Schizophrenia - Multiple personalities

Some common names used for the same disorder of multiple personalities manifestations are:

  1. personality disorder
  2. schizophrenia
  3. multiple personalities
  4. antisocial personality disorder
  5. split personality
  6. dementia praecox
  7. multiple personality disorder

All these names or denominations mean the same and manifest the same way !

Definition of schizophrenia or multiple personalities disorder

Schizophrenia - Multiple personalities has many faces of manifestations. First a definition of schizophrenia or multiple personalities disorder from a spiritual point of view.

A person suffering from schizophrenia - Multiple personalities - has at different times of his life, changing in seconds, minutes or days totally different manifestations of personality aspects. Just like being a totally different person within that body ! Acting differently, reacting differently, behaving differently, even speaking, dressing, or eating differently - all aspects of his personality may be affected including social behavior and relationship or love live / sexual behavior may be affected.

An adult may suddenly behave like a child, a male like a female, a female like a male, a friendly person aggressive, .. most of all it needs to be remembered that actually even a TOTAL change of all personality may occur - at least for a while !

Causes for the sudden manifestation of schizophrenia or multiple personalities

There are 2 major causes for a person to display or live a different personality. These are:
  1. an empty or abandoned physical body being temporarily free to be possessed or occupied by other astral beings
  2. suppressed parts of the own divine personality as a result of miseducation or traditions that suppress the full manifestations of all aspects of divine personality

Now we look closer to the 2 above groups


Schizophrenia as a result of an empty or abandoned physical body being temporarily free

a body without a soul or a soul partially absent is potentially free of "occupation" or "possession" by another being.

Keep in mind that a physical body is but a temporary home for our spiritual being - like a car that can have ONE owner but several driver IF the owner abandons or NEGLECTS his car. If a soul neglects the body given by God or rejects full and proper USE of that body to LEARN and do what needs to be learned - then we may find ourselves in this situation. Many are and most of the time nobody notices it - because people are used to be careless about OTHERS !

often as a result of extreme denial to accept the daily lives challenges and spiritual lessons offered. But also as a result of "day dreaming" resulting of being "far away" - in reality often such day dreamers are really OUT of body and only linked to the physical body without really occupying that body in full leaving that body OPEN and available to any OTHER soul or astral body needing OR WANTING a particular experience that the particular body can offer. Persons being in very difficult situations, in totally "wrong" situations as a result of wrong decisions or as a result of absence of decisions a person may reject the actual environment and persons involved in that environment. A person being in wrong profession or wrong relationship may day dream so far and so intensely AWAY from the actual physical body and environment that an out of body experience may occur. With millions or more of OTHER astral bodies from deceased ones, from relatives, friends OR enemies around and just waiting for an opportunity to use again a physical body as a result of "unfinished business" and UNSOLVED attachments and open problems to continue a part time physical activity. Persons who deceased may have MANY more opportunities to live and act in astral or HIGHER worlds - however some lower activities such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, fighting, and others are unique to our physical world of only. Prone to such kind of BODY-ABUSE are weak persons, weak personalities, God separated persons, persons practicing magic practices, drug or alcohol addicts and more.

Multiple personalities as result of suppressed parts of the own divine personality

Here we find most of modern manifestations of schizophrenia or multiple personalities disorders. Church, school, cultures, parents, teachers, newspapers, politicians, spiritual teachings, bible and more sources tell us what to do - or better what is "sin" and what NOT to do ...

As a result, dozens of millions of humans presently on earth suppress more of their innermost divine being than living it. However, whatever you suppress still is acting WITHIN - like a boiling steam cooking pot ! suppressed emotions ARE energy and such energy is ACTING on your physical body as well. Much of such acting suppressed emotions or suppressed HUNGER for love and certain experiences lead to severe - even fatal - illnesses, such as pneumonia, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis and many other very severe illnesses of past and present times.

