Marriage - marriage of intellect - marriage of ego - marriage of love

marriage of love

True marriage in God vs human marriage on earth

most or many of you are in a marriage ..
or think and assume to be married ...
may be one third of the worlds population.


True marriage is done by God after returning to God

marriage of love is done in God

true marriage is done by God

after your return to God
in God
with love and only love - nothing but true divine love
free of contract and "wedding ring"
joined by love only

the only junction between two is God ...

to counsel you
to bring you together whenever you tend to drift apart
to guide you through eternal adventures of love
to help you improve and deepen and purify your love eternally and infinitely

Eternal Marriage by God

True marriage - joined by love - connected with God

joined by love - joined by God - husband - wife for ever

God is the one to marry you
to bless your marriage with his infinite love and bliss
for a marriage to truly last for ever and ever !

to be very precise

it is God's first born to be the holy priest for the holy wedding that last for ever and ever
- but back in God
- never here on earth
- unless 2 have truly proven to be willing to be one HERE and now.

In true marriage by God - there will never be

marriage of love is free of promises and contracts

In true marriages there will never be any ..

God father and son are one

For you here and now on earth there is no difference and never will be any difference - as between God and his first born never has been any difference and never will be - except that one is the father of love and the other is the son of love.

True marriage already here on earth

Only a few dozen do have the benefits of being truly married - here and now on earth - TRULY and consciously knowing about the sacred spiritual marriage within and between them. These are the ones always knowing all about each other, always fulfilling ALL wishes of each other, always saying YES to each other and always being in conscious union with God in all situations of life - even here and now on earth. Such is the achievement of extraordinary and extreme divine love toward each other in truly ALL situations of life for a VERY long period of time - the benefits of repeated steady proof of love toward each other and toward ALL and God as well.

Now is the time to learn and to prove true love to prepare for eternal divine marriage in God

All others still first have to prove true love and hence to learn and IMPROVE love BEFORE marriage.
there will be but ONE single marriage for eternity - and never any divorce
but that is valid only for heavenly marriage made IN GOD by God
and never valid for earthly marriages made by humans !!

Human marriages can and sometimes even need to be divorced to be ready for true marriage

Human marriages by church or any worldly authorities can be divorced and sometimes human marriages NEED to get divorced in order to proceed with the learning of love and to prove love until qualified for eternal home in God and eternal marriage IN GOD with the one and only ! If your human earthly marriage fails - then it is your duty to surrender your partner to God when you divorce and leave him in peace and with love ! God will then take care of him and guide him through all remaining needed lessons on his path home.

Sacred marriage

Sacred Marriages in God by God

Sacred marriage in God only

True sacred marriage is the divine and eternal union of 2 divine children who have proven to know the meaning of love and have experience various expressions and manifestation of love as well as of anti-love or ego. Such true sacred marriage in in God only and by God only !!!

God is Godfather for all your children

God being your Godfather for all your children resulting of your earthly "marriages" and your heavenly marriage and hence super-responsible for all your children whenever you fail to be loving parents or whenever your children appear out of your own direct control - such as here and now on earth.

God is father for ALL children on earth having no LOVING parents - hence all children being neglect or spanked or mistreated can abandon their earthly parents and surrender them to God and accept God as their only heavenly and earthly father until there parents have learned to love again and to do and wish only good and loving things for their own children.

God-father is your witness of true eternal marriage

God-father being your witness of marriage and the one to bless your marriage, to guide you and bring you together whenever you appear to drift apart such as here and now on this planet.

Now is the time to prove divine love

Now is the time to prove divine love by loving all
- loving all is done by forgiving all and caring for all

You can do and prove later what you can do and have proven NOW ! Thus ALL needs to be proven NOW - to God and all others as well as your heavenly partner in God.

Preparation for eternal marriage is HERE and NOW on earth - in your present marriage or future marriage if here and now you can prove true love - then you are ready for eternal heavenly relationship in God.

The one on your side NOW may be the one God gave you ... or the one that made you drift away from God or any other one or only one being ready or able helping you out of darkness and guiding you back to God and helping you through all the needed steps of preparation to TRULY love the one and only eternally - after your true and only marriage in God.

If your worldly marriage fails

If you fail to love the one on your side - you will also fail to love your one and only ! Hence you may need additional sincere efforts and more true spiritual development to dissolve more of your ego and improve you true love toward all first, before being able to have better and more loving relationship here and now and later on in God as well.

If the one on your side NOW rejects your love or you deny to give FULL love all the time - then it will be time to separate in peace to make place for more intense and more loving lessons to learn to love.

God is Love

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God is Love

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