Magic words and Magic thoughts

All your thoughts and words,

spoken or written come true

all the pictures of your imagination

have the power of realization

Proper use of this truth may make your life more peaceful and love filled, may make you life and your relationship to others more harmonious and life easier for all.

All words, thought, spoken or written come true, all your imaginations whatsoever have the power to realize themselves. With our words, thoughts and our imagination we have a great impact on our environment. We can influence others to behave in a certain way for our personal - egoistic - benefit or we can learn and practice to help others to become healthy, free and enjoy life. We can help others to realize their Divine potential or to weaken them. Whatever you do, however you decide consciously or subconsciously to use the power of your words, thoughts or imaginations, always keep in mind the law of karma "whatever you do to others is coming back to you".

This is an absolute truth with utmost importance to realize in your life. Whatever you think in regard to others or your self has the potential to come true, the potential of fulfillment. In all different situations of life there are manifold opportunities to properly use the power of magic of words and thoughts or your visual imagination. Learn to make use for the mutual benefit of all.

Here a few situations where you may benefit from taking care about your thoughts. If you become aware of this principle you may realize all further situations and start to learn to properly control your mind.

Whatever you fear, may be attracted by yourself, because you only can fear anything that is in your mind or emotions. By creating that mental picture you are creating an attracting magnetism with the power to fulfill your thoughts or fears. If you truly strive for the best of all mankind and all creation and have true faith in the Divine power of God and his almighty Love, there can only be Love and joy in your future for eternity. Always remember: Mankind is light, because mankind is a soul. A soul made by God, made out of his Divine Holy Spirit, thus you are light as well.

A soul as a being of Divine light is conscious and aware, more than any physical being ever can be. A soul always is a being of light in the custody of the Divine, so you are always in safety, whatever you do, where ever you are. You have a physical body and an astral body like many people have a car or a TV. But you and your car are two different things. Your personality including your present physical body and your soul are different things in the ocean of absolute light. Your present personality with the physical body temporary attached to it is like the sun ray shining through the cloudy sky. Nobody can grab hold of a sun ray. It appears and disappears as it is only a manifestation of the sun. Your present personality and physical body are but a ray of your Divine soul a manifestation of the Divine. Even if anyone would kill you, it would be like the killing of a sun ray.

Another situation where you need to become aware of the quality of your thoughts is the communication with people around you as well as with animals and any other being around you.

Always use positive formulations of phrases and words. Avoid any negations in your phrases. The negation never reaches the receivers spirit, only the words that you negated. Understand fully what this means and you may understand the result of negated words spoken or thought.

Negations are for examples any prohibitions of any kind. They automatically result in the opposite of the intention. Mankind is free, made by God to the image of God, thus every single person in God's Divine creation is free. Any prohibition, no matter what area applied has the power to achieve the opposite of the conscious intention. The word, the field of activity that has been negated by the prohibition, becomes attractive. Why ?

You may do the following to fully understand how any negation in any situation acts on the consciousness of souls and you may understand the rule applying and be able to apply it successfully in your own life toward all beings around you.

Write down the negation phrases, then remove any negating word such as "not", "never", ... in the phrases you just wrote and then read it again. What you read now is what you actually communicate by using negations in your phrases. It is the same result whether you think, speak or write these sentences.

But how to obtain a certain result if negations should be voided in your language ? Just use positive formulations in all situations, then negations of any kind become obsolete. Remember the principle of samyama explained in a earlier chapter. It is just a question of restructuring your language, a question of training, but the result may well be worth any efforts, even if this may take a few years. Anyone can achieve this goal of using positive language in any and all situations. The best way to teach or educate mankind is go ahead and show them how to behave. However this may appear a tough task. That is why most politicians and even most spiritual or religious leader fail in their mission. Because they behave differently from their own teachings. So their teachings, their rules, laws they set up are empty of any power of conviction. Before you set up any rules applying for others, make sure you are applying all other rules in your own life at 100.00 % in all and any situation, then you may start to think about how useful and beneficial rules are and decide whether to set up any more rules for others or to leave them all freedom that God ever gave us all.

