Mother's Day Messages

A message of love for mothers and fathers

The current Mother's Day tradition on this planet, combined with a few countries also having a Father's Day is proof of a deep misconception about the relationship between mothers and children and mothers and fathers. The spiritual meaning of Mother's Day is for mothers and fathers to enjoy having been blessed to have children, rather than to expect gratitude from children toward mothers.

A woman only can become mother as a result of deepest union with a man. To become mother you need to be loved by a man and accept this one man as possible a father for your child or children and all children to come later as God's wishes and let's happen. No child is born without blessing and agreement by God. No pregnancy occurs without consent and blessing by God!

Purpose of this message for Mothers day
To make aware of parents reality

In many cultures Mothers expect children to be grateful to their mothers or fathers or both - parents. People easily forget the real situation. Reality however is that NO child ever asked to be created. Children are created as a result of parents wanting children. Hence children are the fulfillment of parental wishes - wishes forwarded to God, accepted by God and fulfilled by God if such fulfillment is beneficial for all parties involved, beneficial for the children to reincarnate, beneficial for the father to be and beneficial above all also for the mother to be. Your children accepted to reincarnate into your family as your children - out of pure love or out of karma to be dissolved between you and your children. Whatever the reason why your children accepted your call, only your true love between you and your children can solve your very own karma and spiritual situation. The ultimate highest purpose of you having children and your children coming God sent to you is to bring you HOME to God!

Children never are and never can be a burden to society. Children always are an asset to human society. Children are like happy making flowers in a human society. Children give purpose to our human life, to all efforts in our all lives. Children cause us to be cautious, to be responsible, to be careful and wise. Children force us to look far into future, to improve and secure a healthy future for all our planet, for all our earthly resources. Life of husband and wife without children is like God's creation on earth without flowers, without blossoming bushes, without the exotic beauty of animal life and plant life on earth. A life without children is a life empty of fun and happiness. The only worthy cause to live is to make happy. To make others happy you first need to CREATE others. A life as a single human being would be utmost sad, utmost empty of joy and empty of any purpose to live and to work.

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Purpose of children in our life

Without children in our life, we never learn to care for others. Children are a wake up call to our heart. Directly from a loving child's heart to the mother's heart and fathers' heart. There is no other comparable event in the life of any adult that causes and initiates as much maturing inside a man and inside a woman than a pregnancy and child can do.

As human beings we live eternally. Just as God cares for us all for all eternity - means for Billions and Billions and endlessly more years. We too need to invest our time and efforts for the wellbeing of our children and the children of other parents. As a spiritual lesson of utmost priority we all need to learn to set our motherhood and fatherhood above career, above finance and above profit making. Happy children need no money. Happy children above all need happy mothers and happy fathers and a happy neighborhood, happy relatives, happy and most loving friends.

If parents want to provide a happy environment for a child, parents are thus challenged to create a happy environment first. Before getting pregnant to fulfill hour wish for a sunshine in your life, a mother needs to be truly in love with the father she choose. Before a father creates a child, he too needs to be truly in love with the one he choose to be his bride and mother of any possible number of children.

Children make us better humans. Children teach us to care for others. Children help us to be loving with all neighborhood. Children force us to maintain a peaceful and friendly and healthy environment. If we endanger our natural environment, then we poison our own children and grand children. If we intoxicate our human environment, then we seed hate and the cause for retaliation. Hence by being at war with others we endanger the life and future of all our own and our friends and relatives' children.

Children are messengers of love sent by God

Children are like flowers - a colorful sunshine in our life
Children are like flowers - a colorful sunshine in our life

Children are messengers sent from God. Children bring us a message of love, to teach us caring love, to remind us that true happiness has little to nothing to do with wealth or financial prosperity. Instead of imposing our parents' view and lifestyle upon our children, we should learn to accept the messages and lessons of love children bring into our lives. Children can be happy with a few best friends and nature. True happiness in children never depends on luxury but on nature, on having true "best friends", hugging, loving parents. Children love freedom to explore, freedom to enjoy nature, freedom to be a little wild now and then. Freedom to expand limits rather than to have new artificial limits imposed upon them.

The messages and lessons of love contained in children are far more valuable than most lessons learned at high schools, colleges and universities of this entire planet. Be simple, be loving, be friendly with all, reconcile immediately after every problem you had with others. Love and forgive each other day after day - all life.

Children are a true treasure sent by God. Full of simple but most powerful wisdom of love. Children are a living example how to love, how to accept love, how to get and enjoy love, how to reconcile, how to be friends with many beyond race, color or gender. Children have no need to "make" friends. Children are friends by nature!

Free children enjoying ocean and beach

In many cases in our today's totally messed up and screwed up "civilization" children often are far more happy without parents, without parental guidance or parents' presence. That should be a serious warning to all parents. If children are more happy playing our of sight of their mothers and fathers, then parents have failed to be God like. God gives us freedom, freedom to learn by doing. Freedom to explore God's nature as a God made playground for all. God rarely ever intervenes in our decisions. That is just the absolute opposite of what parents practice toward their children and toward all society. Adult society is a society of suppression, control and manipulation. God's society at home in heaven is a world of love, loving examples, loving guidance and absolute freedom.

