Life and career - How to construct your life and career to be forever successful

A home free from debts and ample resources of healthy food
A home free from debts and ample resources of healthy food

What means forever?

Exactly what it says - eternally !

Here on earth - as well as where ever you are, we learn for eternity. Here on earth we learn the very fundamental basic lessons of:

Hence - if you learn here and now to achieve a behavioral pattern of love in all situations and if you make this divine pattern to your true nature, then you will keep such divine achievement beyond any death, beyond physical life of this or any eventual later reincarnation. Hence if ONCE you have learned to be successful in a loving way, your capability of being successful in a loving way will be your eternal basement of any future action or plans.

What is the definition of true lasting eternal success ?

Success means to achieve a goal !

If however you want to achieve a goal again and again, eternally then there are a few additional factors that need to be considered AND applied.

True success in the absolute sense and in full harmony with God and Love requires from you to abide by spiritual laws that last forever and are far above the validity of any earthly law by whatever government. From God's point of view, success means having one creation free of any limits where ALL beings - human, animal and others - are in peace, in love and eternally happy.

Happiness however can only exist as a result of true love permanently flowing through all - from you to all to God ! Love can only flow in an environment of absolute and infinite freedom - such as the freedom God gave ALL of us "children made to the image of God".

Being here on earth is the result of an ancient disaster among all mankind - the result of developing ego. The result of developing personality in a NON-loving and thus destructive direction. Having an infinite number of possibilities also means that have of infinite number of possibilities is loving and the other half is destructive. Half of infinite is A LOT !!! Half of infinite possibilities to do things is enough for all eternity if you do it a loving way - and if you learn to do everything in a truly loving way then we have true and lasting success from the absolute point of view of God. If we have achieved such capabilities and behavioral pattern in whatever we do - then we are ready to return home to God. however half of infinite possibilities is of destructive nature and that too is a LOT - and people do destroy - even entire planets and greater system - again and again. And as a result of such there are again and again BILLIONS of humans who fail to be truly happy, who miss the feeling of being truly loved by even one single person, who miss the feeling of having another partner to love.

Missing happiness is the result of missing "flowing love" !!! Love as an unused potential - blocked love we may call it - has no effect of any kind. Only flowing love - Dynamic Love vs static Love is making happy, only dynamic love is healing.

Illness of ANY kind - including accidents - always is a proof of missing flow of love or even of destructive powers within us to act and flow.

If you want to be happy - then there is a need to learn to love in all situations

If you want to be truly happy you need thus to learn to be successful in the true and divine way - with love.

To achieve lasting true success in your life - you need to learn to apply all divine basics again, such as:

Avoid mistakes - learn from the past - learn from history as well as from wise guidance of others, particularly from God

God has the greatest "collection" of experience of all - hence God knows all possible mistakes that have been leading into darkness of all mankind on earth - and God knows solutions of Love leading all mankind out of darkness, out of any self made problems back into happiness at home !!!

Learn to follow such advise until you are able to be in permanent and direct contact with God yourself. It makes your life easier and far more pleasant - even here and now on earth. Keep in mind however that your true and eternal home never will be here but in our ONE home in God. ONE world free of any limits - reigned but by Love from God.

ALL rules that provide solutions of love for spiritual life apply as well in all material life. Of course - because there is but one life and all you ever do must be in full harmony with your innermost being - your innermost being is created by God - hence made to the image of God. A dog always will have dog-puppies and never baby elephants! If God creates beings - they always will be children of God - made to the image of God !

To say HERE on earth we are "Gods" however would be far too simplified !!! We are and remain for a while CHILDREN of God - made to his image like all children are made to the image of their parents and of course we all are destined to grow up !!!

How to construct a successful life - including successful career in life

The basement is the most important - like in a building. Your life needs to be based on solid, lasting facts and divine principles. Your life and of course thus also any professional career needs to be constructed on the basis of eternal divine principles !

