Merry Christmas

A Message of Love - words and thoughts how to enjoy Christmas
year after year - day after day - each day can be a Christmas day - a day of true Love

Christmas is a special occasion to ..

take it easy. relax these coming days. every day is Christmas day - it is UP TO YOU to create the proper inner attitude and opening for love toward others AND from others within YOUR SELF !

peace and silence. reduced activities. more time for your most direct families. if possible NO other dates or travel may help you most to actually RECEIVE all offered bliss.

what ever is offered to you from God either enters YOUR heart and soul or is LOST for GOOD !!! or at least until another such day - next year Christmas or so !!

divine bliss and love NEVER can be stored and received later. either YOU take the time and create the condition and environment needed - or all the love flows toward others! there is year round a huge quantity of love and bliss available from God and your Guru and other loving souls, but Christmas days are an extended period FOR ALL PLANET - for all cultures and all religions !! please open your heart and accept all love and bliss - for your benefit as well as for the benefit of all your beloved ones.

please give some smaller gifts also to total "foreigners" and neighbors - flowers even a single flower may open YOUR and their heart, or any similar small gifts from your heart - to open your heart toward all directions !

God bless you all

Merry Christmas


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