The misconception of Mother's Day or Father's Day

In traditional "Mother's day" cultures mothers expect additional love, additional gifts, additional attention and above all often also gratitude from their Children. That is a total misconception. If you correctly understood all above, then you also understand that you as mother or father invited children into your life. You invited children into your life as an act of love, as an expression of your own God given free choice to select a partner or remain single all life. You invited children into your life for very personal reasons. For being lonely and having children to bring color and meaning into your life. Or as an additional source of love. Children are like sunshine. Children are a sunshine of love. All normal children always are loving unless born with extreme karma. Children are born without any prejudice toward nature, toward animals, toward others. Children are ready to love and to be loved.

Finally children always are a treasure of love in our adults / parents life. Hence we parents have reason to be grateful toward our children instead of vice versa! instead of expecting gratitude, we need to be grateful for being allowed to have children in our lives. Without children all our heavy work would be empty of any purpose, All our efforts would be in vain. To seed only makes sense if there is anyone to enjoy to harvest the fruits of our seeds.

Our children however are born selfless. Children sent by God into life of parents or single mothers expect no gratitude. Children expect far more valuable gifts from parents or mothers. Children expect true love. True love means NO daycare centers but playing caring mothers and fathers. True love means real time. Quality time spent together. Children love to learn from parents. Hence children love to be accepted and included in the life of adults. Children love to grow, love to expand horizons, cross borders and dissolve limits.

Gratitude if for pure ego only. Only extreme ego expects a "thank you" or any kind of material thanks, such as mothers day flowers, dinners and other gifts of material or financial nature. For the truly loving one the utmost valuable action or reaction to love is being happy. A happy smile from the bottom of your heart is infinitely more valuable than any material gift.

If you fail to appreciate and recognize the value of true love, then you know why you are here on earth instead of being at home in your God given home ... with God at home in heaven!

A mother's and father's sole responsibility toward children

We all are made by God. To the image of God. To live WITH God in God's home - heaven. We parents lost our right to live at home for reasons of our own self developed selfishness. Our children came to us to help us learning selfless love again. Selfless parents for example never employ babysitters nor do loving parents send children into daycare centers. Loving parents care for their own children. Loving parents means one loving father working to provide for the family, one loving mother to care for the family. For both that is a true full time job. There is zero time left for career and selfish goals such as sports career or fancy hobbies. It's all about love. Love has absolutely nothing to do with money and even much less with social status or career.

If a mother has no time to really care for children, then she simply failed to be mother. If 20 or so years of being full time mother is too much and your longing for career is stronger than the love for your children, then you have failed one full lifetime, then you have wasted one full incarnation! Compare our own readiness to personally care for your own little family with God's care during the course of thousands of years. How little is the care and effort needed to spend 20 or so years for your own children when comparing God's care for us all during thousands of years until we all reunite at home in heaven and for all eternity beyond. If your own selfish goals prevent you from being full time mother, then your love simply is inexistent at all!

It is however this very caring love over an extended period of time, many years, decades or an entire lifetime that proves your true love toward God's creation. That true love needs to mature, to strengthen and finally to bring YOU back home. Your career advancement, savings, titles, sports or professional achievements never bring you home to God. Only your true love and care for others has the power to bring you home. Only your own physical children can provide you with this valuable lesson and learning environment. Once your children are adult, that unique chance is gone for good.

Children are God sent. Even if most children come from other worlds than from God's world. A reincarnation on this planet serves as an ultimate preparation on your return home to God. On this planet of love under the direct guidance of Jesus as teacher of love for all races, all cultures and all religions have a unique chance to return directly home to God.

As loving parents it is your sole responsibility that all your children as well as our entire neighborhood and relatives preserve all the God-like aspects still present when born into your family or neighborhood. In addition to simply preserving the often angel like being of children, it is your utmost responsibility to assist your own children on their final steps toward oneness with God, toward a final return HOME to God. That one and first and only true priority as parents is infinitely more important than higher school education, titles or career and money!!! The parents first duty and responsibility is to bring their children back to God.

For many children in "poor" countries or simple life conditions it is often far much easier to keep on loving and to return home to God than it is for all city children and all career oriented mothers and fathers.

There can be no happy mother without happy father

Roses of Love - mothers and fathers - lover for ever
Roses of Love - mothers and fathers - lover for ever

Without true love for the father of your children, there can be no true love for your children. Without true love for your children, there can be no true love for your husband!

Fathers are men - mothers are women! Before a woman becomes a mother, she is lover. If a lover-woman forgets to remain a woman toward the father of her baby or children, then she starts to divorce herself from the father of her children. A woman remains mother and woman all eternity. A father remains man and lover all eternity as well. Both roles mother/father and loving husband/wife can easily and fully be maintained. If however one of the two parents starts to focus only on children, then he drifts away from the heart of his lover and thus initiates a later divorce.

Children only can be happy with a happy father and happy mother. A true mother always remains a full woman and thus a true romantic and sexy lover. Happy husband wife are the best parents and create the most powerful environment for happy children, healthy and strong children ready for a healthy loving relationship when grown up. Parents are guides, best friends but above all also living and loving examples for a romantic role as husband and wife to be lovers for all eternity.

God is Love
A loving heart is the key to all happiness in life

May your love for God enhance your love for each other to be one family of love.

A loving heart is the key to all happiness in life
God is Love

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