Here on earth - the steps are:

  1. Learn the basics needed for everything in life - elementary school education for all
  2. Learn to practice - learn to work as early in life as possible - working makes you aware of the need for more and specialized education and skills needed and may thus enhance your motivation to learn more drastically and instantly.
  3. Observe your daily environment to find out needs
  4. Learn to understand the true and natural needs of others and how to meet those needs
  5. Learn to SEE work that is to be done and do it !!! Look out for any kind of work - even if sometimes it may be without any payment - LEARNING never is paid ! Only successful productive services and helpful products are getting paid.
  6. Observe and learn from others in your environment - from ALL and anyone near you - to apply whatever experience they have in your life. Learning by observing others ALL life may be the easiest and cheapest resource of knowledge, experience and skills
  7. Help others whenever possible - the more you actually do - the more you learn the more experience you have for your very own field of professional activity
  8. Learn additional skills and knowledge as needed for your particular specialty
  9. Learn by doing and improve your knowledge and skills whenever you work and become aware of missing skills. Missing skills in a loved present activity should give you highest possible motivation to learn fast, easy and whatever needed
  10. Apply intuition - even in technical jobs. God knows everything of real importance. Hence learn to be open for God in whatever you do
  11. Constantly improve skills and knowledge - learning NEVER stops - education and learning and practicing is ETERNAL !!!
  12. Observe worldwide economy and development to find out needs. Recognize changes in economy and industries and prepare in advance to meet future needs. Always be ready to change, to adapt to modified, new and improved situations on earth and all creation.

Learn the basics

With all you ever learn always keep in mind that learning to love and doing whatever is done with true divine love is the only highest priority ever and forever !!!

Elementary school education makes life for all easier. Reading and writing as well as basic physical laws, math, some history and geography helps you open for the entire world.

Learn a foreign language suitable for worldwide communication. nowadays this may well be English. Any additional language may open doors to additional "markets" and fields of employment and make traveling and international employment of jobs far easier.

If you are in a lucky situation and have the opportunity for a FEW years of high school or similar higher basic education - this may help you gain additional higher knowledge that SOMETIMES are needed in technical jobs.

However - for spiritual progress high school never is needed !!! In fact I have never encountered and can never remember in all past incarnations ever having met a graduate saints or highly spiritual persons. Saints used to be always and still are - simple people having worked in simple and often hard life any kind of job. God realized people have WORKED and hence LOVED their way to God - never studied their path to God.

Learn to practice

The easiest way to learn is by doing. Children or better babies never learn - they do and learn while doing. This is the natural way of learning and also the single most efficient. Learning by doing avoids that you first learn a whole bunch of theories before you actually know precisely what you really need to know. Learning or studying in advance is a waste of resources, expensive and inefficient for all creation.

Learn to practice as early as possible and keep this attitude alive for all future. Accept any challenge life is offering you, within your family, within your parents business, within your family business, within your neighborhood, ... Whenever there is anything that needs to be done and you have a chance to do - DO IT - it is for YOUR own benefit, because YOU are the one GAINING experiences, improving skills AND feeling useful on top of all ! Whenever you do something for others - you meet a need for others, hence you are a source of satisfaction, a solution provider, a real help FOR others and THAT makes YOU feel lovable, love-worthy. Something you may truly need for your later family and love-life !!! The more useful and helpful work you ever have done for others the easier it is for you to FULLY accept love FROM others - very particularly from your own partner in eternal life.

Children LOVE to practice. They love to do whatever YOU - the parents or adults around them do - whenever they are nearby and ask to help or "work" with you - say "YES" and accept them as your companion. They may help you to improve your teaching and communication skills to a higher level - small children are like small angels - far more spiritual than adults - they way you teach small children while keeping them smiling and happy all the time - that's the way to really teach adults - because they too are children of God - angel-babies in an old body learning to spiritually grow up and become adult children of God.

When you have children - let them find out what they love to do and the way they love to do it - let them do all THEIR way - it may be far more fun for them and for adults as well. having fun while working is vital, because ALL humans and non-humans NEED to learn to work in a fashion that is FUN for them. whenever children ask how to do something - then of course explain them your method of doing a particular work. Explain the why and how and all potential dangers. How to avoid injuries. How to do things safely. use positive words and teach them the very same way you would talk to adults - your children may be millions of years older than YOU - just their body a little younger and less damaged than yours !

Observe your daily environment

By observing your daily environment you gain most valuable data for your potential career or a market niche for a potential self employment. You become aware of::

Learn to understand the true and natural needs

People may have many needs. Some of them may be of truly important nature while many - sometimes most - may be the result of excess fantasy and loss of spiritual orientation.

