Mudras are Seals of Nadis

Yoni Mudra and Prayer Mudra

More Mudras are explained in separate chapters. See Kechari Mudra | Maha Mudra | Shambhavi Mudra

Seals of Nadis to achieve a particular and desired condition of the energy system of your light body - resulting in a change of physical body, mind and emotions

From various spiritual traditions and from Hatha Yoga many mudras are known and practiced for various purposes. For Kriya Yoga and the path of Love to God only a few select ones are needed. These are listed here and described either here or in the appropriate chapter.

We will have a look at one well known mudra - Yoni Mudra used to reduce distraction and to increase harmony and balance within during the beginning years of meditation practices. Below we have a graphic showing a hand with its typical and most important chakras. Each fingertip has one chakra and near the center of the palm of your hand there are two chakras shown - one to receive, the other one to send LOVE. Hence the word "healing touch". Of course there are many more chakras in the fingers. Each finger tip has one receiving and one sending chakras. The receiving is used for sensing metaphysical energies - like illnesses in a body (lightbody) and more. Some of the shown point below are well known in acupuncture as acupuncture points as well. Most of the acupuncture points are small chakras.

hand chakras - yoni mudra

Hand chakras

The next graphic below shows the other 5 points to seal with these fingers to perform Yoni Mudra. They are at these exact locations. When becoming sensitive for metaphysical energy as a result of advanced spiritual progress on Your path to God, your will start to sense thousands of minor chakras and nadis on your body. The one chakra right on top of your eye - actually exactly inside your pupils is very strong. It radiates a "light-beam" similar to a infrared light beam. to read (received) and to send (Love) it sometimes is called the door to your soul. Looking in someone's eyes creates a deep and intense contact between the two souls. It is a good practice to look into other persons eyes as it helps to send and receive Love between the two souls and hence to dissolve anything that might be between the two souls that could separate them due to their present ego.

yoni mudra

Performing this mudra facilitates peace within by reducing the distraction from outside. As these chakras are used to receive information from the metaphysical world surrounding you, this information received may cause turmoil within you - by causing your emotions to boil or your thoughts to jump :-))).

Using the proper 5 fingers in the right positions of your head - on both sides simultaneously of course - creates more peace within. this is commonly used to enhance the progress and improve the results in achieving deep and silent meditations during the beginning years of meditation-practices. The final position of Yoni Mudra is shown below.

yoni mudra

Yoni Mudra

Yoni Mudra is done with both hands on both sides of your face as shown below. When fully concentrating with all your attention, all your awareness in your kutashta you may do this Yoni Mudra for as long as it is comfortable to you - usually 15 to 30 minutes or more at a time. God will hold your arms up to do it if you allow God to assist you !! God always helps you to reach him !!! Always - and all his beloved children. The graphic below shows a perfect Yoni Mudra.

yoni mudra

Yoni Mudra

Maha Mudra is shown in a separate chapter. Now we have a look at another very commonly used Mudra - used for prayers and also during conversations - the Prayer Mudra. By folding our hands in the way shown below we completely seal off all our fingertip chakras to be in ONENESS within our self. It helps to reduce distraction that might be caused by any facing person we are talking to and it helps to concentrate better toward inward to consciously perceive intuition and Divine guidance from within.

prayer mudra

Prayer Mudra

In any advanced stage of meditation - this is one of the most commonly applied Mudra for your hands. For example after extended practice of Yoni Mudra; - you may drop your hands and fold them as shown in the graphic above.

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