Movies, books and stories

How they impact your peace of mind and spiritual development as well as all your family members and beyond

Have you ever noticed any difference in the quality of your sleep, your dreams, your peace of mind as a result of what movie you are watching before going to bed, what story you are listening to or what book you are reading the last minutes or hours before falling asleep ?

You remember the chapter about the principle of Samyama. Whatever your mind gets occupied with is filling your mind and aura. Hence we - those who write books, stories or create games and movies are fully responsible for any result of that. By creating aggressive stories, movies, games - we promote aggression within our neighborhood, children and anyone who somehow gets in contact with it.

As Divine Children of God - made to his image - we have the very same full potential. We all have an infinite potential that we now on our path of spiritual experiences through the different spheres are exploring and learning to handle in Love and with Divine wisdom. We all have - and most of us still manifest - the potential of killing. Hundreds of millions still kill on a daily basis for various reasons. Some may claim to kill in the name of any religion, others may claim to kill to protect "their" property, country, culture, family. Most however continue on a daily basis to kill for their food. Killing is and remains killing - their never can be any true and absolute justification for any kind of killing by anyone at all. Whether you hire on a daily basis commercial killers like soldiers, policemen or slaughters - it all remains the same as if you were killing yourself in person. Whether you kill a cow, chicken, fish, your neighbor, your child or an "enemy" - it all is and remains the same.

Hence since we display and live on a daily basis a wide potential of different feelings, emotions, thoughts and action. We need to become aware of it and we also need to learn to recognize all different factors creating the root of particular vibrations - quality of thoughts as the beginning of action.

In today's world of TV watching all over the world, or reading comics, playing computer games, reading books, .... we all may become affected by the quality and content of what we focus on. Those who make these stories and movies may try to say that these stories are for adults only. But even when made for adults, stories, books, movies, games of war, violence, aggression etc do create the seed of further violence within mankind in general. Even if those books, movies, games, ... were only read, watched and played by adults, these adults are accumulating that vibration of aggression and violence within and forwarding it to all parts of their environment, including all children and babies. By doing so we start to seed further violence and aggression among mankind and toward environment in general as well as we start to seed future illnesses. All illnesses of ANY KIND are but the result of destructive vibrations within mankind's mind and emotions. Illnesses of any kind are but a true and absolute reflection or physical manifestation of the Karma of that particular soul within the ill person. Any person is fully and solely responsible for any Karma ever created. All and any soul always has the possibility, potential and power to change his own attitude and his own focus of his mind.

By selecting carefully what you read, watch on TV or movie or what games you are playing - in life and for "fun" - including all those parts you create on your own as a producer or author, you have a great impact on peace on earth and beyond and will take full responsibility for all you ever have done - even if you think it was just for fun, just for play. All is vibration and it all is the same, whether you manifest violence and aggression during a game, war or "criminal" action. It all is one and the same - violence and aggression. violence and aggression is the opposite of what you need to develop to end the cycle of reincarnation. It is the opposite of what you need if Love is what you finally are looking for or is God and Godunion is your goal in life. If you are heading for harmony, peace, love and God - then you should focus on God, Divinity, healing, freedom, peace, silence, Love in all and any situation and under all circumstances.

Be selective in the use of your Divine potential to create a large spectrum of different vibrations - quality of thoughts, fantasies, words and action .

Aggression and violence always destroys, causes illness and disturbs mankind's peace of mind.

Love however always heals, frees, unites, uplifts. It is your choice to make conscious and wise use of all your Divine and God given potential.

If you prefer peace, love and harmony within and in your family, neighborhood, country or on earth at all, then you may prefer to select spiritual books and texts, love stories, stories or movies about nature and games that promote positive skills - without creating winners or losers. The choice and responsibility is yours.

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