Maha Mudra

Maha Mudra is known with a few small variations on this planet. The reason for a variation to such a divine Mudra is the particular situation of a group of spiritual disciples or the particular situation of his health that might require a slight variation. Finally Maha Mudra is coming from the spiritual part of Hatha Yoga and Hatha yoga knows many different Mudras and Asanas (positions) for all different situations. A true Guru and master of Yoga in its general aspect of God-realization as the only goal of all Yoga paths always knows what alternate exercise or technique may be suitable when a classic one cannot be performed for a given and absolute reason.

Such an absolute reason may be the amputation of a leg or the extreme stiffness or PAINFUL injury of a leg due to an accident or old age.

This is a classic method of performing Maha Mudra. The Sanskrit word maha means great. Hence Maha Mudra is a Great Mudra - great in the sense of its effects. The attitude while practicing Maha Mudra should be to fully devote all of your memories, experiences, thoughts, emotions and activities to God. ALL past - present and future ones. This is a question of achieving the proper inner attitude in harmony with a "selfless" life in favor of mutual benefit for the entire creation.

Maha Mudra

is started with


Then sit on one foot exactly as shown in the graphic below.

maha mudra

Now with OM in your kutashta and fully open for God - you bow forward as shown in the next graphic below. Bow as much as you comfortably can in a very relaxed position.

maha mudra

The other leg is stretched as shown above and you bow forward - touching the ankle or feet and repeat 12x Mantram OM into Muladhara Chakra. Muladhara Chakra is about the anatomical part you sit on NOW doing this Maha Mudra - at the lower end of your spine. The procedure therefore is exactly the same as for Navi Kriya (front part Navi Kriya) - but now during Maha Mudra you direct OM into Muladhara Chakra.

After you completed 12 times Mantram OM - you then change legs and sit on the other foot as shown below. Then bow forward again as shown below and do again 12 times the Mantram OM into Muladhara Chakra.

Remember the correct attitude of opening for God and giving all your experiences, emotions, thoughts, memories and actions to God. this attitude should be a permanent attitude you learn while practicing all part Maha Mudra and should become a permanent attitude in all situations of your life.

maha mudra

Now after this second series of 12 times OM into Muladhara Chakra you stretch both legs as shown below - bow forward

maha mudra

as shown above and repeat the Mantram OM another 12 times into Muladhara Chakra.

To summarize: You repeat the Mantram OM during three series of 12 OM each a total of 36 times into Muladhara Chakra to do ONE Maha Mudra.

After you have done ONE such Maha Mudra your finish Maha Mudra with


before proceeding or repeating.

Additional information on how many Maha Mudra and when to do is being told when you receive diksha from God or from your Guru. All is given to ALL true God-seekers at the right time by God. ALL. With Love - in Love - for Love. To all his beloved children on earth and beyond. All God ever wants is to see all his beloved children to be in true Happiness and Love - eternally.

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