How can medical doctors prevent patients from drinking, smoking, drugs, eating junk-food, ... if they do exactly the same at home, outside the range of their patients. To be effective, you need to live what you teach - anytime anywhere !! In any situation, any time and toward all beings. For example, how can a government reasonably expect their citizens to refrain from killing for whatever reason, if at the same time the government uses death penalty to kill people, or the police takes the right to kill if they think it may fit their needs and judgments, or if the military are allowed to achieve the realization of the nations goals by the power of armed forces and by the means of killing whoever is of different opinion or by even destroying an entire nation if the goals of that nation or its behavior is opposing its own nation's goals.

If governments want to teach peace, then they need to be peaceful in all situations toward anyone. If religious or spiritual leaders want to teach about God and God-realization, then they first shall reach God-realization themselves first. How weak teachings on religious topics have been in the past millenaries can be seen by the number of peaceful situations created by such organizations or leader, or by the number of religious wars that they failed to prevent by teaching love and truth. So teach only what you have realized yourself. Like many true Saints in the past, they had followers reaching God-realization because their teachers were knowing the subject of their teaching by realizing it first, hence all their teachings were powerful and supportive for their followers.

Here a typical example during education of children or adults as well. For example you want to keep your children from a certain behavior, and you want to achieve this by negating this behavior - let's take smoking or drinking - by telling them "don't drink alcohol and don't smoke".

Now let's have a close look at

the message you send them. let's remove the negation "not" and the true message received by the listener is "do drink and do drink alcohol". Remember: The message emptied of any negations is what you actually are saying.

Another few samples: "I don't want to get sick", "I don't want to get pregnant", "I don't like sex", "I don't want to be touched", "I don't want to be bothered", "don't crash my car", "don't brake the ....". Read the text by removing the negation and you read the affirmation of the message toward others that you are actually applying. Use positive affirmations in order to improve your health. For example: I want to be healthy. I want to remain healthy, I want to become healthy. Another one: I want to get rid of my illness. Illness is a word of negative power. By pronouncing it even in your mind, you increase the power, the energy of it within yourself. Instead use the opposite of illness. It is Divine and thus absolute powerful. Use health in a positive way and your being shall be a realization of that powerful energy. Health is Divine, as your true and innermost being is, so you may become a materialization of this Divine truth. Use peace and harmony instead of war, fighting or struggle. ....... once you understood the principle, you may easily apply it to all your situations.

If you write often letters or e-mails you may use the search and replace option that most text editors offer to search for negations, then change the entire sentence by using positive formulations for your message. There may be more words of negations you use. Search in your language, in your mother tongue, whatever country you are from, and practice to replace any such negation by positive words. That is powerful and may help all people around you. The greatest benefit however will be yours.

If you grow up children or if you are a teacher or leader of any kind, show them what to learn by living the lessons you want to teach rather than teaching the lessons. If you want to keep them from repeating "mistakes", prevent them yourself first in all situations, then explain them in positive words the dangers or risk that might be involved in a particular behavior and explain them again in positive words the alternate solutions. Finally leave them the freedom to make their own choices. Life is eternal and learning is a process that can only result by doing, by practicing. Let children and adults make their own experiences. Explain all possible options of various decisions including the possible results, but leave them truly their own free choice. If they feel you mean it honest and really leave them the freedom of choice, then they may as well pick the wise solution among the many solutions you offered.

If you understand by now the message, the importance of the magic of words, thoughts and imaginations, then you may find out where it all applies in your life and how to use it for the mutual benefit of all. it's a learning process that all souls, all beings are going through.

Learn by practicing, think about your practices, improve in future repeats if there appears anything to be improved and apply what you have learned from practicing. However, understand that all mankind has the substantial right to go through all these experiences themselves. Even though it is possible to learn from the experiences from other souls, it seems to be a basic tendency for many souls to go through all the different situations, including some extreme suffering themselves. Admit them the right to do so, because it is part of the Divine freedom we all got from God.

Whatever you want to do, whatever you really want to achieve, you definitely will succeed. By using positive affirmations, by positively supporting others as well. Positive affirmations applied repeatedly will automatically replace any blockages from the past negative applications experienced. Help others by supporting them with positive affirmations, by affirming their Divinity and integrity, by affirming their Divine freedom including freedom of choice.

May Divine Love free you and all others on this planet and beyond for eternity

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