Mother's Day
What is the spiritual meaning of Mothers Day?

Love prayer for all loving hearts

Mother's Day has no spiritual meaning like many such celebrations
Mother's Day serves the ego of all mothers - nothing more and nothing less !!!


Do you as a mother or father really want children to pay you in one way or another for allowing you to be loved, for giving your life content and sense, for being there with you when you need a hug or love to play and enjoy life ??

When we look at the situation of mothers - and the very same applies to all fathers - then we see ...

  1. there is no mother without father
  2. there is no mother without baby
  3. there is no obligation or force to have children
  4. having children was the decision of mothers - when selecting to have a partner
  5. all mothers have the choice of remaining single all life - and hence without children all life
  6. it never is a work to be mother but a privilege to be mother
  7. it is a privilege - a divine gift from God to have children
  8. it is a privilege to welcome children as a source of joy, love and sunshine in the life of mothers and fathers
  9. life without children is like fields without flowers - empty of beauty and empty of joy
  10. as it is the children to give sense to the life of all mothers - and fathers alike
  11. life without children is a life empty of purpose for future
  12. what is your life as mother - and as father alike - worth if you have no one to share with, to give, to enjoy life, to look at
  13. what is the worth and content of your life as a mother if you have no baby accepting your love in full, absorbing your breast milk and hence love, eating your cookies and cakes, allowing you to prepare most preferred food for your loved children day by day ??
  14. what is the content and joy of life if husband is far away immersed in his career and money making, while you are hungry for love - hungry to give love, hungry to receive love and all that is left are ... emptiness because of absence of children ??
  15. what is the content of your life as fathers if after your daily work you come home and no children scream of joy seeing you and run into your arms with their baby arms open like wings of angels ??
  16. what is the purpose of working hard, of suffering, of going through pain and solitude of working harder than previous generations - for a better world - if no children are there to enjoy that better world ???

Hence - as the essence of above facts:

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Why shall children be grateful for having mothers if in reality the mothers are receiving infinite treasures of love from their children ??

Love prayer for all loving hearts

Why shall fathers be grateful to mothers - if mothers enjoy being mothers ?

having children - for both - mothers and fathers is a gift - a treasure that makes your life valuable.

thus ..

neither children - nor mothers nor fathers need to be grateful to each other ! Gratitude is a pure and exclusive manifestation of ego. Instead - be happy to be mother - and remember or imagine how poor your life would be without your children.

God - once a very very long time ago - a time frame beyond imagination of mortal humans - was alone without same of kind. Hence for his very own joy Father created son, and son wished to have wife - and both wished to have children - many children ...

Billions and more years have past since - and all involved in such human creation still feel and know:

Mother's day for children

Love prayer for all loving hearts

From the spiritual point of view - a Mother's Day is a day when all should love all - when all shall become aware how boring and how empty life without all others would be. Mothers and fathers alike could turn mother's day into a day to spoil their children - to give to their children what they receive all year from their children - time and love in abundance.

Share mother's day with your children and allow your children to wish how mother's day is spent instead of allowing your mother's pride and ego take control of such a spiritual day - a day of love ! Every day is and always should be mother's day, father's day and children's day - like every day should be Christmas day !!! Every day should be a day to fully be aware of the spiritual value and beauty of life with your family as compared and opposed to a possible life in emptiness and solitude, a life in isolation - just you and nothing and nobody else ... ??!!!

Mothers, fathers and children

Love prayer for all loving hearts

Mothers are here on earth because they failed to truly love and to live their spiritual purpose - many mothers are far away from God since thousands and millions of years. Children are the loving key to God. Children are for mothers and fathers one of the single most valuable spiritual lessons to learn the true spiritual purpose of being male or female. Children are mother's best spiritual teachers to become female mothers again. Children help mothers to be caring again instead of wasting their time and resources in career and money making.

Here on earth - it only is about love, about learning to give love, to care with love and to fully absorb all love offered even if such love is far from perfect. Children's love is far from perfect as children enter a world of ego and spiritual darkness and have to cope with the widely limited love potential of their own mothers and fathers while having to cope with all hate and revenge filled surroundings at the very same time.

Children coming on earth accept a heavy lesson and many of these children could well proceed home to God without ever incarnating again. lessons often can be learned far more efficiently, more lovingly and faster in spiritual worlds than here on earth.

However billions of mothers and fathers are attached and lost in their karma and loveless past to a degree that requires some special efforts by other souls - often incarnating as your children to be near you and in direct love relationship and contact with you.

Of course there are children with dark souls and heavy ego as well - but there are millions of children flushed with love and bliss - just coming to you because YOU the mother needs that extra effort and YOU the mother need that extra infusion of love that only a pregnancy can give you. Because most of you mothers have failed to be truly open for your God given partners to be loved by your divine God given husbands.

