Learn mind control before jumping mind controls you

Learn mind control in easy steps and control your mind before your mind jumping controls you and jumps around like a frog chased by wild a snake. Learn online how to efficiently control your mind and apply it for your spiritual benefit and peace of mind as well.

A basic preparation for mind control is to get in peace with all - then it's easy to control your mind and find inner peace !

To control your mind is as easy as looking to the left or to the right lets now start to practice mind control in easy steps to get in control of your life, peace of mind and succeed in life

Mind control is best achieved with love as first priority in life

Learn how to control your mind with an easy online exercise

Most people's mind is jumping like a frog - here and there - every few seconds. Did ever attempt to keep your mind absolutely quiet for a single minute ? It all can easily be learned by the right practice.

First of all you need to understand that peace of mind is to a large extent the result of peace you have created and expanded within and around you in all situations of your life. In ALL situations !!

Your mind jumps from one unfinished job or unsolved quarrel to the next one

Following such simple and well known rules like Yama and Niyama in all aspects of your life will create the basis of potential peace within you in all situations. But your mind may have got used to jump around - may be to search for a true motivation in your life. Do you have a goal in life - a goal transcending this incarnation and death that is waiting on you ? Without true and final goal no peace within. Your soul may get restless because YOU may have temporary lost on your path of life through eternity and through infinity. Hence the restlessness often encountered in nowadays world - even amount young people or children.

A soul - a human in a physical body as well - needs a true reason of life, a motivation to exist. This should be something eternal and absolute. Any soul is aware of its true origin in God - but are you aware, truly aware of it ?? you, that means your present physical intellect is the guiding and driving force that causes and creates new Karma more often than loved by your soul and more often as good for your overall well being.

Solve your past - be free and you have your mind in your heart - controlled by your love

Hence there is a finite and absolute need to learn to get in control of your mind. As the mind is the seed of new action, of new Karma that might soon be caused or dissolved, depending on the direction you are heading to and depending on the quality of your thoughts and emotions, fantasies and actions that you plan to do now or soon.

Mind control is easy
... if you want to love

If you think that mind control appears difficult to you - then please allow me to prove the opposite with a simple exercise. You may play the main actor in this exercise. You may do this by clicking one link at a time follow the instructions there and do the exercise for about ten or more seconds. Then please click the link marked "continue" on the bottom of each page to proceed with this exercise. The entire exercise may take but 2 to 3 minutes or less. It is well worth doing it. By the end you finish again back on this page.

Where ever you are now, just make sure you are in a safe position - may be sitting - but any comfortable position is OK.

Now we start with an easy mind control exercise: Mind control step 1


Mind control by shifting focus on love or God

Welcome back from your sidesteps through your practical mind control exercise

What has directing of mind to do with mind control ?

Now you may ask what is about all this and what does it have to do with mind control ?

It is easy. When you focus your visual perception toward a precise object, your mind also moves its focus toward that object and connects to that object. And while keeping all your attention consciously and controlled by your own and free decision on the object, your mind also gets busy with exactly that object you are looking at because the longer you connect with your mind to an object - the more you absorb that particular energy of the connected object. This very simple exercise shows and proves that you can direct your attention toward any goal YOU like - but YOU have to actively do it. YOU need to control YOUR mind - because it is YOURS as much as YOU have sometimes in your past learned to control the use of your fingers. To typewrite, handwrite, eat, sign, play music, drive car, or anything YOU needed to learn. mind control is something we ALL need to learn more than most other topics we have learned in this material world. Control of your mind gives you control of your life and hence of your entire Future - Karma - God-realization and more.

A mantram can be used to free your mind from attachments

Mind is controlled by your will - a decision you make or forgot to make

Hence you can easily control the focus of your vision by turning your head to any particular side and watching whatever you LIKE and WANT to watch. Exactly the same principle applies for your mind if you close your eyes. That means with just a very little practice you can actively focus your mind on a particular object of your choice. By fixing your mind however - it is bound to be quiet or at least occupied with an object of your active choice rather than jumping around and getting totally out of conscious control !! You need to learn to be in control of yourself. In order to achieve that - you first need to control your mind - your thoughts. Just keep your mind continuously busy with something really Divine - something very precise and accurate. Limit yourself to a very few selected objects or Mantras. Or have your Guru give you an individual Mantram.

A mantram is a word or sentence used as a positive affirmation to open your blockages and get love flowing again !

To clarify about the use of individual Mantram - a Mantram never can be secret. But it can be individually adapted to the needs, the individual spiritual blockages a person / soul has. An individual Mantram may change during the course of months or years. Depending on your overall spiritual progress.

This is the way Mantram work. People keep repeating a holy word or sentence for an extended period of time up to hours and hence they keep that mind busy and filled with the holy energy coming from that object. Any true Mantram is directly related to a Divine truth. Hence whatever aspect of Divinity you are using it is that Divine truth that is flooding into yourself, your mind, your aura and may change you - free you. You should only use Mantras that you surely know its exact and true meaning and you fully agree on its meaning.

Mind control can first be learned easily by directing your visual focus

Now you have learned how to control your visual focus and at the same time have controlled your mind. You can do exactly the same procedure with closed eyes. You may focus your mind on a particular object and keep focusing exactly on that object. On all aspects, behavior, colors, .... of that object. By doing so for several seconds your mind gets more and more absorbed by the energy of that object.

Then you move to directing your mental focus to become more proficient in mind control

Now after any time of your choice, you may then decide to move your mental focus to any other object of your choice. Control of mind is that easy. You just need to keep your mind busy with something really Divine. Busy on something really Divine also calms down all mental activity. You may focus on smaller and smaller aspects of the object and the mind is getting more and more quiet while remaining focused in one direction only.

You may focus your mind on such objects like orchids, roses, your preferred flower, saints, gurus, but best of all - Love and God. To focus on God is best done through your Sahasrara Chakra on top of your head - the door to God.

An easy way to acquire mind control is to repeatedly do the love prayer

The love prayer is something extremely powerful - it requires you to relax, to want to feel well, to want to be loved, to want to love and finally to really open for God and enjoy the results of your love prayer - sweet love and golden light and love from God entering your mind, heart and soul - all your physical body !

Practice and you will succeed more and more - week after week -year after year. Mind control is very easy. Like walking, skating, surfing, dancing, playing music, SCUBA diving or similar skills. You learn and improve by doing and repeating frequently. Be aware of what you are doing and what your true goals in life are. If you focus on an eternal and Divine goal beyond death - your soul may start a dance of Divine Joy and Love - because home in God is what your soul wants heading for. NOW ! Where does your ego want to head for ? Your soul is winning anyway - Love always wins. It might be much more enjoyable to join your souls goal and team up with your own soul and fulfill your souls need - Love. If you can commit your life to Divine Love and God - your ego, represented by your present personality and your soul may soon become one and head for that final journey to God realization and God union.

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Welcome home in God. In Love with Love !

Here I have many more chapters for you to get in peace with all and achieve peace of mind and hence mindcontrol

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