Cow milk, mother milk, breast milk and breast cancer

Learn the spiritual meaning of milk and mothermilk - breastmilk, breastfeeding and the spiritual root cause of breast cancer.

The spiritual meaning of milk

Milk is very special for humans - no milk no love ! That is an absolute rule for all mothers and a most direct and precise feedback for their true spiritual love toward their baby. The flow of milk is directly proportional to the flow of love. If mother love and mother-milk was missing too much in your childhood, then increased appetite in its God made substitute - cow milk - is manifested.

Ego is the only cause for lack of breast milk in mothers

If a mother has any kind of disorders of her breast-milk-production it always is a proof of disorder in loving the baby. Absence of milk means absence of love.

Breast cancer is the result of extreme female pride and female ego

Breast cancer is the direct and only result of extreme female pride. Ego is in many ways self destructive - breast cancer very often is self destructive because pride is self destructive as breast cancer often is fatal - directly or indirectly Many manifestations result in various forms of self destruction.

Plenty of milk for the baby means plenty of love for the baby

Milk for the baby in abundance however means love in abundance for the baby - but is no proof for true love toward anyone else besides the baby. Love toward baby and love toward partner or others are two totally separated aspects of love - both are of equal importance and need to be developed in full.

In some cultures or countries - such as for example central Europe - drinking cow milk and dairy products by children and adults is very common.

In other countries cow milk is either almost unused by adults - or in extreme climatic condition may be substituted by another product of similar content and vibration as a substitute.

Cow milk always is a substitute for missing mother love during childhood. That means mother-love during the first 2-3 years of breastfeeding during early childhood and mother-love during all the years after the baby time. Of course if mother-love is missing during the normal 2-3 years of breastfeeding period, then mother-love also is missing during the years after. Either a person is capable of GIVING love or is missing such capability.

Of course it is normal for any baby to start trying any kind of food parents and adults around eat as early as with a few months, but the "main course" always will be mother milk and such can never be substituted y any powder-milk, bottles or whatever. Even breast-milk from mothers bottled could never replace breastfeeding.

Why ?

Because the milk is but ONE vital part for the baby during the breastfeeding period. The other even more essential part of breast milk is love flowing from the chakra in each breast !!! Each bosom is a secondary chakra from anahata chakra and hence a source of spiritual, healing female love. Love can never be bottled !!! There can never be spiritual love flowing from a chakra without milk flowing - both are directly proportional and a direct manifestation of the capability to give love to a baby or a weak one. This is a very particular love - specially an aspect of female love - to protect and feed the weak ones, the small ones, the needy ones. Love from these 2 chakras flows proportional to the milk.

If God wanted babies to drink cow milk instead of mother milk, then he would have given them cows as mothers and no humans. Cows have no need to LEARN to love - to give love in abundance is their true social nature.

However God gave women a breast connected to their heart - that can adapt to the full need of love if readiness to give love until satisfied is developed and existent in full. Each mother does have a God given potential to develop as much milk as many years until all needs are stilled and fully satisfied by her love and hence milk.

Love from the bosom chakra flows even when baby stops to drink - provided the baby is allowed to rest at mothers breast and even sleep there. In our earthly environment the baby needs an abundance of love. You can never give too much love - but very easily too little !!!

What restricts the free flow of love and hence mother milk ?

If in any electrical appliance we want electricity to flow and produce a result by the power of electricity - we need a correct voltage and a current. Two aspects of electricity that result in actual results ( P = U * I would be the electrical formula commonly used ). With a given voltage the amount of electric current in Ampere is inversely proportional to the resistance within the electrical appliance.

The same applies to the flow of milk and hence love within a mother. With a given desire of love to give ( voltage=desire to give love ) the amount of actually flowing love is inversely proportional to any resistance to the free flow of love within that person. Resistance to the free flow of love is created by hatred, revenge, retaliation, greed for profits, ... by ego games !!! Karma, plans of revenge, retaliation, pride or rejection or even worst hatred reduces or blocks the free flow of love even if a desire to love that particular baby exists.


Whatever is between you any ANY other person always is between you and your loved ones !

Whatever the cause was for missing mother love and hence mother milk during the baby time the result most likely will be for years or decades an excess appetite for cow milk. Even many liters per day of milk, milk shakes and other dairy products.

