Mental Kriya Pranayama

The beginning-level of Kriya Pranayama

At the beginning of your Kriya Pranayama practice you fully concentrate on each Chakra when applying OM into each Chakra. This may need your full attention for weeks, months or even years - to do it right, thoroughly and with constant devotion and opening to God.

God is breathing for you as when you do anything in life. your body is breathing while asleep or while working - whether you think of breathing or are fully concentrating on anything else or whether you are fully absent as during deep sleep. finally it is God who takes care of all your breathing and normal body-functions.

During this beginning phases of Kriya Yoga - the first weeks, months or years - you breath normally - just as your body breaths and needs to breath.

The practice of Kriya Yoga includes all the rules included in the chapters of the various texts of this web site of the Cyberspace Ashram. Including the "spiritual laws" Yama and Niyama, the "Divine rules of life on your way to God "and all other chapters. These various chapters help you to dissolve all your present and past karma and problems in Divine Love and these chapters help you to create a basis of life free of any new turmoil and karma. This continuous purification of your entire aura leads to calming all your thoughts and emotions. Please note that ALL the rules contained in this web site are a firm part of diksha to Kriya Yoga and the basis of true spiritual success on your way to Godrealization and Godunion.

True spiritual success as a result of advanced realization of yama and niyama in all situations of your life and as a result of dissolving most of the present and past problems in Divine Love will lead to a calm and harmonious mental and emotional body. This is the prerequisite for calm and slow natural breathing. Calmness and balance within is the prerequisite to further proceed to the next step of Kriya Pranayama - mental Pranayama combined with physical breathing.

the beginning level of Kriya Pranayama - the mental Kriya Pranayama is done by repeating:

12 cycles of OM into each chakra from muladhara chakra to ajna chakra and down to muladhara chakra again. ONE such cycle consists of 12 OM - made along the spine into each chakra. By definition 12 such basic cycles of Kriya Pranayama is called ONE Kriya.

At the beginning or your Kriya Yoga practice you start with 1 kriya per day and increase by 1 additional kriya each month. With other words - you increase kriya by kriya - always in steps of 12 basic cycles of Kriya Pranayama. For each basic cycle of Kriya Pranayama you have a time limit of 30 to 60 seconds. Hence 1 kriya consisting of 12 basic cycles takes 6 to 12 minutes if properly done. Please make it correctly and with devotion to God only.

After the first year of steadily increasing to 12 kriyas per day - you then can increase faster - at a pace that keeps you free of any discomfort or pain - with intuition but limited only by the opening for God you have created by following all rules of this kriya yoga initiation and technique. For example an increase of 1 kriya per 1 or 2 weeks for the coming months after the first year may be acceptable. There will be an advanced time of spiritual progress where you will know and feel exactly how much you can safely increase. If you follow ALL the rules and teachings given here in the Cyberspace Ashram - then you will receive clear guidance from within at the right time.

It is your sincerity of truly loving all and God above all that is the only limiting factor in your progress toward God union while practicing Kriya Yoga !!!

After the initial Year of Kriya Yoga practice you then should have reached about 12 kriyas per day at once in a single session. It makes little sense to split your daily kriya yoga session into small sessions. The more kriyas you practice the better your success. You may compare it like accelerating a car from zero to full speed. If you would stop this acceleration after 50 meters and restart again and repeat this process of interruption again and again - your speed would never be full speed but a fraction.

A similar result happens when practicing kriya yoga and in particular kriya pranayama. practicing kriya pranayama is like accelerating the velocity of your body's vibration. once you started - the vibration starts to increase and the body starts to be purified from all remaining debris of anything past.

The reason for starting slowly is to allow your physical body and your personal behavior to adapt to the ever increasing vibration of your light body. Hence if you would exaggerate - you truly could permanently damage your physical body - even burning up your entire nervous system from your physical body. Hence the necessity to truly and sincerely devote all your life and devotion to God as your only and final guru. God may send you a physical Guru to further guide or assist you but God shall remain your primary and supreme Guru all the way home to God.

All sincere kriya yogi should ask God repeatedly - may be every few months or so - to do kriya pranayama for you a few times. Then monitor God's kriya pranayama and repeat on your own as shown by God to you.

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