After carefully reading and studying all different sections of the Cyberspace Ashram and after practicing all for a few years - you will develop a sense for what true natural needs of mankind are and hence should be met by someone to make life easier and what kind of needs would drag mankind even further away from God.

Always keep in mind the purpose and reason WHY people are HERE on earth on this very planet .... they have failed to love, they have invested too often too much of their resources, life force, money and heritage into wrong and destructive directions - AWAY from God. That's why and that is the ONLY reason why mankind is here on this very planet.

Every human - of any spiritual back ground, of any religion or any culture, even atheist - have a true and innermost desire for LOVE, peace and harmony ... AND for a return HOME. However as a result of too long focusing on material goods, technical development and some even thinking about creating a "paradise" on earth, people have often acquired totally wrong orientations in their life and you remember the microletter "on wrong path all steps are wrong" !! That means people on a wrong path often have wrong desires, needs when fulfilled would carry them even further away from God rather then guiding them gently and lovingly back home on a path of true divine love.

As a spiritual person it is your utmost responsibility to clearly and very precisely differentiate between artificial needs on the path of matter and money and natural needs to feed the spiritual hunger of each and every soul.

Learn a Job that helps people to better focus, better find their path HOME to God. If you mislead them you WILL of course fail to return home as well and even worse YOU may be the only one who has to search for, find and guide all those back to God that YOU have ever misguided. I have personally met such "spiritual person" being fully aware of misguiding his disciples and customers and without any sincere intentions of changing that !!!

Learn to see work

Most young children SEE work. They see what you do and love to be with you - work with you whatever you do.

Later on many acquire the skills of actually and fully consciously escaping work. Having all others do the work and going another few years to school or study or just hang around is no learning process and hence never serves YOU to spiritually or professionally advance and succeed.

Progress is achieved by actual real, physical work. Done by YOU - who else ! Only what you really and physically you with all your God given resources, with your hands and all body, using common sense - far more valuable than artificial intellect - only such work brings YOU back to God. Only love that actually flows through you - through your body and heart is healing and freeing YOU. ALL else, ALL what OTHERS to for you - even if YOU are the one to pay them out of your own pocket. all else is for the spiritual benefit of others and will free THEM because the work done by others - even when done at your expense and in your name - is done by others and hence others had their life force and love flowing ... and those others will be freed.

Be aware that you may find yourself any number of reincarnations anywhere again and again - here on earth or where ever if this planet is killed one day again.

Open your eyes and search and SEE the work that needs to be done, work that is waiting for you. FOR YOU - who else ! Remember the spiritual lesson presented to all mankind in the fairy tale "Cinderella". May be you search the Internet for it if it is unknown to you. It is a very valuable and vital key to God. It is ONE complete path of love to God - in this ONE fairy tale !!! It simplified means: Do all your duties that are WAITING for you. Become aware of them by opening your heart and eyes and all senses. And if you satisfactory complete each of such duties and go on in life - by the en you will immerse in an ocean of divine love and bliss - poured by God upon you when you return HOME by the end of your present lifetime ! Else ... just read the fairy tale and you'll know !

Daily life for all - including children of young age offers many suitable smaller and later on greater tasks than NEED to be done. Many of them ore very obvious and yet millions manage to escape almost an entire life long any of these duties and most beautiful, challenging and rewarding jobs. rewarding because they make you feel lovable - love worthy - and that feeling you need to establish FIRST before you can ever feel happy with your partner -including your eternal partner by the end of all reincarnations.

There is only ONE way to achieve with scientific precision the feeling of being lovable of being love worthy - by working, by doing lots of USEFUL, helpful things to as many others as possible. No need to travel to search - YOUR present life offers or offered you plentiful of exactly the kind of work and jobs and duties YOU need for your very individual spiritual situation - adapted to your very own individual karma.

Observe and learn from others - learn from God

Children learn from their parents by copying all the parents do whenever they are allowed to do so. Children learn while playing, while having fun. learning by copying others, by having an "idol" for a particular activity is the easiest way of learning and progressing. It is the natural way in all creation. All one day sooner or later want to copy God !!! When you pray "Let me learn to love, to do and to help like God" then God may show you HIS method of doing things in all situations of life - EVEN in your love life !!! All you need is simply to be open for God and accept him in ALL parts of your life ALL the time !!! It's fun to have God as your true counselor in life and love life ... it never creates losers only winners ! Also divine love can be kind of "tricky" - in a divine and most healing way.