Since this is the easiest group to help for a change and full healing, let's have an in-depth look at a few precise examples. To better understand the causes - you need to understand the following spiritual facts about eternal life:

Where is the root of schizophrenia or multiple personalities disorder

Roots of schizophrenia in business behavior

Where or when do the problems start that cause you to suppress part of your inner true being and hence resulting in suppression ?

In modern life even more than in earlier centuries - people often rape themselves - rape in a different way than sexually ! People sell their ideals just for the sake of making business, making profits, gaining popularity, gaining a public office position for a while, becoming boss or CEO of a company - even if that company or jobs is against all inner moral ideals.

Such persons tend to "separate" their job or profession from their family life or private life. As a result - they use titles at job, even do business under a different name - a company name, or a fiction name, a nick name, an artist name, a name used ONLY to do business.

After business hours - they change name - use their family or first name and think now all is fine and back to normal. however - such behavior is already ONE precise manifestation of multiple personalities - one personality for business and another one for private life.

With the common laws allowing to do business under another name than the real personal name - hence doing business or acting under a company name for example "Inc. Ltd." - we see already 2 spiritual problems occurring. an Incorporation is neutral by name - hence that owner of such business separates himself in full from the company - and the second purely spiritual problem is that some laws in countries around the world allow persons to do HUGE business in millions or even billions of $ volume - but with a limited liability and hence also limited / restricted responsibility for all actions, reactions and results - including damages - from such business companies and industrial activities.

The law of karma applies to all - owners of an "Inc. Ltd." as much as to a one man or family business

While MILLIONS of humans enjoy huge business and success on a financial level without having to worry for any damage possibly caused by their actions or business causing possible damage or pollution to others or the entire environment - from the spiritual point of view such worldly laws strongly delay the spiritual learning ALL have to go through !

We all have to learn to accept FULL, absolute and eternal responsibility for ALL our actions of any kind, our thoughts, emotions, hate, love, failures, ventures, tests and experiments, ...

By fully accepting responsibility you learn faster and more thorough all your spiritual lessons while doing smaller business of course - but business of a kind that remains directly controllable and manageable by YOU directly and very physically and personally !!!

Hiding beyond company names, business titles or positions NEVER frees of even the very smallest part of spiritual karmic responsibility and liability.

Roots of schizophrenia in sport

Many millions have suppressed aggressions. Aggressions as a result of UNLEARNED or more precisely UNRECOGNIZED karma and unrecognized spiritual lessons to learn to TRULY love. But also as a direct result of lack of forgiveness due to missing opening FOR God. Aggressions as a result of previous "harm" done by anyone, as a result of previous violence experience from a stronger opponent, aggression received from groups, authorities, in war, and many other situations of our present daily life on earth.

such unrecognized lessons that remain open to be recognized, learned and applied - are like energy bundles within our being acting, boiling and tormenting us. As a result we seek relief in a "legal" activity of "legal" violence ...

such as:

such energies are precisely acting like physical energies and if the sum of given aggressive energy equals the sum of received aggression or violence - that particular part of personality is neutralized and expires.

You may safely compare such inner emotional suppressed energy with a precise amount of acid or gas. You may apply acid to any matter and it causes a certain amount of damage depending on the mass or volume and nature of the acid - then the acid stops to act and is neutralized - or expired.

The same with a particular quantity of gas - it burns - causes a precise heat damage then when all gas is used up and all matter has turned into ash, the flames stop and such is the nature of such inner suppressed emotional energy within billions of humans.

Suppressed emotional energy within human body and within human aura causes damage WITHIN - hence all those being forced to suppress by their environment search for relief in different ways. While many of such a.m. ways appear legal from worldly point of view - for example it is legal for a soldier to kill and such killing may relief THAT soldier from his own feeling of inferiority by knowing that he appears to have managed to destroy his "enemy" - from the spiritual point of view he may then slide into a far different and much more damaging situation - feeling guilty OR suppressing any memories of such past action by indulging in alcoholism or drugs.

Memories itself are energy as well and keep on acting - as nightmares .. unless these nightmares are suppressed again with another drug or silencer.