Food is a substitute for missing physical love in life

God made substitutes for all missing aspects of love by making a large variety of food. Food always is a substitute of missing love of one particular kind !!! Back home in God we all live from love - here on earth some people try to life from "light" which is nothing else but another word for love. Like sunlight can create all colors in a rainbow - true divine love can create all "flavors" of love needed b y any human. Here on earth we live in a physical body and are made to life from physical love including physical food - we have to learn to give love in a way that can easily be measured and controlled to gain spiritual experience and have a permanent feedback for the sole purpose of being able to change our attitude, reduce restriction of love and progress spiritually until we can return home again..

Suppressing our starving for such substitutes - particularly milk is no solution at all - but giving more love to our own children may be the beginning of a happy ending future for all - mother and baby. As a baby is one of the most valuable instruments God gives mothers to learn to give love and to care. First for the own baby - later for all creation. A mother who wants to give milk and hence love to her baby also has to open herself to receive - from her partner and from God. Having a baby hence is a multiple lesson and test as well - first of all for the mother and only secondary for the father.

How to heal excess appetite for milk and dairy products

If you happen to starve for milk or milk products and want to change or reduce, then there are but two ways that help.

  1. Increase your spiritual efforts to open more and more for God and heal all damage you may carry from missing mother love by God's love. The best choice is complete and perfect Kriya Yoga - which automatically leads us to the second weaker but possible option to heal as getting in peace with all is a firm part of true Kriya Yoga ...
  2. Get in peace with your mother. Even if she has already lost her body this is possible - sometimes it may even be easier as a mother who has lost her body may encounter an intense session of spiritual healing and purification after "death".

Substitutes of love are inefficient and expensive

To substitute all the missing love hundreds of millions have experienced during their childhood - specially in countries where women prefer career rather than love and spiritual development - may take many decades or never heal during an entire incarnation and healed but by God - sometimes many incarnations later only when a mortal human has ended his cycle of reincarnation and has become immortal.

Missing love from a truly loving mother never can be substituted by anything during baby time and childhood. Mother love is essential for loving and caring behavior in adult years and also has a deep impact on behavioral patterns within adult relationship. A missing love relationship to the mother makes a truly happy relationship nearly impossible. The only exception may be a relationship that is far above average spiritually oriented - allowing God to heal any remaining damage. The right partner can heal all - as he can give all aspects of different love when open for God. The right partner means the eternal partner - can be like a sun shine of divine love for all family and surroundings alike. A true source of anything and everything needed. If you look at the dairy department of European and American and other supermarkets, then you know that most people have neither received sufficient mother love nor found the right partner in life.

Can missing breast milk - missing mother love - be replaced by more father love ?

The answer is clearly NO !

Mother love is of totally different nature, polarity and content than father love. Both kind of love are needed for a healthy physical AND emotional development of each child on earth. Nothing on earth ever can replace in full missing mother love - except God's love for all those achieving highest Samadhi and thus oneness with God in that given incarnation OR if one of the parents achieves oneness with God himself. Any truly spiritual person who achieves full freedom in God can replace missing love of any kind in any person !!! Oneness with God always is experienced beyond the door of death - even if you return to your present body. Oneness with God always leads to a full healing and to the capability to truly heal spiritual damage of others.

However there are valuable and efficient partial substitutes for missing mother love. Possible efficient sources of female love may be:

If a mother has no love for her very own baby - then that implies that she also has ZERO TRUE love for ANYONE else including her own partner and a divorce may be the best action for all included the children who may get a chance of having another more loving environment from their father's new female living partner.

Mankind has simply moved too far away from God with the development of extreme ego such as here on this planet.

It's time to return first - to receive a complete divine healing before venturing into eternal adventures and love-life again.

breast milk is female love

Breast milk is female love !

Missing female love in childhood can only be given by female human

Breast milk flows naturally and all the time in every woman without pride but true love for partner, all family and all creation as soon as connected to God - the source of all love. It is but ego that prevents the flow of love and thus the flow of milk.

Open your heart for your partner and open for God and open your heart for all creation and your love flows in every form of manifestation including breast milk !!!

Learn to say "I love you" and learn to accept love from others - to be connected and get your love and breast milk flowing for those starving for your love ! Start to say love me please to God.

Always be connected

divine relationship God - husband - wife

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