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How do Mantram work
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Many common Mantram are used in the original Sanskrit language. However it is of utmost importance to truly know and be fully aware of a Mantram's true spiritual meaning. To benefit from its true and Divine Power of freeing and healing you should know the true meaning and you should fully agree with its meaning and identify yourself with its meaning and Divine power.

For that particular reason we prefer to use Mantram in your own language or a language you truly understand. The Divine power of any Mantram is completely free of the language the Mantram is used in. It is your intent - your inner attitude that frees the Divine magic power contained in every Mantram.

Words are magic. Use words consciously and concentrated. Be aware of what you say and use your words - and thoughts - always with Love for the greatest spiritual result and benefit. Anything else - any other attitude - may give any different result - may be even detrimental to your spiritual goals and detrimental to your souls well-being !!!

Be wise in the use of Mantram - choose the path of Love and Mantram of Love only and do it with all the power of your soul and heart to result in ONENESS in God. What ever you do with all the Divine power of your soul and heart is always enough to lead you to the final destination of ONENESS in God in Love. If at any time you put all at stake that you have, all your possession, all your power, all your Love, all you ever have created, collected, earned, including ALL your memories and turn it ALL to God with Love - in Love - then it ALWAYS is sufficient to open and pass through the door of Love to God.

For anyone, for everyone - for ALL - anytime and always !!!

Whatever you have to give to God - anything of any nature and content - how much or how little it may be - if you give it to God with Love on your own free will, it always shall be sufficient to open the gate to God widely and free you in Divine Love.

Here some of the most important Mantram for your path of Love

You may use these Mantram as often as you like and you may use them in addition to the techniques of Kriya Yoga - however it is best to use them completely separate from each session of Kriya Yoga Meditation !!

The true and actual meditation always should be a silent meditation - silent also means free of any use of Mantram or visual aid. With nothing but Love and God as an object of focus in your mind. ONENESS with God can only occur as a result of full, repeated and extended concentration on God. Any other meditation is but a preparation for true meditation to prepare and calm your mind and teach you to direct your attention toward God. Such is the nature of Mantram - to draw your attention toward the Divine source of your being - your soul - toward the source of all sources - God. True meditation starts beyond the activities of your mind or intellect. Therefor you need an extended capability of concentration - Mantram are assisting you to achieve this Divine capability of mind control.

"God is Love"

This holy Mantram "God is Love" - one of the most powerful in existence - is healing your own picture of God that you have within your own aura. Most people, particularly those you ever had incarnations within the Christian culture of this planet, do have spiritual blockages and even fear of God as a result of such wrong and disastrous teachings as given even nowadays in Christian churches and scriptures about a punishing God.

The Mantram "God is Love" is like an all mighty spiritual equation and heals your own picture of God within yourself. The repeated use of this Mantram "God is Love" always leads to a complete healing of any blockages. It is a statement of utmost spiritual truth - God is Love is one of the most important spiritual truth - truth is Divine and a direct aspect of Divine Love. Such Divine truth always heals. Anyone ever applying any Divine truth always receives Divine healing by that Divine truth.

The Mantram "God is Love" is of particular value on your last journey - when you drop or lose your body and really want to be one with God.

God is Love - mercy and grace are direct aspects and direct manifestations of this Divine Love. To receive Divine grace and mercy - however you should practice equal grace and mercy toward ALL others during your entire remainder of the present incarnation. It will be infinitely much easier for yourself to open for Divine grace and mercy coming from God if you have applied equal Divinity toward all others as well.

"OM" mantra sometimes written "AUM"

OM is the most powerful of all Mantram as it calls directly the unmanifested God. OM directly addresses God in his infinite and unmanifested Bliss and Love. OM calls God to be hosted within yourself. It is an invitation of God to be hosted within your temple of God - your body, soul and heart are becoming a temple of Divine light and Love and YOU are inviting God to be your permanently guest even within your physical body. Your door to God is deep within yourself - hidden in the deepest of your heart and soul - only YOU can access and open this door - only YOU can open the door for God to enter your body, heart and soul and free and heal you.

In Kriya Yoga we only use OM as a Mantram. It is the most direct and most powerful - on your path of LOVE to God and freedom in God.

XXX is Love

Replace XXX with your own first name. This Mantram is very powerful if you have a problem with yourself, either denying your own Divinity or a destroyed sense of self-value due to some past experiences of others making you repeatedly down. This Mantram allows you again to find yourself worth of being loved by anyone and all - including God. Yes in deed there are many millions of humans having the opinion that they are NOT worth of going back to God, NOT worth of being loved for anything they have done in the past. Millions of humans think that they are NOT good enough to encounter God and be healed and freed by his Divine Love. Such opinion of course is completely false and wrong by any measure and means. As we ALL are beloved children of God and always have been loved by God - any time and absolutely free of what we ever might have done to our Divine sisters in God. We all and always have been but ONE single family in God. And God is our source, our home and our destiny - for eternity - if we truly wish so. This Mantram is a very powerful healing Mantram for anyone who always feels being worthless in this world - worthless to receive Love and tenderness by anyone or all. It re-establishes a healthy and loving attitude towards our God made Divinity.


There are many hundreds of various Mantram in use worldwide. Most of them are used to gain special magic powers - called Siddhis - as mentioned in the yoga sutras of Patanjali.

The purpose of this site is to promote the development of Divine Love within to free yourself and regain freedom in Love in God. While it may take many ten thousands of hours to achieve such magic powers - it takes a similar amount of time to regain freedom in God through God-realization. God-realization is an achievement that last for the remainder of eternity - while most of the achieved Siddhis are lost by the end of the present incarnation.

Anyone having achieved God-realization receives ALL and any Divine gift he ever needs and wants - gifts of Love from God to his beloved children. But at the same time these souls having reached God-realization have attained a level of purity and Love that gives them all and anytime the wisdom to know what to do and how to make Divine use of such Divine magic power. However a person having achieved a Siddhis through any means other than merging with God may fail to have the power of Love and wisdom necessary to may wise and loving use of his achieved Siddhi - he may use his Siddhi for personal gain and causing Karma - hence further separating him from God for another undefined period of time.

Through the magic power of a Siddhi you may kill any person just through the power of your thoughts or magic formulas and create Karma you may need thousands of years to heal again.

Through the magic Divine healing received as a result of merging with God you may have learned but to Love in all and any situation on earth and beyond - causing but Love and results of Love - healing.

May Divine Love and Bliss assist you

to find and reach your way to God

in Love and wisdom

- for your benefit as well as the spiritual benefit of all

God is Love

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God is Love

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