Such energy NEVER can really be suppressed forever - it can only be suppressed temporarily by another outside force applied to that individual victim.

There is BUT ONE truly divine solution in all situations of suppressed emotions or suppressed parts of personality - to dissolve it in the fire of divine love !!! For example - if you have killed as a soldier - you may attempt to suppress any memory even until you die - yet all memories still survive within you and are taken along in your causal body and spiritual body. However by suppressing any memory - you also suppress or delay any opportunity TO LEARN from your past - to learn from any possible mistake, to learn from mistakes made BY OTHERS ...

And you may repeat such precise mistake or action of violence again and again until you have peace and courage to look at all you do or did and learn from it - after learning you keep th essence and drop or dissolve all memories in divine love. Such processes of learning results in spiritual maturity and finally in wisdom to prevent such or similar and even totally different experiences eternally by giving you matured common sense to recognize any potential of harm to self or others in the future as well.

A mistake or pain once caused to anyone that leads to maturity, wisdom and inner strength to LOVE all in all situations hence no longer can be sin or mistake it has turned into a fortune of experiences for the benefit of all creation for the remainder of eternity.

Before you can learn what is "good" in the sense of:

as opposed to all experiences that cause pain or suffering or damage of any kind to any part of creation - such judgment needs common sense, intuition, peace and tranquility to THINK and talk about experiences openly and if needed even in public.

The longer we suppress emotions or experiences - the stronger the desire to find a "niche" to manifest and turn free before causing any damage to our being or body.

Where do we find proof of manifestations of schizophrenia or multiple personalities disorders in our present daily life ??

Several modern manifestations of true spiritual multiple personality disorders as a result of suppressed part or manifestations of your inner being can be observed nowadays. Here a few most frequent ones:

Why do people nowadays use so many different nick names or fake eMail addresses ?

Because they either:

How to solve or heal manifestations of multiple personalities ?

Honesty and spiritual orientation in a humble and simple life style will help you to avoid even the slightest potential need of any multiple personality manifestations. The smaller your business, the easier your activities, the better it is for you to fully identify yourself with ALL your actions.

In a truly loving, spiritual and God oriented society all people can be the way they want to be, the way they feel to be, even to experiment with love new life styles and new behavior patters without having to disguise his true and ONE eternal identity.

All need to learn to do what they FEEL is good for them and all others, using common sense and intuition - anything that feels good, sounds good, tastes good, smells good - most likely IS good. Hence learn to follow your INNER guidance and live ONE personality doing ALL you want to do with one real true and clear identity.

Whatever exceeds that ONE frame of identity or personality most likely may need to BE DISSOLVED in love rather than to be suppressed OR to be expressed in hiding. Limit ALL your action to what you can do in public, while looking into the peoples eyes, face to face, with a good consciousness and nothing but love in your heart and you will never need to hide behind fakes and nicks and numbers. Remember that one day - sooner or later - you will face all your past action anyway - the more loving they are, the more spiritual they are, the more you have cleaned up your own mess BEFORE that moment - the easier it will be for you to face the truth of you past.

If you HAVE such manifestations of multiple personalities or fake personalities - for example in chat rooms or doing eMail business or eMail communication - clean up your may names and identities and use but ONE eMail address and one identity for ALL your activities. Consolidate all identities and personalities into ONE single ID and BE THAT ONE person. The one name you have received from your parents - that is normally the one you use until your present incarnation expires. Get in peace with THAT one person - its you ! the true YOU - invite God to be inside and to help you to learn ALL parts of your divine being and learn to manifest it - no matter what your country may say. Whatever you do in harmony with God and with nothing but LOVE in your heart and mind can be but divine !

God is love - you are made to the image of God

You are love - to learn and practice that truth you are here on earth

Love is all that matters - to love is the only true and absolute lessons this planet has to offer you

All you do in love and with love can always be done with your true identity

all else where you need a different disguising identity is of non-spiritual, damaging or criminal nature and should be dropped.

God is Love

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God is Love

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