully this plan - as long as mankind keeps his influence in interception out of nature. The more mankind affects nature the more nature is struggling and fighting to re-establish the balance that we - mankind - destroyed and continue to destroy at present. Nature is controlling itself under DIRECT and sole influence and guidance from God. Nature always is striving to establish the most perfect and most healthy state on this planet.

It is mankind's destructive impact on the entire environment on all animals, plants, trees and minerals that causes great harm to nature and our health as well. Is is this ego-made impact on nature that causes natural balance to get out of control and to cause natural disasters. Natural disasters - storms, hurricanes, flooding, heavy rain, thunderstorms, fire, earthquake - all these and other similar disasters are but the result of mankind's impact on nature through the power of our violent thoughts, emotions and deeds. Our thoughts and emotions are radiated around the entire planet and sometimes beyond. Violent, selfish or destructive thoughts and emotions (fantasies) are causing great turbulences and tensions in the entire atmospheric system of our planet. Natural disasters of the many kind we encounter them on this planet earth are but a relief of such great tensions and turbulences - a relief needed to prevent the destruction of the entire planetarian energy system and our temporary living home for the duration of our educational stay here on earth.

In order to protect our environment and support nature and God to re-establish a healthy environment on this planet, we - mankind - should:

  1. Live in much smaller houses - fully integrated into nature. Millions of people in "third world countries" can do so and often are much more happy in their social structure than the so called "civilized first world" is doing.
  2. Protect or re-establish the God-made natural state and condition of all nature
  3. Learn to conduct a far more resource-conscious way of living and to use resources completely free of any abuse, misuse or waste
  4. Learn to use natural biological energies in a fully - 100% - safe way rather than abusing dangerous artificial energy sources
  5. Reduce our energy consumption to what we really need for our spiritual benefit and learning process while being guests on this planet
  6. Live from vegetarian resources rather than through our killing and causing pain to nature
  7. Let nature grow, expand and heal where ever nature wants to be active - on its own
  8. Stop using ANY chemical pesticides and / or herbicides for any reason, any cause or any purpose
  9. Protect and re-establish the freedom of the entire nature, including all animals of any kind kept in cages, houses, farms or other forms of imprisonment and slavery
  10. Stop using animals as your working slaves - whatever you want to be done - do it with your own body, feet and hands or use environmental conscious technology to do it in harmony with God's Love
  11. Protect all our natural resources including pure air and pure natural water - spring water and / or ground water
  12. Protect nature even if this environmental consciousness may cost you a fortune - no money in the world can turn the moon in a greenhouse - no money in the world could ever turn a deserted planet earth again in the greenhouse God made it for you and your pleasant learning experience on earth
Beautiful God made nature is a treasure of love

Be aware that WE mankind truly need nature to exist, but nature never needed us to exist. We have been behaving more and more destructive and detrimental to our planetarian environment for thousands of years - nature and the entire environment only has been healing us ever since nature was created by God.

All animals in water, in the air or in the soil of any kind or nature, all plants, weeds, bushes and trees, all minerals - are living organism - they all are conscious and are developing while fulfilling God's Divine plan for us. Learn to be thankful to God and all nature he created, love nature, protect nature, re-establish natures freedom to develop its own way of living and healing. Reduce the surface of soil you are occupying with your home, business, roads, streets, buildings to what you can occupy personally - including your personal family, at any time and permanently with your own physical body and return the remaining wasted surface to nature or others to reduce future buildings and to help reduce future waste of nature and natural resources.

May God and his infinite Divine Love help you to fully understand the relationship between nature and mankind and assist you in developing a healthy and loving attitude toward the entire natural environment - as God made it for us.

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