Most have either parents to help and work while young - or neighbors or relatives. Accept any occasion to learn, to watch others and imitate them when you feel like. Even among the poorest of all there are always opportunities to learn from others. And most others allow you to help and hence to learn to do, to practice, when you ask them. Many may even be happy - because working in a team is more fun than working alone.

Whenever you are working and have a child - even a "foreign" child standing by and watching your work. Be open, communicate, explain what you do and why. Explain the pros and cons, dangers and how to avoid. Allow the child to assist if he child is ready for. You will feel it - silent communication often is more accurate and more powerful when your heart is open than verbal communication. Invite children to join you, to learn from you. Be ready to SHARE ALL the wealth of your knowledge, experience and skills with anyone wanting to learn from you. One of them may later on be a "teacher" for one of your very own, children, nephews or grandchildren.

Help others whenever possible

ALL of us have something valuable to GIVE to others. Baby-sitting, dog sitting, helping across the road for a blind, helping to go shopping for elderly, work in the garden or household. In your own home or within neighborhood or out in the world.

Look in advertisements, on TV, in classifieds where help is needed and accept such jobs where people are actively searching for help. Any kind of hep gives you the chance to gain additional human experiences and to let your own spirituality grow.

Even better - learn to see when help is needed before someone asks you for help. This is very easy if you truly and sincerely want to learn to be useful, lovable and love worthy - then your heart obviously is open and an open heart always can feel and know all the needs of others before they even become aware of their own needs. Before a situation actually occurs.

Learn additional skills and knowledge

When you have started to work - there will be again and again a time when you are fully aware of the need for additional knowledge and skills. That's the time to expand your professional horizons. Rather NOW then before you even start working. NOW that you are working and become aware of precise knowledge or very precise skills needed to further progress and succeed, NOW YOU have a true need for continuing education and hence you have a FULL motivation to learn whatever is needed and of course you will easily be ready to pay whatever honest price is needed to achieve such additional knowledge or skills.

Learning goes on FOR ETERNITY - hence there shall never be a school time of any extended period without applied work and there also shall never be pure work without continuing education. Both are done at the very same time - eternally.

With the basic school education you have all you need to start working in any truly useful Job. Then as you grow you WANT to learn more to do your work better and achieve higher level of expertise.

IN this modern world all of you - all of those having access to Internet - have access to almost unlimited sources of knowledge in all major and all truly important fields of activities. Continuing education can always be done while working - or on weekends or during vacation. May be for a major change in life an intense course during a few months. Full time study of many years certainly are out - they simply are too inefficient and too expensive for all. In God's creation - in the spiritual world - learning and doing always are combined at the very same time. Learn from God.

Since learning goes on eternally - that also means that if on the right path back to God - we may find our true and eternal specialty .. something we may want to do for a very long time. Always ready to improve, to adapt to changes and always used for the absolute benefit of all. And for the JOY of God !!! We all are unique - no two humans are truly and fully identical - no two cat babies are equal in behavior ... Humans are like an infinite number of different flowers in a heavenly garden. ALL of us have something very unique to contribute. During the course of eternity you may vary, adapt or modify .. but first of all you may want to do one particular work better and better - for the joy and happiness of all.

The very same can be done HERE on earth in any material job or profession you are preparing for and practicing. It is far nicer to be a specialist - welcome by others because of your unique and outstanding expertise - rather than to be a copy of a million others doing exactly the same as many and doing it as wrong or imperfect as many who are working in a wrong job or profession. Become an expert in whatever you do and constantly adapt to the continuous development of our society and industry. Read books, professional magazines, watch educational TV series, attend professional workshops and seminars on a regular - AT LEAST - on an annual schedule !!! Continuing education DURING work is the key for becoming valuable to others, to society and to any employer - TO ALL CREATION. Remember all the basic skills we learn HERE and NOW can always be used for our eternal spiritual life and progress and work. If we have achieved here on earth the know how and right attitude to help others, to be useful to others, to adapt to the ever changing needs of human society on earth - then we also have learned to adapt and upgrade all our skills and knowledge on any later spiritual level OR at home in God.