You the fathers as well - you have failed to give all your possible love to your God given wife - a wife you would die for if eternally you would miss her. Yet you have left your wife for the purpose of developing ego, expanding the circle of influence of your ego and conducting war against your very best friends ... instead of taking care of your wife and enjoying the sweet love God allows her to create for you.

The children waiting at home are to make you aware of true values in your life - having someone to love, to care for, to hug you and kiss you when your wife refuses to love you the way she is supposed to - with always open heart and open soul - your children keep that promise and love you whatever you do.

Mother's day vs father's day

Love prayer for all loving hearts

Many cultures know and celebrate a mother's day while having no father's day. Such is nature of pride female ego on earth ! The beauty of being angel like female makes female children of God often expect and require more attention and more love in all possible forms than they are willing to give to their God given partners.

That however is ego behavior and has no place on your way home to God. Home in God all are equal - equal meaning of equal value while being 100% different from the other gender. Male and female are 100% different from each other - hence fully complimentary and only on the basis of that being fully different can you be fully complimentary to your God given partner.

The role of father and mother in regard to children - specially here and now on earth - is complimentary as well - while one works outside the house to maintain a contact with the rest of the world and supplies or creates needed supplies for the family and all creation - mothers care in a much different way. First caring for children, own and others at the very same time also is a direct means of caring for all creation - no purpose of life without children - no future without children. NO loving future without loving children and caring children. TLC is what girls need to practice and show to all children - TLC - tender loving care ! Mothers are a role-model for healing, for beauty in all aspects of life, for caring for the weak and helpless ones, a sample role model for grace and mercy toward all lost ones ...

While fathers are a role model for strength and building an ever-lasting basement of eternal life - a life that improves from generation to generation - even in our spiritual home life continues to improve and be more and more lovingly - for the remainder of eternity. Evolution goes on - eternally - love is the key factor and key purpose of all eternal life !!!

Mother's day, Father's day and children's day never ever should be separated but be celebrated every day eternally !!

Proof your true understanding of your own role by loving all those who allow you to be what you are. If you are mother - then its the father of your baby who made love to you to create the baby with you and for your mutual joy .. if you are father then remember how hungry you are in reality to have someone to give your love to and to have someone who makes sense to your life after you return home from work and while being at work in darkness, pain and dirty work - in the fields, in the forests, at sea, in mines underground, on construction sites, in factories, where ever real men are needed to do what you love to do and what needs to be done for society and later on for all creation .. its the thought of having someone waiting at home that makes all these heavy, dirty and often dangerous jobs for men bearable and easy to do.

Its the memory of the baby or children waiting at home for you and running into your arms that make days, months or years in pain of work disappear like dreams in seconds ...

And you mothers and single girls to be mothers out on this planet - what would you do without your male partners ?? would you just buy another vibrator or better batteries for your existing one or continue to do what you do all alone when hungry for love and all alone - no one to make love to, no one to make you feel hot girl and enjoy sex and love - no one to carry you, no one to spoil you, no one to make you feel that very special angel girl only your eternal husband can make you feel alike ??

Think about all these and instead of investing more in better vibrators, in stead of focusing all your sexually frustrated heart toward career and money making or competing with men's world - be what God made you - admit to be what you are, enjoy to be what you love to do and be ...

When girls love to be girls - when girls are too bored with having and being ego - then suddenly they become ... wild hungry females hunting for a source of love and as a result of such - traffic signs as below are created ...

beware hunting angels

Beware of hunting angels looking for a partner - a sign near my present residence

When girls have been neglect too long, when beautiful women have been proud of their beauty far too long - when suffering being single and being complicated girl has reached a critical level - then suddenly girls become very direct - starving for love, knowing what exactly they want - a man ! Ready to instantly love - ready to fully absorb all love - but ... where are the strong man ready to be what they are - male man ?

Surprised by the directness of angels hungry for love - some people saw a need to prepare male visitors .. with this sign to give them that extra few seconds to remember what men always wanted ... a wife, a hot sweet sexy wife ... to enjoy being male - you need a real female - to enjoy being female you need a real male .. to enjoy being mother you need - children - to have children - both as fathers and as mothers - you need again a partner. A partner who loves to be what he is - either male of female - but in both instances God made. When you enjoy to be what you are - then no one ever needs to be grateful to you for being what you enjoy to be !

mothers or fathers or children


all at once - because we all - at any age - are mothers and child, fathers and child ..while enjoying the privilege of being mother or father we at the very same time enjoy the privilege of being a loved and spoiled child of God !!! We all have a divine birthright to fully and eternally enjoy all - and no single being ever needs to be grateful for letting us be what God planed us to be - loved and spoiled and happy ... if if for any reason we fail to be all before mentioned at once then it certainly is our sole and only responsibility and never the responsibility of our partner nor of our children. Our eternal happiness is the result of our true divine love - the possible absence of true happiness is the result of OUR ego and no one else but our own ego keeps us from being fully happy - as happy as possible.

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