Apply intuition - be open for God

Whatever you do - God always can assist you and help you or advise you - IF you are open for God and if you accept his advise. Of course this means in no way that you always have to ask about all and everything. If you would do so you may never learn do do things on your very own. Adult children of God have the divine capability AND authority do do on their own ... BUT - here on earth we all are that much away from God that being open ALL the time certainly speeds up our returning home to God and also speeds up our learning to love again like divine children of God. Being open for God in ALL situations o four earthly life makes life MUCH easier and more loving and convenient for ALL others who have to life with the many mistakes that our earthly ego creates day after day.

The more you are open for God - the less mistakes you make, the cheaper your learning - cheaper in US $ !!! - because mistakes are expensive and the one and only the one making a mistake is the one paying for any repair and damage.

If you keep that last sentence in mind - it helps you to first learn to be good, to do small and humble business and to constantly progress to improve your qualifications. Constant opening to God will guarantee you constant divine counseling and hence will help you to avoid any real damage to anyone including your self or your health.

Observe worldwide economy and development to find out needs

This step starts even during childhood. Latest during your teenage years it is time to look out into this world and become interested in what is going on. What are people doing out there, What are the problems, challenges, solutions people are looking for, how is this world developing, ...

What are the jobs and positions free in worldwide advertisement as well as in national and local newspapers. This gives you in early childhood and teenage years an accurate and reliable knowledge of potential future positions and professions that can easily find jobs and employment or that may offer opportunities for self employment to start your own business.

But I want to start my own business right away!

Unless you are either millionaire or your parents are stupid - you may never want to pay for all the mistakes yourself that you are going to do without true practical experiences before starting your own business. Your parents paying for your mistakes would be very stupid. I hope you have smart parents who let YOU pay for YOUR mistakes - because it makes you more humble and more careful in all you ever do - EVER !!! Mistakes ARE expensive and you are the only one to pay - hence AVOID mistakes by first gaining experiences under the direct supervision of teachers, masters and professionals willing to teach you. Then enhance all such experiences, knowledge and kills by first working for several or many years - even decades - for others, for those who have already decades of experiences or more, for those who have survived world wars, economic crisis and more. Let them help you, let them share their wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences WITH you - by hiring you they offer you a position to LEARN. Even if you have a manager position - it is to LEARN !!!

If you truly want to start your own business successfully as soon as possible - then you need to do all of the above - but more, more often, harder, more intense, more reliable and always accept full responsibility for all your work, services and products - and work through even more different jobs and positions from all the way DOWN - all the way up - step by step and gain experiences for years or even decades ....

You can start with such during early childhood if your parents have a business. No matter what business branch your earthly parents are in - there are basic lessons that apply to ALL kind of business and that can be learned by doing and observing at any age. Hence at the age of 25 years you may already have 20 years of experience - if you started as early as possible - even while going full time to school.

No one who never was employee can ever start his own successful business without causing damage. To avoid damage to others and to all creation you need to learn, to be more spiritual than others, and more dependable, more reliable, more accurate and BETTER than others !

Hence - it is but a matter of learning, gaining experiences and acquiring skills in many essential parts of your desired activity. This all is done by constantly learning while working better and better.

Common mistakes when realizing a career of lifetime project

There are a few very frequent and common mistakes when starting a new career or a life time project or any project. These are:

God only blesses divine projects

Sometimes people are crazy enough to ask for blessings of war, of battles in war, of any industrial company doing whatever, of chemical companies causing damage to others or producing as a side product chemical agents for warfare. Aircraft manufacturers producing civil AND military air crafts ... Never expect or ask for blessings of God when you in reality intend to go an ANY kind of war AGAINST any part of all creation or at the expenses or by abusing others or cheap labor in other countries !!!

If however you truly and sincerely have a project that ONLY is for the benefit of all - mankind, nature, all planet, all creation - then you will feel God's divine bliss and protection in all your business ventures - for ever ! Sometimes even without asking for love and bliss from God. Some people are simply doing good things since thousands of years - it has become their true nature and whatever they do they always succeed in all they do.

May you have the courage to do divine projects even if financial rewards here and now on earth might be far smaller than in many other areas of activities. God will reward you after your return and here already by giving you more peace, more strength and more freedom than most others may enjoy while doing ego-business. Have the courage to do small business but on your very own - be your own boss - AFTER properly preparing for it as outlined above.

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